Title: The reign of peace

Focus: Since we have been baptized into Christ, we are dead to sin and free from its power and mastery over us, and now walk in newness of life. Therefore we must no longer submit to it or we may be enslaved to it once again.

Function: To motivate those with hidden sins to give them up

Text: Romans 6:1-14

1.  What is grace?
	a.  We “say” grace
	b.  We have a “grace” period where we not have to pay back debt
	c.  Grace is forgivness and mercy when it is not deserved
2.  Point in Romans 5 - Gods grace greater than our sin (16, 20-21)
3.  If God’s grace is greater than our sin, why go through the struggle of trying not
to sin?

I.  We died
	A.  That is the point made in the past section
		1.  In Adam all die
		2.  In Christ all shall be made alive
		3.  This morning’s passage tells us how we are made alive
		4.  Some say only way to be free of misery in this life is to die
	B.  (Rom 6:1-7)  Good death is in Christ
		1.  Begins with Jesus death
			a.  What happened when he died and arose?
			b.  Overcame and defeated sin and death
			c.  Rendered sin and death powerless
		2.  Jesus offers his victory to us 
			a.  (v.3) - Baptized into “his” death - share in benefits
			b.  We can die, buried, raise, in baptism
			c.  (v.6) - Our emancipation - not slaves of sin
		3.  Paul’s point - Death to sin and life in sin cannot co-exist
			a.  Old, sinful self was put to death
			b.  Old self powerless, enslaved, helpless, weak
			c.  New self is free and full of his power
	C.  ILL:  Parable - Jesus returns after signs wonders
		1.  Jesus sees glutton drunk.  “Why do you live like that?”  I was a
		     leper, you healed me, how else would I live?”
		2.  Sees a woman in skimply clothes, a working woman, and
		     a man with eyes like a hunter
		3.  Why do you look at her that way?  I was blind, you gave me 
		     sight, how else would I look at her?
		4.  Why do you dress/live this way?  I was a sinner, you forgave
		     me, how else would I live?
		5.  Jesus not intend for them to abuse his gift, sign and wonders
	D.  Jesus not intend us to abuse his greatest sign on wonder
		1.  He rose from the grave to redeem AND transform us
		2.  He brought us death to sin, and life in God
		3.  Now we are a new person ...

II.  (v.8-11)  We walk in newness of life
	A.  The Old is Gone, we are all made new
	B.  Bible discribes this in more than one way
		1.  In this text
			a.  Grk: New is “kainos” not “neos”
			b.  Neos new in time, kainos is new of kind or quality
		2.  ILL:  Aunt Rose’s old 1936 car
			a.  Sold it to relative and got mad
			b.  He fixed it all up, all he does is drive in parades!
			c.  That is not kind of new this is
			d.  It is a complete change to a new model, new car
		3.  Jn 3 - Jesus speaks of being born again
			a.  A new start
			b.  Go from bondage, through and exodus through water
			c.  Now we in wilderness, a time of testing
			d.  Will cross a Jordan river of death to Heaven
		4.  These images teach us that it a TOTAL COMMITMENT
	C.  ILL:  Fireman story by Soren Kirkegaard - All loved him
		1.  Rushed to fire, 200 towns people squirt guns
		2.  Wanted to show appreciation
		3.  Could do more, but wanted to do something to help
		4.  Get out of here - Fire not a place for well meaning people to
		     make small contributions, but to give their lives!
	D.  When baptized, you give up life
		1.  Not just a day of the week
		2.  Dying is a total commitment, so we no longer sin

III.  (v.11-14) We are not to “let” sin reign  in our lives
	A.  “Reign” is what a king does - Who reigns, sin or Jesus?
	B.  Wont always be easy (Mt 10:32-39)
		1.  Lose life in order to find it
		2.  Means will lose father, mother, even friends
		3.  Biggest challenge not here, but when leave home for school, 
		4.  Question is who is reigning?
	C.  ILL:  If sin reigns, it will control you - Larry Boy & Fib from Outer Space
		1.  Fib started small, grew to a 90 ft monster
		2.  It wound up controlling Junior
		3.  Similar to James’ illustration of tongue as a bridle, and rudder
			a.  If you don’t control it, it will control you
			b.  Like the reigns on a horse, sin will reign over you
	D.  Don’t let Satan get a foothold
		1.  Once he slips that bit in your mouth, it will be very bad
		2.  May not be sin of the tongue
		3.  Could be sexual, alcohol, lying, anger, pride, fit in
		4.  Resist Devil and he will flee from you

1.  If God’s grace is greater than our sin, why bother not sinning?
	a.  You died to sin
	b.  A sinful you is the old you, you are a new person
	c.  Don’t let sin “reign” or you may get stuck in it
2.  Do you have sin in your life??  Don’t let it go
3.  Repent, let Jesus tear away the reigns, submit to his reign, reign of life, peace