Title: The Powerlessness of Christ

Focus: An active, trusting faith in Jesus is absolutely necessary in order to receive the power of his “healing” from the effects of sin

Function: To motivate the hearers to simply trust Jesus in their walk even if they don’t fully understand everything.

Text: Mark 5:21 - 6:6

1.  Had good time at 4th July picnic
	a.  Water ballon hot potato - seemed to like the same people drenched over and over again
	b.  All they had to do was touch it, and it exploded
2.  Will see the same sort of thing in the text - All it takes it a touch of Jesus
3.  Mark 3 - Background - Scenes begin with power of Christ
	a.  Over the sea
	b.  Over evil in foreign territory
4.  Now Jesus goes back to home territory
5.  We will see in these stories that faith in Christ is necessary

I.  Faith overcomes obstacles (v.21-34)
	A.  We can see this clearly in the story of the woman
	B.  ILL:  She did everything should could through conventional medicine
		1.  My gradfather’s wife and the traveling witch doctor
			a.  Eye pains - Doctor said to cook some sort of leech
			b.  Placed it on eye, and it blinded her for life
			c.  Never found the guy, but she blinded rest of life
		2.  That may have been the experience of this woman
			a.  There was no licensing process for doctors
			b.  Suffered at the hands of doctors, and gotten worse
			c.  Now she used up all her money
	C.  Obstacle?  She unclean, not to touch anything holy (Lv 15:25ff)
		1.  Mishnah tractate on discharges entitled: “Nidda” - Banished
			a.  That is why she not get permission from Jesus?
			b.  Maybe it was because this a degrading disease?
		2.  She didn’t let that stand in her way, all she had to do was touch
	D.  Do you know where to go?
		1.  The only true answer to your struggles and afflictions is Jesus
		2.  What is standing in your way?  Friends?  Job?  Pride? Attitude?
		3.  If believe, don’t let them stand in your way & be made whole

II.  Faith is the key to unlock God’s power
	A.  Jesus made it clear that her faith made her well
	B.  This healing story different than the others so far
		1.  Other stories, Jesus performs, and people react
		2.  This one seems to be performed by the woman
			a.  A lot of people touching her?
			b.  Yet her touch was different?
		3.  Miracles were not always to create faith, but a reward for it
		4.  This story different than Mark 2 - Authority on earth to forgive
	C.  ILL:  Man lost in desert, came upon shack
		1.  Noticed an old rusty water pump, no water
		2.  Noticed jug with note:  Have to prime to pump
		3.  Decision, drink water, or use for prime?  
		4.  He reluctanctly poured it into the pump, eventually lots of water
		5.  Refilled jug, added - “Really works, have to give it all away.”
	D.  Jn 7:38 - “If anyone believes in me, from innermst being flow rivers living water.”
		1.  Do you believe in Jesus?
		2.  Give yourself up to him, that is the key to unlock his power
		3.  His spirit will refresh and renew you with his power

III.  Faith does not give up
	A.  Now it is time to go on and heal Jairus’ daughter
	B.  Imagine what he must have felt when Jesus interrupted
		1.  ILL:  When see van with red and blue lights, what do you do?
		2.  Why?  Speed, minutes can mean life or death
		3.  As we reading, may be thinking, “hurry, she is dying”
	C.  (5:35) While Jesus was delayed, Jairus’ daughter dies
		1.  The officials said, “don’t bother, what’s the use?”
		2.  (5:36) Jesus’ response - “Don’t fear, only believe, have faith”
	D.  Did Jairus have faith? (5:37-43)
		1.  Well, he led Jesus to his home didn’t he?
		2.  Even though his little girl was dead, he didn’t give up
		3.  Jesus told them not to tell - Once again, it a reward for, not an 
		      inducment for faith.
	E.  (Heb 11:1,6) - Never give up - God is a rewarder...

IV.  Faithless is powerless (6:1-4)
	A.  This is where the title for this sermon came from
	B.  Jesus goes to home town, and people do not believe
		1.  Irony, people closest to him do not know (& accept) who he is
			a.  6:3 - Hometown; 5:7 - Legion
			b.  4:41 - His own disciples;  3:11 - Demons
			c.  2:7 - Scribes;  1:34 - Demons
			d.  1:27 - Crowds amazed; 1:24 - Unclean spirit
		2.  Jesus didn’t wear a suit when he spoke (humble credentials)
			a.  Carpenter
			b.  Son of Mary (scandal?  Usually it Jesus ben Joseph)
			c.  “They took offense at him”
		3.  Result of unbelief?  (6:5-6) - Could only do a few miracles there
	C.  ILL:  Real miracle would be for cynical obstinate people to believe
		1.  Jerry had an obstinate cycnical friend, Robert
		2.  Jerry brag about  hunting dog, Robert said, He aint that great!
		3.  Jerry took Robert hunting, dog walk on water to fetch the bird
		4.  Robert said, “Can’t swim can he?”
	D.  That’s the way these people were, and they remained in bondage

1.  Do you believe in Jesus?  Take him and never let go
2.  Like water ball, you know that if you hold him long enough, he will refresh you 
	a.  You can overcome all obstacles
	b.  You have the key to unlock God’s power
	c.  You will never give up
	d.  You have his power
2.  All of this from faith in Jesus - Faith moves mountains
3.  What mountain are you looking at?
	a.  Bills more than the money?
	b.  Family members hard to live with?
	c.  Pressure from boss or friends?
	d.  Maybe you are starting a new school this fall?
4.  Jesus will see you through
5.  Do you believe in Jesus?
	a.  Have you demonstrated your faith through confession and baptism?
	b.  If not, come to him today