Sermon:  Tuned In

Exercise  (need volunteers)
	A.  Blindfolded - Get waterbottle
		1.  Crowd to shout contrary instructions
		2.  One person to give directions
	B.  Try again with 2-way radio (but on wrong channel)
	C.  Try again with radio on right channel

	A.  Why was he having difficulty finding the bottle the first time
	B.  How do you think he felt?
	C.  What finally enabled him to get the bottle?

Lesson:  We need to be tuned in if we are going to make it in life


I.  For kids:  Listen to parents, leaders, and teachers in church
	A.  You not know how to use “radio” at first
		1.  Eventually will learn how to use it
		2.  (2 Tim 1:5) - Example of faith passed on
		3.  (Eph 6:1-2) - What is the result of honoring parents?
	B.  A Biblical Example (1 King 12:1-19)
		1.  Why do you suppose Rehoboam not listen to elders?
		2.  How how would things have turned out differently?
	C.  ILL:  Max selling reports at school
		1.  Pressured to buy one by Max, and gave in
		2.  Flunked by the teacher
		3.  Parents had always told him to be honest
			- Why parents told him?  What God wanted
	D.  Parents aren’t perfect, elders not perfect, leaders not
		1.  But they have responsiblity to nurture you
		2.  Need to listen to them

II.  For everyone: Listen to God
	A.  Bad weather coming, what do you do?
		1.  What if it get real still and brilliant colors?
		2.  Turn on T.V., Radio, etc.
		3.  Couple of years ago, tornado blow by and knock over cars
		4.  I was driving in it.  Hadn’t turned on Radio
	B.  How do we listen to God?
		1.  2 Tim 3:16-17 - Scripture
		2.  Heb 1:1-4 - Revealed himself through Jesus
	C.  ILL:  Road Map to Texas
		1.  Study road map no good unless go down the road
		2.  Bible is a road Map
		3.  Not be guilty of “Bibliolatry”
		4.  Not make knowing the Bible a goal, but knowing Christ
			- Bible study is a means to an end
	D.  Listen to God - Focus on the man scripture points to

1.  All kinds of voices in the world
2.  Science, philosophy, reason, peers, etc.
3.  Which voice are you listening to?