Title:  Why we should honor our Father

Summary:  The reason we should honor our Father is because God has
entrusted him with the greatest responsibility of spiritual leadership.  Honoring
him will cause his joy, not greif in his job.  The model for the ideal father-child
relationship comes from God, the ultimate father.

Function:  To show the hearers how to honor their fathers by showing them how
to honor God

Scripture Reading:  Romans 8:12-17

1.  Typical Father's Day Sermon  How to be a better father
2.  Rom 8:12-17  God has adopted us as his children
3.  We should honor our father

I.  Because God has entrusted him with spiritual leadership
	A.  This is the greatest responsibility of all
		1.  Many veiw fatherhood as a step down
		2.  It is for mundane, boring people
		3.  Many believe there are greater more important things in life
	B.  ILL:  Talk show  Paul Schaffer  Cool music guy
		1.  David out seeing the city, having a good time with friends
		2.  One point, see Paul Schaffer walking down street
			a.  Pushing baby carriage
			b.  Walking with wife
			c.  About 20 children around him
		3.  Audience roars with laughter
		4.  That meant as a put down  Fatherhood not cool
	C.  Those who undervalue fatherhood don't realize how it affects the
		1.  Destiny of future generations is in the balance
			a.  Often think of importance of other things for future 
			b.  Military, economy, environment, education
			c.  Military leaders, investment bankers, programs, teachers
			d.  These all important, but fathers even more so
		2.  (Dt 6:4-9;  11:18-21;  32:44-47)
			a.  3 Times instruction to fathers is repeated!  Why?
			b.  Quality of fatherhood affects the nation
			c.  Can see this in the book of Judges
		3.  (Jud 2:6-10)  This an indictment on fathers
			a.  (Jud 2:17) Fathers "walked"  probably an example
				- Evidently they didn't "teach" as in Dt 6
				- Raising children not happen by accident
			b. Result  The "bad" old days in Israel
				- Judges not held up as an example
				- Barak  The weak judge, Jael got credit
				- Gideon was a failure in the end (8:27)
					- His sons after him were a failure
					- One son killed all the others
				- Jepthah  Surrounded self with worthless fellows
					- Sacrificed his daughter
				- Samson  Hung out with the enemy, defeated
		4.  Now do you understand why instruction 3 times in Dt?
	D.  Fatherhood is of ultimate importance
		1.  God holds fatherhood in high esteem
		2.  No wonder we are to honor fathers

II.  Because this will make fathers job a joy, not a greif (Heb 13:17)
	A.  Making it a greif not profitable for you
		1.  Being a greif means we are not living right or wisely
		2.  Being a greif means we are making stupid decisions
		3.  Proverbs motif  Father and child  listen to father
	B.  Sometimes children not care if cause greif
		1.  After all, fathers can be out of touch
			a.  Call him the "old man"
			b.  They say "cool" which is out of date slang
			c.  Hair style comes from leave it to Beaver
			d.  Car comes from the Brady Bunch
		2.  May think last person want to be like is Dad
		3.  Parable of Prodigal Son
			a.  Son distance self from Dad as much as possible
			b.  Caused father greif
			c.  In the end, he only hurt himself
	C.  ILL:  I used to think of my Dad as out of touch
		1.  Same hair style as when in High School
		2.  I liked it when I got my own car to drive to Youth Functions
			a.  Didn't have to drive the LTD
			b.  Gremlin not much better, but it was a Gremlin X
		3.  Someone were to say  You are like your Dad  I would panic
		4.  But now, I take it as a compliment
	D.  Honor your father and make their job a joy
		1.  How do we make fathers job a joy and not greif?
		2.  Model should come from ideal relationship with God
		3.  Often, people's relationship with God colored by earthly Father
			a.  If good father, not much of a problem
			b.  Bad father, really struggle with God as father
			c.  Think of God as father, think of your father
			d.  Should be other way around
		4.  Ideal for fatherhood and relationship with Father should come
from God  the father of all mankind

III.  God is our Father  We should cause him joy not greif
	A.  How do we do this?
		1.  Answer to this will be model for how to treat physical father
		2.  Will begin with context of book of Hebrews
			a.  13:17 part of concluding remarks
			b.  Do what book says to make job a joy
	B.  Ways to cause joy and not greif
		1.  (13:17)  Obey and submit to God
			a.  We are children, he is Father and knows best
			b.  (12:5-6)  Says more about obedience and submission
				- Don't blow off discipline  Not say, "whatever"
				- Don't get discouraged  No pity parties
		2.  (10:22)  Draw near to God
			a.  Be here for worship with rest of family
				- We not like it when someone not at dinner table
				- God not like it when someone missing
			b.  Spend time with him in prayer and in his word
			c.  Spend more time thanking that asking for things
		3.  (10:24-25, 32-39)  Get along with brothers and sisters
			a.  We traveling on the road
				- Siblings start to fight  Arrrgh!
				- When helpful, playful, happy  oh joy
			b.  How sweet it is to hear sounds of harmony
		4.  (8:1-2)  Choose God's way, not your own
			a.  Hebrews written for people choosing their own way
			b.  Need to truly turn control over to God
				- In all decisions
				- Freindship, career, entertainment, behavior, etc.
		5.  (5:12; 6:1-2)  Grow Up
			a.  Sign of maturity  Sense are trained to discern
			b.  Give and helpful, expect nothing in return
			c.  Not whining or complaining
			d.  Able to forgive and see best in situations
	C.  IF start with this, will bring God joy
	D.  These give hint on how to bring joy to earthly Fathers

1.  Fathers please stand  Thank you
2.  We have greater Father  God.  Let's give thanks to God
3.  Let's remember every day is Father's Day

Questions for Small Group Discussion