Title: Christian Battleplan part 2

Proposition: WTo war against Satan, we must put on all God's armor

Text: Eph 6:10-20

	1.  We used to play war as a child, enemy refused to die, got mad.  Used anything for weapons
	2.  God does not leave us to find our own weapons, but has provided an arsenal.
	3.  The Christian Warrior has a vast arsenal to protect themselves against Satan
		a. Satan may seem like the enemy that wont die
		b. Notice I said to protect themselves against Satan, not kill Satan, that is Godís place

	4.  Context, then text Ephesians 6:10-20  (It is a definsive war)
		a.  Purpose of the Armor is to STAND FIRM. not an assault (not sitting on the premises)
		b.  Very expensive armor, it was forged by Jesus at the cross

		c.  It is a spiritual armor.
			-The Action (picketing, politics, religious right,) that is not the Christian Fight
			-v.12, spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places
			-That Battle Rages on, and many are asking which way did it go?
			- It goes on when
				-Husband not love, wife and wife not submit to husband
				-Children not honor their parents, and parents provoke their children to 
				-Employees do not honor their employers and employers mistreat employee
				-Fudge on taxes
				-Cut corners at work
				-When children catch you uttering a curse word
				-Have ugly thoughts about the brethren 
				-Things go so bad, you forget about God
				-When you talk about others in dark corners
				-when you stay up late and canít get up to go to church
				-When you are afraid to tell others of Christ

		d.  If politics, picketing, etc. is not Christian Battle, why do people do it?
			-Donít understand who the enemy is and how he works
			-Donít know the objective
			-Donít know Godís defensive armor (Paul intentionally left out the standard spear)

	5. Must put on the FULL armor of God
		a.  Full = Panoplia (Song:  But take to arm you for the fight the panoply of God)
		b.  Full armor, not more (donít add the spear), and no less.
		c.  What does the Full Armor consist of?   

I  Girded with Truth  (technically this is not a part of the armor)
	A.  Some Versions say belt of Truth
	B.  What does it mean to gird yourself?
		1.  Flowing garments needed to be bundled before can put on armor
		2.  Truth Frees you, lies enslave you
		3.  Does this mean Truth, (a set of intellectual propositions)
			a.  Quote from Is. 11:5 - Righteousness NASV, Justice TNK, Faithfulness RSV
			b.  Idea of not just facts, but truth that is lived by
			c.  If not, then Satan has already got you before you put on the armor
	C.  Cannot ignore truth any more than you can ignore the idiot lights in your car
	D.  Where is truth?  What are you doing about it?

II.  Breastplate of Righteousness
	A.  Synonym for Faithfulness (which is what is found in Is. 11:5)
	B.  Breastplate was metal and protected the vital organs

		Our breatplate is spiritual, What is Righteousness
		1.  Used for what you do (John)
		2.  Used for what God does to you (Paul) ďHe made him who knew no sin...Ē 2 Cor 5:21
	C.  ILL:  On Cops, got in gun fight, parents had bought him bulet proof vest, 1st thought 
		was, I didnít have my bulet proof vest on.
	D.  Breastplate no good if not worn
		1.  Satan will defeat you miserably if you try to obtain your own righteousness (self-r)
		2.  Satan will defeat you if you do not practice righteousness
			-John emphasizes in John 3 that to practice righteousness is to practice love
			-Love for God, family, children, the brethren, the lost

III.  Feet shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace
	A.  Footwear is a very important part of the Armor
	B.  ILL:  the first thing we were issued in Basic were combat boots
		1.  Broke them in by marching. marching, and marching
		2.  Boots were for safety
	C.  The purpose of the footwear of the Roman soldier was sure footing
		1.  High top sandal with open toe
		2.  Had nails on the bottom similar to cleats or golf shoes
	  	3.  The Gospel of Peace gives us our shure footing
			a.  Preparation of...   - Idea of a prepared foundation (standing ground)
			b.  Irony ---  Part of our war equipment is the Gospel of PEACE
	D.  Sure footing by peace in two ways
		1.  Inner tranquility
		2.  Peace with God (the source of inner tranquility)
		3.  Peace is not the idea of a quiet monk who never smiles JOY comes from this

IV.  Shield of Faith
	A.  Obvious image in the shield of faith
	B.  Two kinds of Shields
		1.  Smaller shield for hand to hand combat
		2.  Large shield for whole body like a door 
			- with leather to put out flaming arrows
			-had bits of metal in it
			-took two hands to lift it, was heavy
		3.  A unit could join shields together and move as a wall
		4.  Without the sheild of faith, flaming arrows can burn down your whole life
	C.  Satan shoots many firey darts to try and burn us out
		1.  These darts my not even be recognizable, invisible and subtle
		2.  Arrows cause fear, complaining, resentment, discouragment, apathy
		3.  ILL:  Years ago, a couple of airmen noticed blips on radar screen, did nothing
		       less than an hour later, Pearl Harbor was bombed.
	D.  Biblical Faith is ACTION
		1.  Will lead us to stand against Satan, trusting in God
		2.  Will lead us to stand, even if it means losing promotion, job, friends, or even
		     family members.  (ILL:  Teen who became Christian & family disowned her)
		3.  QUESTION, What sort of darts has Satan thrown your way to cause you
		     to complain, resentment, discouragment, or evne apathy

V.  Helmet of Salvation
	A.  Soldier carried their helmets until they went into actual battle
	B.  Here, Paul compares our Salvation to the helmet
		1.  A soldier with his helmet was prepared to do battle
		2.  Salvation introduces us to the Battle
		3.  Salvation means deliverance
			a.  Greek for Salvation, was soter
			b.  Word was used of a military deliverer
	C.  ILL:  Gospel Meeting in Hell, Satan trying to figure out how to destroy the church,
		-Onee says, convince to to have such a faith as to do nothing
		1.  Does not mean we donít fight the battle
		2.  We need to put on our helmet, and take courage because this fight is ours

		3.  QUESTION:  Have you obtained Salvation?  (Satan wantsd you to do nothing)

VI.  The sword of the Spirit
	A.  In the Marines, must know weapon, eat sleep, etc. with weapon
	B.  We must know our weapon
		1.  It is the word of God
		2.  Paul purposely omits the spear, which was standard equipment
		3.  This Battle is defensive
		4.  We have salvation, we have our relationship with God, Satan wants to
		     destroy it
		5.  We must stand and RESIST with the full armor of God
	C.  Jesus did battle with Satan on the mount of temptation, he used the sword
	D.  How well aquainted are you with your weapon?
		1.  Without it Satan can knock you out of your armor
		2.  Just read and study a little every morning and night

	1.  Connat face up to Satan without the FULL armor of God
	2.  Can face the battle with all joy  ďCount it all  joy my brethren when you encounter 
	    various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance, and let
	    endurance have its perfect result, that you may be complete, lacking in nothingĒ  James 1:2
	3.  With the armor of God on, Satan can do nothing to you (except make you stronger)

		(The people that we might be tempted to see as the enemy are the very ones we
		want to recruit away from their lostness, from Satan to God)

	5.  Cannot have a killer, apathetic, or serve me attitude to be a Christian soldier

	6.  Take up
		-Belt of Truth
		-Breatplate of righteousness
		-Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
		-Sheild of Faith
		-Helmet of Salvation
		-Sword of the Spirit (the word)