Small Group Questions:  The Significance of Baptism

Summary:  This passage gives several vivid images related to baptism, which
includes circumcision, death and resurrection, and payment of a debt.  As a
result, we are no longer of this world, and should not longer act or think like this
world (v.8, 20, 3:1-2).  Instead we should be transformed in our thinking (3:2) and
actions (3:5ff), which should convince us that all we need is in Christ.

Optional Ice Breaker Questions
- What do you consider the top three necessities for life?

Explore  (Col 2:6-15)

1.  What do the images of circumcision, death / resurrection, and the canceling
of a certificate of debt, each communicate about significance of baptism?

2.  How many times is the phrase "with Him," or "in Him" uses in these verses? 
What points does Paul make with these phrases?  What is "with" Him, or "In"

3.  From these verses, what can you deduce as the reason Paul is talking about
baptism here?  What does he emphasize in the verses leading up to his
exposition on baptism?

4.  What are the "elementary principles of this world?"

5.  What does the all sufficiency of Christ have to do with baptism?  What does it
have to do with daily Christian living?


6.  The text says that we are made complete in Christ.  Identify some of the ways
the "philosophy" or "principles" of this world tempt you to try and find
completeness elsewhere?

7.  How should the completeness of Christ affect the way you view your job? 
Your friends?  Your possessions?

8.  What adjustments do you need to make to your way of thinking or to your

Use Col 3:1-3 as a guide to your prayer