Small Group Questions:  Escaping the Trap

Summary:  Ignoring sin will not make it go away.  Sin is missing the mark, falling
short of God's ideal for us.  We are all guilty of sin and therefore headed to
eternal destruction.  However, God has provided a way out through the Gospel.  
We need to obey the Gospel in order to escape the devestating effects of sin.

Optional Ice Breaker
- What desert or food seems so good that it seems “sinful” to you?
- Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation you couldn’t get out of?

Explore:  (Rom 2:19-32)

1.  How is God’s wrath revealed against those who continue in sin?  What does it
mean that God “gave them over?”  How is letting them do what they want wrath?

2.  In your own words, what is are the effects or results of sin according to this

3.  Why do you suppose Paul discusses these effects of sin?  What warning(s)
do you find in these verses?

4.  How would you define sin according to what is said in this passage?  Is it
merely selfishness?  Disobedience?  Or does it go deeper than this?


5.  What warning(s) do you see for yourself in this passage concerning sin?

6.  What prevents you from dealing with sin in your life?  What would it take for
you to be able to deal with it?

7.  What is the solution for your sin?  (You may want to look at Romans 6:1-7; or
1 John 1:9-2:1)

8.  How does the reality and effects of sin affect how you view your family and
freinds who are lost?  Is there anything you can do?  

Pray for those who are lost in sin by name.
Use the following passage to guide your prayer.  Ps 32:2-5