Title: The Power of Christ

Focus: Jesus has the power to free us from bondage in all areas of life, but will only do so on the basis of our faith

Function: To motivate the hearers to come to Jesus in faith to be released from whatever sin has them in bondage

Text: Mk 4:35 - 5:20

1.  Visited ocean off Coast of New Hampshire
	a.  Cold, Foggy, Choppy Waves - Unsettling feeling
	b.  Can imagine what an Ocean Storm must be like
	c.  Feel small and powerless when by a restless sea
2.  Will talk about powerlessness and power this morning
3.  Mark has some points to make about power

I.  Mk 4:35-41 - Jesus has power over "evil" storms
	A.  One of 3 miracles in Mark involving the Sea in some way
	B.  Actually Sea of Galilee is not a “sea” at all
		1.  It is roughly 7 x 12 miles long
		2.  Make Michigan-100x500 miles ; Mediterranian - over 1000 miles
		3.  Mark calls it Thalassa, “Ocean, Sea”
		4.  Most other writings of the time call it limne - “Lake, Pool”
		5.  Calling it a “sea” would be like calling Piper "Lake" a Sea
	C.  So why did Mark use this word?
		1.  The word, “sea” has a definite poetic image behind it
			a.  Sea place of evil, chaos, calamity, power
			b.  ILL:  Tornado a few weeks ago - Go to shelter
				- What if hurricane?  Flee inland
				- If you on the sea, no place to go - At mercy of sea
			c.  ILL: Admiral Kent Hewitt
				- Led squadron of Battleships into 2 typhoons
				- Lost a ship that capsized!
				- Sea storms are serious things
			d.  Sea Monsters went with the Sea (Sea Dragons)
				- Not literal monsters, but legendary ones
				- They the source of chaos in the sea
				- We still use dragons metaphorically even today
		2.  Poetic and apocalytic sections of Bible use sea monster image
			a.  (Ps 18:1-19) (v.16-17)
			b.  (Isa 51:9-11)
			c.  (Rev 13:1)  (In Revelation, Satan is a dragon)
			d.  Other:  Job 26:12; 41; Is 27:1; Ps 74:14; 89:10
		3.  Mark uses the word “sea” instead of “lake” & calls forth this imagery
	D.  In our text, Jesus demonstrates his power over nature
		1.  How poetic that it is the “sea” - His power is over evil and chaos
		2.  With one word, Jesus subdues it all “HUSH”  Be still
		3.  v.41 - They still do not understand
	E.  Jesus has the power to deliver you when the storms of life around you 
	      threaten to swallow you up and there is no place to go

		- But what if problem is not storm around you, but IN you?

II.  Jesus has the power to save you from inner storms as well
	A.  (Mk 5:1) - Wanted to go to the “other side”
		1.  Gentile area and among the tombs (haunt of the demons)
		2.  Not on home turf anymore - Enemy territory
		3.  Jesus goes boldly into enemy territory
	B.  (v.2-5) - Description of the demoniac
		1.  Surrounded by death, decay, uncleanliness, hatred, etc.
		2.  Was in bondage, so they tried to bind him - Useless
		3.  He did not need more bondage, he needed freedom
	C.  (v.6-13) - The Showdown
		1.  A Legion is a Roman Military Unit of 6,000 !!!
		2.  No one could subdue him, yet demoniac pleads with Jesus
		3.  Not out of the country? - Not just one man in bondage, but whole area
		4.  IRONIC - Unclean spirits in unclean pigs, drown in ---- the "SEA"!
			a.  Jesus uses evil chaotic powers against itself effortlessly
			b.  Who is in control?  King of kings; A & O; God Almighty!
	D.  Jesus has the power to free you from bondage
		1.  He bound the strong man, plundered his house, set captives free
		2.  What if pray and have faith, and STILL not free from turmoil?
			- Pray harder???   Not enough faith???  More persistence??
		3.  If misunderstood, this can create a crisis of faith
	E.  God does not always wave magic wand and heal affliction

III.  God’s answer can be instantaneous, or a process
	A.  Either way, God has power to set you free and he will do it
		1.  If it is bondage to addiction - Will take a lot of hard work
		2.  Bad marriage - Lot of hard work
		3.  Family problems - Lots of hard work
		4.  Loss of a limb - Lots of hard work
	B.  2 Cor 12:7-10
		1.  God wave magic wand?  No 
		2.  Did Paul get an answer?  Yes
		3.  IRONY
			a.  God worked THROUGH messenger of Satan
			b.  Just as Jesus turned powers of evil against itself with 
			    swine and sea, he does so with thorn in flesh
		4.  God may not take struggle away, but he will work through it
		5.  Faith is a cure, but not necessarily an instantaneous one!
	C.  Amount of Satan’s strength is inversly proportional to itself
		 - Like a mirror, it comes right back at him
	D.  Jesus has given you the Spirit
		1.  Spirit may not wave magic wand, but it does give you strength
		2.  Eph 3:16 - Strengthened with power through his Spirit

1.  Jesus has power
	a.  Over external forces working against you
	b.  Over internal storms in your life
2.  How will you react to his power?  
	a.  Mk 5:14-17 - Like the people? - They sent him away (still in bondage)
	b.  Mk 5:18-20 - Like the man - Became a disciple
3.  John 8:36 - If the son makes you free, you will be free indeed
	a.  Are you in the clutches of bondage, sin, despair, depression
	b.  Let Jesus free you
	c.  He destroyed power of 1000’s of demons in the sea
	d.  He will destroy your sin and bondage in the water today