Sermon: The Gospel

Summary:  The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ, the son of God, has
come to earth and was born a human, died for our sins, was buried and raised to
life.  Acceptance of this Gospel means believing that God raised him from the
dead, repenting by accepting him as your savior and Lord, confessing him as
your Lord, and being immersed, signifying your new life as his bride.  This means
you are true and faithful to him forsaking all others, in sickness and health, etc.
until death till you are fully united!

Know:  Religious issues are not what save people.  The Bible is clear that the
Gospel is what saves, and therefore we need to hear, obey, and preach the
Gospel as of first importance.

Feel:  The sense of inadequacy for "religion" or "religious issues" to save people,
and a sense of urgency to get to the heart of the matter of what will save, which
is the Gospel

Do:  Identify what prevents us from getting to the Gospel point, and consider
ways to keep the Gospel front and center in our lives.

Scripture Reading:  Rom 1:16

Meditation Scripture:  1 Cor 2:1-4

1.  Story of life and death situation
2.  Bible deals with life and death situations
3.  Question:  If Lord come back do you know for sure, without a doubt you will
go to Heaven to be with him?
	a.  Many people go deep into thought, some not care
	b.  My grandmother said, "no one can really know."
4.  (1 John 5:13) - You can know by what is written

I.  (Jn 8:24) Must believe in Jesus. Who is Jesus?
	A.  (Mt 16:13-17) - He is the Son of God, Messiah
	B.  (Jn 1:1, 14) - He is the word become flesh
	C.  (Col 2:9) - He is fullness of the "Godhead"
		1.  Some Bibles say, "deity"
		2.  Talking about God's divinity, Godhood
		3.  Contrast - our "humanity," his "divinity"
	D.  (Heb 1:8) - He is God
	E.  (Jn 8:58) - He is the "I am"
	F.  (Mt 3:16-17) - He is a distinct personality in God
	G.  (1 Tim 2:5) - He is a mediator
		1.  Why do we need a mediator?
		2. (Isa 59:2) - Sin separates us from God

II.  (Rom 1:16) What saves? The Gospel
     (1 Cor 15:1-4) - It is the death, burial, resurrection of Christ
	A.  (Eph 1:7) - redemption and forgiveness
	B.  (Jud 24) - Can present you faultless
	C.  (1 Cor 15:20-23) - Will be made alive
	D.  (2 Tim 1:10) - Through the Gospel, he
	      Abolished death, and brought life and immortality
	E.  (Rom 5:10) - reconciled to God through his death
	      will be saved by his life

III.  Our response
	A.  (Rom 10:9) confess with our mouth Jesus as Lord
	B.  (1 Cor 6:9-10) Changed lifestyle  
	          (Eph 4:17-5:7; Gal 5:19-26; Mt 7:21-23)
		1.  Do not be deceived - Don't say, "oh, it's not that bad"
		2.  The list:
			a.  Fornicators - Sexual relations outside of marriage
			b.  Idolaters - Serving something else other than God
			c.  Adulterers - Marital unfaithfulness
			d.  Homosexuals - Sexual relations with same gender
			e.  Sodomites - One who acts as female
			f.  Theives - One who steals
			g.  Covetous - Greed for what someone else has
			h.  Drunkards
			i.  Revilers - Use abusive speech
			j.  Extortioners - Force or trick someone of their stuff
	C.  (Luk 13:3) - Repent.  If not, you will perish
	D.  (2 Thess 1:7-9) - Must know God, and obey the Gospel
	E.  (Rom 6:3-6) - What happens when obey
		1.  newness of life
		2.  sin is done away with
	F.  (Rom 6:17) - Obey from the heart

IV.  Our Commitment
	A.  (Gal 3:26-27) - sons of God, clothed with Christ
	B.  (John 15:20) - Expect persecution
	C.  (Luk 14:26-28; Mt 10:37) - The cost
	D.  (2 Pet 2:20-22) - Stay committed

1.  For those who have obeyed the Gospel
	a.  The Gospel is the power of salvation, not issues
	b.  Lord's Supper, music, Sabbath or Sunday, The church, Issues are none 
	     of their business if they are lost.
	c.  The Gospel is their business
2.  Those of you that like to debate:  May be able to shoot eyes out of
arguments, but when smoke clears, what matters is not the number of bodies
laying in the street, but the number of knees kneeling at the cross
	a.  Purpose not to win argument, prove we are right, etc.
	b.  Purpose is to bring the Gospel to the lost
	c.  Purpose is their salvation
3.  Presenting the saving Gospel is simple, just need to start by asking the question
	a.  If they do not hear, will not respond, will be lost eternally in Hell
	b.  If they hear, obey, sin washed away, will gain Heaven
4.  For those of you who have not obeyed (Acts 22:16).  Give God your answer.

Questions for Small Group Discussion