Sermon:  Modesty Is Inside Out

Summary:  Modesty is important to God not because it is merely about dress, but 
because it is a reflection of the heart which is expressed in outward behavior 
that is molded by the Gospel.  This makes modesty a matter of godly disposition

Scripture Reading:  1 Jn 2:16-17

Text:  1 Pet 3:3-4; 1 Tim 2:5-10

1.  Story about a 9 year old girl reading a medical reference book
	a.  Mom noticed periodically she would run outside, then come back in
	b.  She continued to read the book and did this several times
	c.  Later, Mom noticed she had taped little leaves over the anatomically 
	     correct illustrations in the book
	d.  Her little daughter understood something about modesty
2.  Modesty - We probably need to be reminded of this periodically
	a.  I can remember growing up this often became contentious.  Why?
		- Perhaps because some people shocked people in their lessons 
		  be bringing in string bikinis to show how teeny they were
		- Perhaps because they would spend a lot of time describing stars 
		  and how they behaved and dressed immodestly
		- Perhaps it was the difficulty in defining what is modest and 
		  immodest - How short is too short?
	b.  Don't hear a lot about modesty in Christian circles any more
		- Of 3 topical indexes in my library, only the older Nave's has an 
		  entry on modesty
		- Are discussions on modesty outdated and out of touch?
		- Is it just for puritans and prudes?  I don't believe so
	c.  Modesty always a timely topic, especially now more than 50 years ago
		- Modesty has gone out of style
		- Modesty is seen as quaint at best
		- Modesty is seen as harsh and repressive at worst
3.  Do you realize that some things are important to God?
	a.  There are things that are "precious" to God
	b.  There are certain things that God "delights" in
	c.  Don't you want to be precious to God and have him delight in you?
	d.  Will do my best to show you what this means in terms of modesty
4.  Classic modesty texts:  1 Pet 3:1-4 and 1 Tim 2:9-10
	a.  Both seemed to be aimed at women
	b.  Does this mean they only apply to women?  No
		- Context - These scriptures talking about godly behavior for men 
		   and women
		- Words for modesty in 1 Tim 3:2 also used of elders
			= "Modest/proper" clothing (kosmios) - in 3:2 - "respectable, 
			    dignified, of good behavior, decent"
			= "Discreetly" (swfrona) in 2:9 also used in 3:2 - "prudent, 
			    sensible, self-controlled, chaste"
			= These qualities are not limited to women
		- Look at what Modesty means:
			= Definition:  1) Quality of being modest, or freedom from 
			   vanity, boastfulness, etc.   2) Regard for decency of 
			    behavior, speech, dress, etc.   3) Simplicity; moderation
			= Synonyms:  Humility, decency, reserve, constraint, 
			   demureness, chasteness, quietness
			= Antonyms:  Pride, audaciousness, arrogance, conceit, 
			   brashness, brazenness, shamelessness, 
	c. These qualities of Modesty are for both men and women 
	d.  Going to look at what modesty involves:   Three things - 

I.  A transformed heart  (1 Pet 3:3-4)
	A.  Modesty begins in the heart
		1.  Text says - Let i9s be the "hidden" person of the heart
		2.  Modesty has more to do with the heart than anything else
	B.  Does this mean there are no objective standards for modesty?
		1.  I remember objective standards
			a.  At Harding - Shorts rule
				- No shorts on campus until after 4
				- No sandals where toes were showing
				- No short shorts period
				- Some said there was a time when no jeans allowed
			b.  At York College - No beard rule, no shorts
			c.  At Camp
				- Shorts no more than 4 inches above knee
				- Remember as a counselor using a ruler
				- Some said not fair - some had shorter/longer legs
			d.  WHY these rules?  Had to do with modesty
				- There no question that these were not immodest
		2.  As kids we used to question - Where do you get this from Bible?
			a.  Bible have objective standards?
			b.  If you mean inches, styles, etc. then NO
				- Bible does not say a style is wrong
				- Bible does not say thou shalt not wear shorts 4 
				   inches above the knee
			c.  There is a certain about of relativity in modesty
				- What was considered immodest 100 years ago
				- What is considered immodest in a different culture
				- Certain amount of relativity to time and culture
		3.  Does this mean standards are arbitrary?  
			a.  As kids, we used to think so
			b.  Used to complain about lessons on modesty that talked 
			     about inches, specific styles, etc.
			c.  Used to say they were out of touch
			d.  BUT, even though there is some relativity, standards of 
			     modesty are not arbitrary
		4.  The Bible does give some timeless principles
			a.  Not about inches or styles, goes deeper than this
			b.  Not about measuring inches
			c.  These principles cause you to measure the heart
	C.  This passage defines modesty for us
		1.  "Imperishable quality of a gentile and quiet spirit which is 
		     precious to God"
			a.  "Gentle" is from praus, which can mean "humble, meek"
			b.  Same word when Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek"
			c.  This is talking about gentle humility
		2.  With this, define modesty as "Humility expressed in appearance"
			a.  This is precious to God
			b.  God delights in this
		3.  Can define immodesty as the opposite:  "Pride/arrogance 
		     expressed in appearance"
			a.  Purpose is to draw attention to yourself
			b.  It is vanity, which is repulsive to God
		4.  Modesty is a matter of the heart
			a.  Need to guard our heart, it is the spring of life
			b.  If heart is polluted, it will pollute everything, including your 
	D.  If modesty is in the heart, we need to ask ourselves these questions
		1.  What is my motivation for how I dress?
			a.  Is it a godly motivation?
				- Is it to reflect the grace and beauty of womanhood?
				- Is it to reflect the dignity and honor of manhood?
				- Is it to reflect a gentle, humble, quiet heart?
			b.  What statement do my clothes make?
				- Is it godly?
				- Whose attention am I trying to get and why?
				- Is it precious to God?
		2.  Questions for when I go shopping for clothes 
			a.  Are my choices governed by a modest heart?
			b.  Is God part of my decision on what to buy?
		3.  So yes, it is a matter of the heart, but it also affects your 

II.  A Transformed appearance (1 Tim 2:9-10)
	A.  Your outward appearance reflects your inward heart
	B.  This passage needs some explanation
		1.  Text does not say do not make your self attractive
			a.  Text says to "adorn" your self properly
			b.  What does "adorn" mean?
				- It means to decorate, to make attractive
				- Text does not say don't do it, but do it properly
			c.  Bible has examples of people adorning themselves
				- Prov 31:22 - Prov 31 woman wears fine clothing
				- Esth 2:9, 12 - Esther does year of beauty treatments
				- Song 1:10 - Woman adorns herself with jewelry
			d.  So, the text is not saying don't make self attractive
		2.  This text is saying to adorn yourself "properly," not immodestly
			a.  Immodesty includes: Braids, gold, pearls, costly clothes
				- Overdressing is immodest
				- Usually do not think of this as being immodest
				- But some of the styles that come down the runway, 
				   though they cover everything, are immodest
			b.  Remember the definition: Humility expressed in dress
			c.  A note about braided hair - Understand cultural context
				- Ancient times, braids were very elaborate
				- Take a whole day to braid hair
				- Average woman no braid, usually the richest
				- Problem-What braid represent, worldly values, pride
		3.  Principle of modesty also applies to underdressing
			a.  Underdressing not an expression of gentle humility
			b.  It can be just as prideful as overdressing
			c.  Calls attention to self - showing off, look at me!
			d.  This applies to both man and women
				- The guy working out wears shirt 2 sizes too small, 
				   no shirt, saggy pants
				- Girl that wears skirts too short, tight clothes, 
				  underwear showing
	C.  ILL:  Keep in mind fashion designers not governed by godly values
		1.  Remember when my sister was a teen.  Looking for swimsuit 
			a.  Wanted something that was "in" and "fashionable"
			b.  Found one highlighted things that shouldn't be highlighted
				-  She couldn't believe how "good" she looked
				- She kept admiring herself in the mirror
			c.  Mom protested, and did not allow her to get it
				- Mom suggested something else 
				- It was still stylish, but also modest
			d.  Fashion designers don't shoot for modesty 
		2.  Have you ever watched fashion shows?  Popular on reality TV
			a.  Fashion designers are not governed by modesty
			b.  They are exact opposite of modesty
				- They are flamboyant, strut their stuff, pride
				- They use nicer words, audacious, feisty, or sassy
				- They often project a false humility
			c. Whether over or underdressed, price tag usually obscene
			d.  Next time you to the mall, remember they not your people
		3.  I visited to a young female Cadre member on campaign
			a.  We started talking about modesty and behavior
			b.  She said she watches her behavior
				- She said she looks out for her brothers
				- She not want to contribute to their struggle with lust
				- She knew how Satan can use young women to 
				  entice young men to impure thoughts
		4.  I heard young men talk about their struggle
			a.  When their sisters do not act or dress godly, wear 
		   	     revealing outfits, it put strain on their relationships
			b.  Said some women could wear potato sack, they still 
			     struggle, but fashion designers not design potato sacks
			c.  Fashion designers want to flatter your appearance to the 
			     point of being ungodly
	D.  Your behavior AND your dress should be governed by a modest heart
		1.  This means that we will often not fit in with the world
			a.  People of the world act worldly, that is to be expected
			b.  People of God are to act godly, that also to be expected
		2.  Problem is when Christians adopt values of the world
			a.  We are not of the world
			b.  We are holy, ambassadors, we are aliens
			c.  This means we are different, not self-righteous, but holy
		3.  Question for ourselves - Who or what inspires your appearance?
		4.  Need to do modesty checks 
			a.  Look out for each other
			b.  If brother or sister calls you on modesty, accept 

III.  The Gospel
	A.  Yes, modesty involves the Gospel, or the other way around 
		1.  v.9 - "Likewise" points back to the context
		2.  v.8 - "Therefore" is a conclusion to what came before
		3.  What came before?  A theological/doctrinal basis for modesty
	B.  (1 Tim 2:3-7) - Here is the basis for modesty
		1.  Paul often begins with Gospel, then moves to application
		2.  Since Jesus is the mediator, gave himself as a ransom, we are 
		     to behave modestly
			a. Modesty is one of many expressions of our death & rebirth
			b. We died to the world and its values
	C.  (1 Jn 2:16-17) - Pride and lust are not from the Father, but the world
		1.  We died to those things
		2.  Pride with all of its desires is replaced with gentle humility
		3.  This is precious to God
		4.  Another way of saying this - God finds this beautiful
	D.  We reflect not the beauty of the world, but the beauty of God
		1.  Once my heart is in line, my appearance will fall in line
		2.  If I do modesty check, and fail, what do I need to examine?
			a.  Not just my style, how many inches
			b.  Need to examine my heart
		3.  Do I reflect pride of life, or the beauty of our Lord?

1.  It is through the Gospel that we become truly attractive
2.  Christ cleans us up, transforms us through the Gospel, and we stay clean
	a.  This means being "adorned" in the right way - Do Modesty Check
	b.  Means being adorned from the inside out - Do Heart Check
3.  Have you obeyed the Gospel?  (inv)
4.  If you have obeyed the Gospel, your heart is changed
	a.  You are not of this world, they are not your people
	b.  You do not buy into world's values, fashions, appearance, etc.
	c.  You belong to God, heart and soul
	d.  Your very appearance will be a glory to God, he will find it precious