Sermon:  The Mountain of God

Summary:  Mountains declare the glory of God, man-made structures declare
the limitations of man as they are easily destroyed.  Like tall mountains that
declare the glory of God, we as the people of God our the mountain of his
kingdom designed to declare our Lord through our actions and through our

Know:  We have been given the task of bringing the knowledge of God to those
around us through our presence, actions, and words.

Feel:  Awe at the glory of God that has been revealed to us, and a motivation to
share it with those around us

Do:  Reflect on how to better be a witness to God and his Gospel

Text:  Psalm 19:1-6

Scripture Reading:  Rom 1:19-20

1.  We went on a sorely needed vacation
2.  Purpose - Reconnect as family, reconnect with God
	a.  Had several devotional periods in evenings
	b.  Shared Hi-Lows and what reminds us of God
3.  For next 2 weeks want to share some of this with you

I.  On the mountain top
	A.  We went 14,110 feet up to the top of Pikeís Peak
		1.  Light headed - Rocky Mountain High
		2.  Cold, snow, no vegetation
		3.  See Santa de cristo moutain range 85 miles away
	B.  Reminded me - (Ps 19:1-6)
		1.  Evidence of God all around us
		2.  Small glimpse of the vastness of our world on mountain
		3.  Sky, snow, towns full of people below, landscape
		4.  Animal life on the mountain
	C.  All of this contructed by a wise, powerful, loving God

II.  Another construction below in Manitou Springs
	A.  1,000 year old Cliff Dwellings of Anasazi, ancestors of Pueblo
		1.  Must have been short, as their doors show
		2.  Advancing in architecture and agriculture
		3.  24 year drought caused them to leave
		4.  All that left is crumbling village, not know much about them
	B.  Reminds me of some other builders (Gen 11:1-9)
		1.  Wanted to make a name for themselves
		2.  Where is the remains of their accomplishments?
		3.  The only thing we have is what God has revealed in Bible
	C.  So it is with man, his accomplishment, and monuments
		1.  They come and go, leaving only clues about them
		2.  Some dissappear altogether, no memory of them
		3.  ILL:  Like names on gravestones, they soon dissappear
		4.  No man made monument or thing is forever

III.  This is not like the monuments that God builds
	A.  Pikeís Peak is permanent.
		1.  No human can build anything like it
		2.  Solid, strong, wind not blow it over
		3.  God made name for himself, and its still there
	B.  Godís greatest monument (Dan 2:31-35, interpret - v.44)
		1.  God will establish a kingdom that will never end
		2.  Not about a place, but a people (Luke 17:20-21)
			a.  Whenever you have group faithful people...
			b.  You have the kingdom of God
	C.  Jesus also calls this kingdom his church/assembly (Mt 16:15-18)
		1.  The gates of Hades = Death.  Kingdom never dies, never ends
		2.  Worldly kingdoms get old, die, conquered, etc.
		3.  Not so with kingdom of God
			a.  The mountain grows until all over kingdoms destroyed
			b.  All rule & authority will be abolished, 
			c.  There will be only Godís kingdom 1 Cor 15:24
	D.  The mountain is growing in Danielís vision

IV.  Jesus is still building his kingdom
	A.  Upon this rock, I will build my church.  What is the rock?
		1.  Rock is not Peter - Didnít say, ďupon youĒ I will build church
		2.  The rock is the confession of faith in Christ
		3.  Jesus built his church through true confessions of faith
	B.  Not just a mere utterance of words
		1.  Peterís very life was a confession of faith
		2.  He was faithful, even to the point of death in book of Acts
			a.  Threatened and imprisoned
			b.  Remained faithful
		3.  As a result of his confessional life, Peter brought thousands
	C.  This is how we, as the mountain of his kingdom attest Godís glory
		1.  We are greater witness to God than Pikeís Peak
		2.  Unlike Pikeís Peak that attests to Godís glory without words...
		3.  We attest to much more without words, with words, with actions
			a.  We attest to Godís righteousness, mercy, love
			b.  We do so by our actions, but also...
			c.  We do so by sharing Godís word, in words, Godís words
	D.  Pikeís Peak is Godís creation, but...
		1.  We are more than Godís creation
			a.  We are made in his image
			b.  We are also his re-creation
		2.  Result - We are called light, salt, ambassadors, fishers of men

1.  Question - What kind of monument are you?
	a.  An ancient ruin - Tells very little of its creator?
	b.  A buried ruin - Takes archaeological dig to get just a little info
	c.  A mountain of God
		- City set on a hill, light of the world, visible
		- Visible, declare God with action and words?
2.  This is a call to reach out to the lost
	a.  We are to be a city set on a hill, light of the world
	b.  We are to take the light of the Gospel to the lost
3.  Come back tonight
	a.  Will be doing period of worship and communion
	b.  Will conclude, then do class, seminar style evangelism material
	c.  Will do this for the next couple of months
	d.  Aid us in being the mountain of his kingdom, city on a hill
3.  (Invitation)
4.  What kind of mountain are you?