Sermon:  Forever New

Summary:  Heaven is a place where all is made new, including a new rest, sustinence,
safety, and a new level of relationship with God.  The reason Heaven is so perfect is
because we will be fully in the presence of God.  Nothing on this earth compares to
Heaven where nothing will ever get old or wear out.  God wants everyone to have the
opportunity to go there and be with him.

Know:  Heaven is a perfect place that God has prepared for those who are prepared. 
In order to go there, we must be prepared

Feel:  A longing to be in Heaven because that is where God is.

Do:  Reflect on what it means to be alert, sober, and ready for Christ’s coming so that
you can go to Heaven.  Identify ways that you can help those you know to be ready for
his coming.

Text:  Rev 21:9 - 22:2

Scripture Reading:  2 Peter 3:13

Meditation Scripture:  2 Peter 3:13

1.  Why do you want to go to Heaven?  After last week, might say because not go Hell
	a.  Hell is a place of eternal destruction
	b.  Heaven is a place of eternal life
2.  Know one thing for sure, world is not permanent
	b.  Heb 1:10-12 - Will roll the skies up like a mantle/cloak
	c.  2 Pet 3:10 - Earth and all its works will be burned up/laid bare
	d.  Hell and Heaven are permanent, we will be at one or the other
3.  Last week, looked at Hell, this morning, will look at Heaven.  What is Heaven like?
4.  One of the key ideas behind Heaven is “new”
	a.  Isa 65:17 - “I am creating new heavens and a new earth”
	b.  2 Pet 3:13 - “But according to his promise, we are looking for new heavens 
	     and a new earth.”
	c.  Rev 21:5 - “He who sits on the throne said, Behold, I am making all things 
	d.  It is forever new.  So how is Heaven new?

I.  Heaven is a place of a new rest
	A.  We often think of heaven as a place of eternal rest
	B.  Is it a place of rest?
		1.  (Rev 14:13) - Will rest from their labors
		2.  (Rev 7:14-15) - Will serve him day and night!?  - Sounds like work!
	C.  ILL:  Ever had a job you liked or hated?
		1.  I did not like working at IBP - Hazardous, stank, messy
		2.  I enjoyed my job in the Air Force, good at what I did
		3.  Didn’t work less, but the job that I enjoyed did not seem like work
	D.  This is how we will restor from our labors
		1.  Rev 14:3 - Will rest from our “labors”  kopwn
			a.  Several words for “work” in Greek
			b.  Kopo" is "labor, toil, trouble, difficulty"
			c.  Not merely activity such as poiew, ergazomai
		2.  22:3 - “And there shall no longer be any curse”
			a.  The curse involved kopo"-labor in the Garden of Eden
			b.  Work became toil and labor
		3.  (Rev 7:16-17) - Serving him will be a joy, not labor and toil
		4.  Heaven for those tired in working for the Lord, not tired OF working

II.  Heaven a place of a new life
	A.  Here on earth, death and dying is a fact of life
	B.  In Heaven, no one will ever die again
		1.  (Rev 20:14) - Death and Hades (Grave) thrown in lake of fire
		2.  1 Cor 15:26 - Last enemy to be destroyed is death, then comes the end
		3.  1 Cor 15:52 Twinkling of eye, changed, dead raised imperishable
	C.  ILL:  How many funerals have you been to in your life?
		1.  The older you get, the more you go to
		2.  Great grandparents, grandparents, parents, freinds, etc.
		3.  Heard someone once say, "Everyone I know is dying off"
		4.  Said goodbye to a lot of people I care about
	D.  All of us are dying, decaying, running down as we speak
		1.  Some of you realize more years behind you than ahead of you
		2.  So many things I didn’t get to do - Mid life crisis?
		3.  In Heaven, have all the time you need.  
			a.  Time is meaningless there
			b.  Can't "spend" eternity.   It just is
			c.  No more goodbyes
		4.  He will wipe every tear from every eye - He will make it better

III.  Heaven a place of new sustinence
	A.  It will be a place of plenty.  Nobody poor or starving
	B.  Notice how the Bible gives us this picture
		1.  (Jn 14:1-3) - “Let not your heart be troubled ... many dwelling place”
		2.  (Rev 21:9-16) - 1,000 mile cube, Plenty of dwelling places
		3.  Rev 21:18-21 - Precious jewels in abundance, no poverty
	C.  ILL:  Some people say there are things would like to have, not being greedy
		1.  LIttle larger house to move around in, yard for the kids
		2.  Enough money to not have to stress over bills
		3.  Some people go without, and are malnourished
	D.  In Heaven, there is enough for everyone
		1.  Heaven has the perfect economy and budget
		2.  (Rev. 22:1-2)
			a.  No one is starving, fruit ALWAYS in season
			b.  No one is sick, this apple a day keeps doctors away
			c.  Water of life - No one is thirsty
		3.  Will be the perfect picture of contentment and health

IV.  Heaven will be a place of a new safety
	A.  We do not live in a very safe world
		1.  Those who can afford it hire security guards
		2.  Some get alarm systems for car and house
		3.  Some carry mace or pepper spray
		4.  Can get beat up just getting something in a quick shop
	B.  ILL:  Just recently, there was a huge fight right here in Leavenworth
		1.  Bunch of kids fought using baseball bats at LHS, several in hospital
		2.  Neighbors used to have drunken brawls in our yard in Texas
		3.  Not had to deal with stray bullets or break in -- yet
		4.  How would you like it if you could live in a place of no danger?
	C.  Heaven will be a place of complete safety
		1.  Rev. 21 tries to give the image of saftey it in many different ways
		2.  (Rev 21:17) - Walls 72 yd thick/ 216 ft - No stray bullets come through
		3.  (Rev 21:22-24) - God is in charge here, his presence everywhere
		4.  (Rev 21:25-26)
			a.  No night there - That is when crimes and evil happens
			b.  Gates never closed - Never lock doors at night.  Why?
			c.   (Rev 21:27) - NO wicked people there
	D.  This is totally safe place!

V.  Best thing about Heaven - New level of relationship
	A.  God is there - That is why I want to go there
		1.  Can fully serve in his presence
		2.  Hell is AWAY from his presence, Heaven is FULLY IN IT
	B.  Are we not in his presence now?
		1.  Rev 4:6 - Worship around a crystal sea
			a.  Sea typically a synonymn for evil or chaos
			b.  Sin is paid for, but still present in this world and in our life
			c.  Still a separation even now - The sea
		2.  Heb 7:19 - But Jesus a forerunner into the veil
		3.  (Rev 21:1-2) - Sea is "gone" in Heaven
		4.  (Rev 22:3-5) - Will see his face for the first time!!
			a.  If anyone look at his face now, will die
			b.  God said - "No one can see my face and live" - Exo 33:20
			c.  But with sin and death finally dealt with, see him face to face
	C.  Right now, we have sort of "chat room" or "phone" relationship with God
		1.  He has given us his word we can read
		2.  He has given us Holy Spirit as a guarantee or deposit 1 Cor 1:22
		3.  Rest of deposit in Heaven, will be in his presence more fully
		4.  Will meet him face to face
	D.  I want to go there, not just to stay out of Hell
		1.  I want to go and be with God
		2.  That is what makes Heaven so great - God is there!

1.  What a great place
	a.  New rest / life / sustinence / safety / level of relationship
	b.  Perfect place.  Why?  Will by fully in his presence
	c.  That means, peace, comfort, joy, beyond wildest imagination
2.  (1 Thes 5:1-11)  Who do you want to be like?
	a.  The unprepared homeowner who sees Jesus return like a theif in the night
		- (v.6) They are "asleep" when it happens, and unprepared
	b.  The alert soldier with his equipment on
		- Trumpet will sound, Has his armor on 
		- Breastplate of faith and love
		- Helmet of the hope of salvation
3.  Put on the armor by obeying the Gospel (Invitation)
4.  If have done that, remember, don't put roots down here.  (2 Pet 3:9-13)
	a.  Looking for that day - be ready, alert,
	b.  Look for  new Heaven, new earth, nothing but death and decay here
	c.  1 Cor 15:53 - Perishible will put on the imperishable, nothing wears out
	d.  Share this good news to those who haven’t responded

Questions for Small Group Discussion