Going through Samaria John 4:1-42

Summary: We need to place ourselves in the paths of people who need to hear the Gospel, especially social outcasts. It needs to be our passion as it was the passion of Christ.


1. What is a place or area you avoid going to or hanging out in?


2. Why did Jesus “have” to go through Samaria? Didn’t Jews usually take the I-435 bypass around Samaria? What does this say about him?

3. What do we know about this Samaritan woman? What kind of person would she have been? How would others have seen her?

4. Why didn’t Jesus make a issue of her immorality or her religious beliefs?

5. Why didn’t Jesus eat anything when the disciples brought back nourishment? What does this say about Jesus?


6. What type of sinners make you feel most uncomfortable? Why?

7. Where is the Samaria for our congregation? Be specific.

8. Where is your Samaria personally?

9. What would it take for us to “pass through Samaria?”


10. Please pray that God can guide and lead us to greater ministry outside our comfort zone to those who are broken enough to really see their need for Christ.