Title: True Kinship

Focus: Jesus radically altered the meaning of human relationships by redefining kinship as one in which those who do the will of God are kinfolk

Function: To motivate the “outsiders” which are those who do not obey Jesus to become “insiders” through trust and obedience to Christ

Text: Mark 3:20-35

1.  Boy talking to self in back yard with ball and bat - “I’m greatest hitter”
	a.  Swing and miss.  “Strike one!’  He yells.  Tries again
	b.  I’m the greatest hitter, stike two, stike three!
	c.  Paused, and exclaimed - “I’m the greatest pitcher!”
2.  Things look different when you use a different perspective
3.  Mark tells 2 stories in 3 scenes that gives new perspective on relationships

I.  Mark 3:20-21
	A.  Jesus came back home to Capernaum and gets mobbed once again
	B.  Word got back to his own people (family)
		1.  They came to take custody of him (seize/arrest him)
		2.  They coming with straightjacket, thought he crazy
		3.  Why would they think that, shouldn’t they be proud?
	C.  What would you think if son left home & family business
		1.  Became a wanderer 
		2.  Began a strange cult calling society’s outsiders his followers
		3.  Claimed he could heal people and cast out demons
		4.  Claimed to be equal to God
		5.  In controversy with the religious leaders, ruffling feathers
	D.  His family’s reaction seems to be a natural one
		1.  They concerned about Jesus, he needed help
		2.  Ready to have him committed

II.  Mark interupts flow of story with another scene (v.22)
	A.  He shows the opinion the scribes (experts on the law) had of Jesus
		1.  They personally witnessed Jesus power, so couldn’t deny it
		2.  They attribute it to a pagan deity and to Satan
	B.  Jesus’ response (v.23-27)
		1.  Their explanation was ridiculous
			a.  If Satan opposing God, why would he oppose himself?
			b.  If conducting war, does it make sense to free prisoners?
			c.  Satan is not stupid, he is cunning
		2.  Jesus’ explanation
			a.  Bind strong man and plunder his house
				- Who is strong man?  Context-It is Satan
				- Jn 12:31 - Satan ruler of this world
				- Jesus plundered Satans house after binding him
			b.  He stronger than Satan, and has bound him
			c.  He has plundered Satan’s house (the world)
	C.  Jesus warned them they on dangerous ground, they could be 
	       blaspheming the Holy Spirit (v.28-30)

III.  Scene shifts back to Jesus’ family (v.31-35)
	A.  They stood outside and called for him
	B.  Notice who is on the outside
		1.  The scribes
			a.  Irony, you would think they would be insiders
			b.  Mark frames the account of their blasphemy with family
			c.  This shows the seriousness of their unbelief
		2.  His family are standing outside
			a.  Even his family are outsiders.
			b.  Everyone who did not believe became outsiders
	C.  Notice who is on the inside
		1.  His “real” family - Those who do God’s will
		2.  God’s will is for men to believe in Jesus
	D.  Jesus in effect re-defines what kinship and family is all about

IV.  This could be disturbing
	A.  Does this mean your physical family is not kin?
		1.  Jesus seems to completely disregard his family here
		2.  He could have at least acknowledged them
	B.  Is family not important in the kingdom?
		1.  Jesus seems so radical here
		2.  Mt 10:34-39
			a.  Do you think Jesus is speaking from experience here?
			b.  Conflict in family is likely
			c.  Can’t love father or mother more than him
		3.  Lk 9:60 - Jesus seems crass -  “let the dead bury the dead”
		4.  Lk 14:26-35
			a.  Extreme hyperbole - Hate father and mother
			b.  Point - Cost of discipleship - EVERYTHING
	C.  Lk 9:62 - No one after hand to the plow and look back not fit
		1.  ILL:  Screen door incident when little
		2.  Cost of discipleship - everything.  Don’t look back
	D.  Don’t worry, not be left with nothing (Mk 10:28-30)
		1.  If lose family, you gain another family
			a.  Gain house - sharing
			b.  Gain kinfok - support
			c.  Gain farms - sharing
			d.  Also gain persecutions - sober reminder
		2.  In the age to come - Eternal Life

V.  So does this mean Jesus has low view of physical families?
	A.  Some have taught physical families are not important (cults)
	B.  Balanced view of physical families
		1.  Mk 7:6-13 - Jesus affirmed to honor father and mother
		2.  Mk 10:1-12 - Jesus condemend divorce
		3.  Jn 19:26-27 - He made sure mother was provided for
		4.  Jesus was not a home wrecker
			a.  Some have pulled him out of context (cults)
			b.  Jesus purpose in this - Put God First
	C.  ILL:  
		1.  A lady I knew - Became Christian, honored husband
			a.  Husband eventually became a Christian
			b.  Good thing she didn’t consider him not family
		2.  1 Pet 3:1 - Be example to unbelieving husband
		3.  Should also be example to unbelieving parents/ family
		4.  We still get together with non-Christian family
	D.  Balanced view
		1.  Put God first
		2.  Honor father and mother
		3.  If comes down to choice, God is first

VI.  Do you want to be in Jesus’ house?
	A.  Only the “insiders” are in his house
	B.  What will it take to be an insider in his house?
		1.  Will it take knowledge?  No, scribes still outside
			a.  After this in Mark, Jesus no longer tries to win Pharisees
			b.  They do not understand any of his parables
		2.  Heritage?  No, Jesus’ family on the outside
			a.  Can’t rely on Mom and Dad
			b.  Can’t rely on your family
			c.  Even if raised in the church, can’t rely on that
	C.  Jesus said - He who does the will of my Father is the insider
		1.  Notice, it is not mere knowing, but DOING
		2.  Merely knowing the ring thing will get you nowhere
		3.  In Mark, the demons knew who he was, but it did them no good

1.  So what is God’s will?
	a.  First of all, to FOLLOW Jesus as his disciples did
	b.  To have faith in Jesus as the paralytic did in Mk 2
	c.  To have compassion on others as the Pharisees did not 
2.  In short, God’s will is that you believe in Jesus and accept him as Lord
	a.  That means a radical redefinition of family, of your life
	b.  You will become an “insider” a part of his family
	c.  Make him first in your life
3.  If you have not made him Lord and washed sins away, do so now