Sermon:  Pictures of Hell

Summary:  The Bible gives several pictures of Hell.  Hell is a horrible place of
total destruction.  There is the destruction of your relevance, relief, relationships
and reconciliation.  God has provided a way of escape through the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.  He has now place the ball in our court.  Since Hell is real, we must
obey the Gospel, and take it to those who are headed toward Hell.  What will you

Know:  Hell is a horrible, eternal place from which there is no escape for all
eternity.  Those who don’t know God or obey the Gospel are headed there, and
we can offer an opportunity for people to escape by offering the Gospel

Feel:  A sense of urgencey to share the Gospel to those who are lost and
headed for eternal destruction

Do:  Discuss ways to reach out with the Gospel with a sense of urgency, caring,
and love to those who are lost.  Make a commitment to allow God to work
through you to bring the Gospel and the lost in your life together.

Text:  2 Thess 1:8-10

Scripture Reading:  Rev 20:14-15

Meditation Scripture:  Jude 21-23

1.  Should have taken camera with me this weekend
	a.  Pictures very valuable
	b.  Make things more vivid, and understandable
2.  Bible gives several pictures of the end of our life
	a.  Matt 13:24-30; 47-51; 25:31ff - Parables about the judgement
	b.  What they all have in common - there will be a separation process
		- Wheat and tares
		- Good fish, bad fish
		- Sheep and goats
	c.  Matt 13:51 - Jesus asks, “have you understood?”
		- Why ask this?  
		- Do you believe in a Hell as well as a Heaven
		- Hell not a pleasant topic, many dismiss it
	d.  If justice exists, then justice demands there be a Hell
		- Turn on T.V., see all of these murderers, rapists, etc. in court
		- Many show no remorse, sometimes arrogant, want justice
		- I’ve heard of victim’s families that do not want death penalty
		- Wanted that man to be punished every hour, every day
3.  That is hell - It is eternal, and it is real
	a.  Mt 25:46 - Eternal punishment
	b.  Heb 6:2 - Eternal judgment
	c.  Mt 18:8 - Eternal Fire
	d.  Mk 9:44 - Where the fire is not quenched
4.  (2 Thess 1:8-10) - Want to focus on types of eternal destruction.  
	a.  Eternal destruction is not annihilation
	b.  Matt 15:24 - Sent to the “lost” (same word) house of the sheep of Israel
	c.  Matt 9:17 - The wineskins are “ruined” (same word)
	d.  The Bible says Hell is a place of eternal destruction, or ruination.

I.  Destruction of your Relevance
	A.  Everyone wants to have a purpose, fit in and be special
	B.  However, in Hell there will be an emotional torment forever
		1.  The word used for Hell is Gehenna
			a.  A deep valley used as garbage dumped
			b.  Always smouldering, because burn trash
		2.  Wed night, boys help me to take out the trash
			a.  Do we feel bad about throwing the trash away?  No.
			b.  It was useless, broke, non functioning, ugly, garbage
	C.  Counselors dealing with those that have poor self-image
			a.  We say to see self as God sees you
			b.  God places a high value on you
	D.  Not so in Hell
		1.  You will no longer be relevant
			a.  Dumped as worthless, putrid, ugly, broke, garbage
			b.  Mental anguish knowing you are now considered refuse
		2.  It will be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
			a.  What is that from?  Physical pain?  More to it than that.
			b.  It is the sound of frustration and regret
				- Sound my kids make on the ball field when strike out
				- Hear that sound when wife trying a new recipe
			c.  Doesn’t last long, learn a lesson and do better next time
		3.  There is no next time in Hell.  Gnashing goes on forever.
			a.  How could I have been so stupid!
			b.  I blew it, never another chance!
			c.  Arrrrrgh!
		4.  And you sit the, a piece of trash in the city dump for eternity
	E.  You don’t want to go there

II.  Destruction of any Relief
	A.  Hell is also a place of physical pain with no relief
	B.  Luke 16:19-26
		1.  Torment in the fire of Hell
		2.  All he asked for was just the little releif from a drop of water
		3.  Rev 19:20 - Called a lake of Fire and Brimstone
		4.  Rev. 14:11 - Smoke of torment goes up for ever, no rest
	C.  ILL:  Take someone from coldest part of Hell, put him in the hottest 
	      burning furnace on earth, he will freeze to death.
	D.  Have you experienced physical pain?
		1.  I’ve burned my hand on stove, hit my finger with hammer, etc.
		2.  But it soon subsides.  Band aid, salve, cold water, etc.
		3.  Not ONE drop of water in Hell, no salve, motrin, novacaine, etc.
	E.  You don’t want to go there.

III.  Destruction of Relationships
	A.  Who came up with idea that Hell will be full of good times, 
		1.  Poker, parties, laughter, music, good fellowship with freinds 
		2.  ILL:  Song - “Highway to Hell”   Sounds cool
			a.  Goin' down, party time, my friends are gonna be there, 
			     too.  I'm on the highway to Hell, (repeat)
			b.  2nd verse speaks of no rules, then this...
			c.  ...Hey momma, look at me, I’m on my way to the
			   promised land
			d.  So... going to hell is a place of freedom, happiness, party 
			      time, and freinds
		3.  THAT IS A LIE, Hell is a place of Torment, not fun and freinds
		4.  Nothing more than Wishful thinking
	B.  ILL:  When I was in Hospital after ear surgery
		1.  Was in pain, was rude to nurses
		2.  A freind came by to visit.  
		3.  I was rather rude, did not want visitors, I was in pain
	C.  People will be wrapped up in their own emotional and physical anguish
		1.  Will be weeping, gnashing of teeth, pain in the flames
		2.  They could care less about their neighbor
		3.  Mk 9:48 - Where their worm does not die - Maggot infestation
		4.  Bear one another’s burdens will be a thing of the past
	D.  Only one relational thought, maybe
		1.  Luke 16:27ff - Lazarus begs God send Lazarus warn family
		2.  He didn’t want them there - will offer NO comfort
	E.  You don’t want to go there

IV.  Destruction of Reconciliation
	A.  There is a Spiritual torment as well
	B.  Explanation
		1.  2 Thess 1:6-10
			a.  Eternal destruction, AWAY from the presence of the Lord
			b.  So what?  Someone may say, I am away from Him now
			c.  You live on his earth, breathe his air, enjoy his sunshine
		2.  Even most vile child molesting, theiveing, lying criminal on earth
			a.  Still in world where God’s mercy shines on the just and 
			     unjust (Mt 5:45)
			b.  Wake up in prison and go to window, see trees, sun, sky
			c.  God restrains Satan and evil on this earth, he intervenes
	C.  ILL:  Remember having a huge friend, Joe in Junior High
		1.  Was bully who picked on me, but Joseph always stopped him
		2.  I was so glad to have Joe as a friend.
		3.  God keeps Satan at bay from his people
	D.  In Hell God no longer intervenes
		1.  God is gone, forever
		2.  That is why Hell is called bottomless pit (Abyss)
			a.  Falling, falling, falling, further and further and further
			b.  No one to pull you out anymore
		3.  That is why it is called the “outer darkness”
			a.  Darkness, hopelessness,  not see anyone or anything
			b.  Confusion, futility
			c.  MORNING NEVER COMES!  (No recociliation)
		4.  Will not be Satan’s budy, he hates you
			a.  Could not get to God, so he went after you
			b.  You look like God (in his image)
				- will be reminded of God every time he looks at you
			c.  He will torment you forever!
	E.  You don’t want to go there

1.  Don’t want to go, Because it is a place of destruction
	a.  Of your relevance - you are now trash
	b.  Of your releif - No rest from physical torture
	c.  Of your relationships - You will not have any fellowship in Heaven
	d.  Of your reconciliation - God is gone forever, and Satan will torture you
2.  What can put you into Hell?  (2 Thess 1:7-9)
	a.  Do not know God
	b.  Do not obey the Gospel
	c.  Pay penalty of “eternal destruction”
		- Of relevance, releif, relationships, reconciliation
3.  There is a way out - you don’t have to go there
	a.  I have no doubt in my mind that I am going to Heaven.  Why?
	b.  Gospel = Good news - Death, burial and resurrection
	c.  If not obey Gospel, and die now, you will wind up in Hell
	d.  (Invitation)
4.  If already have done that
	a.  Family, freinds, neighbors, if not obey Gospel headed for hell
	b.  We need to be more direct, in a loving way
	c.  If truly care for them, and I truly believe Hell is real - will do something
	d.  I do not want to stand that the judgment and have family and freinds 
	    accuse me of never TRYING to share the Gospel
5.  Saw a picture of Hell this morning
	a.  Tom, Bob, Sha, and myself saw another picture last week
	b.  Saw joy, peace, salvation, many were rescued from Hell in Rolla
	c.  People so GLAD we went out of our way to bring the Gospel to them
	d.  Several said, “You got to take this to my daughter, my mother, etc.”
5.  God has given you a simple tool to rescue family and freinds
	a.  The Gospel.  We are in a battle with Satan
	b.  Satan hates you and wants to destroy you, your family, and freinds
	c.  Doesn’t that make you mad?  You can do something about it with the 

Questions for Small Group Discussion