Sermon:  Overcoming the Impossible

Summary:  Jesus showed that he is the solution to help us overcome huge
impossible problems.  He gives us strength and courage to overcoming
seemingly impossible situations when we do things his way.

Function:  To inspire the hearers to continue to put Jesus at the center of their lives

Text:  John 6:1-21

Scripture Reading:  Phil 4:13

1.  Hitchhiker in the rain, can barely see, car pulls up along side him
	a.  Gets in back seat, and car slowly goes down road
	b.  Turns to thank the driver, sees no one there
	c.  Prays to God to save him, 
		- curve ahead, hand comes in window turns wheel
		- Every curve, hand come in window and turns wheel
		- Finally jumps from car, runs into town to a diner
		- Collapses and weeps and experience been through
	d.  An hour later, two men come in
		- Hey, thereís that guy that got into the car when we 
		   were pushing it
2.  Sometimes feel like everything out of control
	a.  Amazing how God can get us out of impossible situations
	b.  We can see Godís hand in some unusual ways
3.  Jesus specializes in impossible situations.  
	a.  In our text, we can learn the way out of impossible situations
	b.  Text:  John 6:1-21 - 2 Examples that show way out

I.  1st Example - Not Enough for everyone (v.1-14)
	A.  Imagine the scene
		1.  5000 people following you.  What first thing on your mind?
		2.  Not - How are we going to feed them?
		3.  What do you suppose disciples thought when Jesus asked?
			- You have got to be kidding.  
			- We canít feed all of them
			- How is that our problem?
	B.  Three different reactions
		1.  Phillip - The Satistical Pessimist
			a.  Took out his calculator, did some figures
			b. 2/3 years wages not enough to get everyone a snack
			c.  What is he saying?  It is impossible.  Not enough
				- Numbers simply do not work
		2.  Andrew - Pessimistic Optimist
			a.  Not quite as pessimistic as Phillip
			b.  Five loaves (not like our loaves) & 2 pickled fish (relish)
				-  Enough food for a lad
				-  It was what amounted to a lunchable
			c.  We have this boy with his lunchable - Thatís nothing!
		3.  Jesus, confident Lord
			a.  Has them sit down, and just starts to feed them
			b.  Imagine disciples - What is he doing?
			c.  12 baskets left over
	C.  ILL:  Had dinner with a family from another country
		1.  Ate every single bite.  Was good
		2.  Kept offering me more, I not refuse to be polite
		3.  Finally, I stuffed, was uncomfortable.
			a.  Still food on my plate.
			b.  I embarrassed, I usually eat everything
		4.  Found out later, it embarrasing for plate to be empty for host
			a.  Thatís why kept getting offered more
			b.  Empty plate means you not have enough
	D.  But there was more than enough with Jesus
		1.  There wasnít enough for everyone at first
		2.  But in his hands, there were leftovers!
			a.  Everyone had as much as they wanted
			b.  They stretch out afterwards, nice full feeling
		3.  In his hands, a boys lunchable became a feast
		4.  Jesus specializes in impossible situations

II.  2nd Example - A Bad Storm (v.15-18)
	A.  Storms are scary
		1.  Had some pretty high winds here a couple of weeks ago
			a.  Huge trees uprooted, flatten cars
			b.  Our back door blew open
			c.  IT was a scary night
			d.  Imagine that in an open boat on the sea
		2.  Storm on the sea much worse than on land
		3.  Waves all round you, feel tiny
		4.  Ever feel overwhelemed by what is around you?
	B.  How can we survive?  (v.19-21)  3 ways:
		1.  Jesus treads the storm under his feet
			a.  Imagine the turbulent sea
			b.  And here is Jesus walking effortlessly on it
			c.  Jesus will come on the clouds, he is their master
		2.  Jesus said, do not be afraid - ďI amĒ
			a.  Exod 3:14-15 - God said ďI AMĒ
			b.  Delivered them from an impossible situation
			c.  When Israel accepted Yahweh as God, saved
		3.  Jesus delivered his disciples immediately
			a.  They had to receive him into their boat
			b.  Immediately on other side
			c.  Like the ďI AMĒ brought them through sea
		4.  Donít be afraid - Jesus is Lord (He is Yahweh)
			a.  If it is giant problem - Remember David and Goliath
			b.  If it is overwhelming -= ISrael and Egyptians in sea
			c.  IF it is not enough - Remember the 5000 fed
			d.  If a storm - Remember Jesus and disciples
	C.  ILL:  Valís mom and heart surgery
		1.  Prayed she would get better, and she died after 6 wks
		2.  She went on to be with God, storm over for her
		3.  Did God fail us?
			a.  During that time, daughter became strong Christian
			b.  Because of example of her faith, son baptized
			c.  Daughter in law baptized
		4.  Year later, son and daughter in law died, they with God too!
	D.  Isnít God amazing
		1.  Do not be afraid - He will bring us safely through the storm
		2.  With him in the boat, it will be alright
		3.  Need to have him in boat as captain
		4.  WHo is captain of your boat?

III.  Lesson:  Jesus gives us 
	A.  Review
		1.  Jesus said I AM
		2.  Jesus walked on the storm
		3.  Delivered disciples safely across
		4.  Fed 5000 with a lunchable
	B.  How does that help me?  I not have 5000 to feed or a storm
		1.  Maybe not a storm, maybe another turbulence
			a.  Bad marriage, family problems, job, neighbors, 
			b.  Anger, drugs, alcohol, pornography
			c.  Jesus will walk right over them
			d.  Will deliver you safe to the other side
				- But you got to let him in the boat
				- He has got to be the captain of the boat
		2.  Maybe not lack of food, maybe it lack of something else
			a.  Lack of enough money, joy, contentment,
			b.  May lack strength, faith, wisdom
			c.  All I have is a lunchable, it not enough
			d.  Place it into his hands
		3.  What matters is whose hands you place it in
			a.  Basketball from Worlds of Fun
				- In my hands itís a basketball
				- In Michael Jordanís, it is a championship win
			b.  Golf club in my hands conk gophers, Tiger Woods
			c.  Paintbrush, paint house, paint by numbers, - DaVinci art
			d.  Pencil my hands, stick figure - Emily Dickinson - Poetry
	C.  Outcome depends on whose hands its in
		1.  If you place a lunchable in your hands, thatís what you get
		2.  If you place a lunchable in the hands of Jesus, 
			a.  He will open the doors of heaven
			b.  He will rain down his blessings on you!
	D.  How do I place it in his hands
		1.  Depend on him
		2.  Do things his way
			a.  Question:  What God wants - Not what I want
			b.  Donít take revenge
			c.  Turn the other cheek
			d.  Be trustworthy, honest, righteous
			e.  Donít be selfish, but give freely to others

1.  The Greatest Impossible Situation
       - Sin and Salvation (Invitation)
2.  Place your life, your will into his hands

3.  ILL:  Brianís life coming apart at seams
	a.  Fired because ďborrowedĒ from supply room at work
	b.  Marriage about to blow up due to affairs
	c.  Money gone, all spent up because of alcohol, about to lose house
	d.  Health failing due to drinking and eating
	e.  Decided to place life in Godís hands, life gradually began to change

3:  ILL:  Man sailing through storms, lost at sea
	a.  Faced storms, pirates, starvation, etc.
	b.  Came across Jesus walking on the water
		- Invited him into his ship
		- Made a room for Jesus
	c.  That night, storm came, broke mast, pirates robbed him
		- Why didnít Jesus do something?
		- Went to his room, opened door, Jesus happily reading book
		- Jesus waved at him with smile
	d.  Next night, same thing
		- Made bee line for the room for Jesus
		- Why didnít you do something
		- I did, said Jesus, notice everything in the room is safe?
	e.  But why didnít you protect the rest of the ship?  Why we not arrive?
		- You didnít open the door for me to the rest of your ship
		- We not arrive because you didnít put me at the helm
	f.  Have to place your boat into my hands

4.  We cannot put Jesus into the Sunday compartment and expect a blessing

5.  Put your life into his hands today, and experience his blessings