The Inconvenience of Love

Summary: We should love others as Jesus did, which means allowing ourselves to be inconvenienced as in the case of Nicodemus who came to Jesus at night, and by being direct about another personís need for God and not beat around the bush. Love should move us to self sacrifice for others.


1. Would your spouse or kids, or best friend describe your personality as being more like a cat, or a dog?

Dig John 3:16-18; Mark 6:31-42

2. How do you see the love of God demonstrated in these passages?

3. Why did Jesus not get irritated when people wouldnít leave him alone?

4. (John 3:1-3) - Why was Jesus so direct and blunt? Why didnít he take time to warm Nicodemus up before going on to a heavier topic such as this?

5. Did Jesus deal with everyone as he did with Nicodemus? Why or why not? How does this reflect his love?


6. What causes you not to be as direct as you need to be in confronting a brother or sister in Christ about sin or unChristian behavior?

7. In confronting someone, how can you tell whether you are being loving or being mean? Does it make a difference?

8. How should you decide when you are giving or sacrificing too much of yourself for the sake of others?

9. There are two distinct lessons here. One is love that leads to self-sacrifice. The other is love that leads to confronting others of their greatest need for God. Explain why one is needed for the other.

10. Brainstorm - What are some SPECIFIC ways you can give of yourself for your brothers and sisters? Try to name specific people and specific activities. Pick one and commit to it this week.