Small Group Questions:  Pictures of Hell

Summary:  The Bible gives several pictures of Hell.  Hell is a horrible place of
total destruction.  There is the destruction of your relevance, relief, relationships
and reconciliation.  God has provided a way of escape through the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.  He has now place the ball in our court.  Since Hell is real, we must
obey the Gospel, and take it to those who are headed toward Hell.  What will you

Optional Ice Breakers:
- What sorts of things typically frighten you the most?
- How do you react when you know something you do might cause you pain?


1.  Discuss what these images of hell communicate to you
	a.  Eternal Fire  (Matt 25:41)
	b.  Outer Darkness (Matt 25:30)
	c.  Weeping and Gnashing of Teen (Matt 25:30)
	d.  Where the worm does not die (Mk 9:44)
	e.  Unquenchable fire (Mk 9:44)

2.  Jesus actually said more about Hell than Heaven in his ministry.  Why do you
suppose that is?  What can we learn from this?


3.  How does reflection on Hell affect your relationship with God?

4.  In what way does this reflection on Hell affect your relationship with your
family and freinds?  

5.  In what way does this affect how you reach out to them?  

6.  What fears or reservations or fears might you have about reaching out to
them?  What is the source of them?  What would it take to overcome them
enough to prevent them from stopping you?

7.  What are some ways you can reach out?  The congregation?

- Use Jude 32-34 as a guide to your prayer
- Pray that you might be more sensitive to the Gospel and the lost condition of
those who havenít obey the Gospel.