Sermon:  Happy Father's Day

On this Father's Day, share lessons I learned about fatherhood from my Father

Scripture Reading:  Matt 7:11

I.  It's Not the End of the World
	A.  No matter how bad things get, it will pass
	B.  Stories come to mind
		1.  I was 17 years old, went to Bellevue for something
			a.  Winter, accident with Pinto, it folded in half
			b.  No one seriously hurt
			c.  Police ask - Where your damage?  Almost none
				- 74 LTD
				- He said, "looks like you won!"
				- I said - No I didn't My Dad is going to kill me
			d.  Got home, told him what happened
				- Said he glad I okay
				- Get a lecture
				- Once again tell me he glad I okay
				- Ended with - I hope you learned something
		2.  4 Months later, pulled over on way home from work
			a.  Bad shocks, sobriety test
			b.  Members of church drove by
			c.  Policemen said, "I recognize your name!"  
			d.  Same one from the accident!
		3.  Told my Dad, he laughed - Told me to get shocks fixed
			- Don't worry about people from church
		4.  Favorite saying - Who will care 100 years from now
			a.  As I look back, I now know what he means by that
	C.  Word for this in scripture - Grace
		1.  (Rom 8:35-39) - God loves us no matter what
		2.  When we mess up, it is not the end of the world
		3.  We learn from it, and move on
	D.  I learned this is the attitude I need to have in all things, especially as a 
		1.  When I mess up, God still loves me
		2.  When my kids mess up, I will not stop loving them
		3.  I learned the need to demonstrate this

II.  Everyone is Precious in God's Eyes
	A.  No matter how you dress, how much money, color of skin, etc.
		1.  No one that I know of ever felt looked down on by my Dad
		2.  Everyone felt at ease around him
	B.  I remember
		1.  Joy Bus - Used to take me on Joy bus visitation on Saturdays
			a.  Visit kids on route, take treats
			b.  Some bad neighborhoods, big dogs, Some embarrassed
			c.  Dad didn't notice, came to see them, not their 
			     neighborhood or home
			d.  Everyone, kids and parents alike, felt special
				- Butch Louderback - Was eventually converted
				- Years later, his mother became a Christian
		2.  Dad was always a friend to people on the outskirts
			a.  We had share of people grew up in troubled homes
			b.  Twice had brethren stay at our place who in trouble
				- One stayed a couple of months
			c.  Everyone always had great things to say about Dave
		3.  Dad never told me "God loves ALL people"
			a.  He didn't have to, I saw him demonstrate it
			b.  His actions spoke louder than his words
	C.  (I Cor 12:22-26) - I saw my Dad demonstrate this in his life
		1.  I knew that the church is place where all were welcome
		2.  I saw Dad reach out to poor, troubled, ex druggies, etc. 
			a.  He treated them with dignity and valued them
			b.  For many of them, it changed how they viewed 
			     themselves and God
	D.  As a Father, I learned I need to model this attribute of God
		1.  Everyone is precious in God's eyes
		2.  God does not limit his love to socially acceptable
		3.  God wants to reach out to all and bring them to himself

III.  Time is Precious
	A.  If you waste time, you can never get it back
	B.  The time Dad counted most precious was with those whom he loved
		1.  My mind went back to this as I looked at photos growing up
			a.  Taught me to ride a bicycle, went riding
			b.  Tossing baseball in back yard
			c.  Trips to the Zoo, camping trips
			d.  Visiting grandma on weekends 4 hours away
		2.  After married, when came home, he took off work
			a.  He told me that he valued us more than his job
			b.  When came home on vacation, he always there
		3.  I remember when people in church fighting
			a.  Dad a Christian only 3 years at that point
			b.  I had heard grumbling, we talked about it
			c.  He decided to get everyone together to TALK
			d.  Because Dad loved them & they knew it, they open to it
		4.  Didn't let precious time get away from him
	C.  Eph 5:16 - Make the most of your time (redeem the time)
	D.  As a Father, I need to recognize that time with love ones is important
		1.  If I squander it, I can never get it back
		2.  I need to make the most of it

IV.  Smile
	A.  My Dad is the most lighthearted person I know
		1.  This is something I still need a lot of work on
		2.  I am more like my Mom, I am too serious and I worry
	B.  Everywhere we go, whether people know him well or not, they see joy
		1.  When he comes to town, he like Santa Fe Depot
		2.  People there know him because of his demeanor
	C.  Phil 4:4 - Rejoice in the Lord always
		1.  I can tell you that Dad wasn't always that lighthearted
		2.  He always was to a point, but more so when became a Christian
	D.  I need to remember to take hold of the joy that God offers

1.  All these characteristics are not just from my Dad, but from the Heavenly 
	a.  God is the model Father, and my Dad was being godly
	b.  Grace, acceptance, desire to spend time with loved ones, and joy are 
 	     all lessons to learn about fatherhood from the Father
	c.  Matt 7:11 - We know how to give good gifs, but God so much more so
2.  May find lessons on Father's difficult.  Ben Hooper used to, until he found an 
      everlasting Father
3.  Story of Ben Hooper told by Fred Craddock
	a.  Ben Hooper met Craddock at restaurant, 
		- What do you do?
		- Teach preachers.
		- Let me tell you a story
	b.  No one knew who Ben's Father was, people made fun of him
	c.  New preacher came, asked him his name, and who Father was
	d.  That black cloud came over him, even preacher putting him down
	e.  Preacher paused, said, "Oh, I see resemblance, you one of God's 
		- Pat him on back - "You got great inheritance boy, go claim it!"
		- Most important sentence ever said to me
	f.  Craddock remembered - 2 times TN elected illegitimate to be governor, 
	     one was Ben Hooper.
4.  If you not God's child, he wants you to be his child (invitation)