Title: The High Cost of Living

Focus: Even though eternal life is a gift, we invest a great deal into it because it is a relationship, not just an inannimate object

Function: To motivate the hearers to maintain a daily walk with God

Text: John 17:1-3

1.  Cost of living is so high
	a.  Remember 13 cent stamps
	b.  Phone calls for a dime
	c.  45’s for 99 cents
	d.  Northern Arkansas favorite retirement spot = cost of living
2.  We do what we can to bring down the cost of living
3.  But I think it is a mistake to bring down the cost of living
	a.  We want the best deal for a little as possible
	b.  However, the best deal not necessarily the cheapest
4.  Therefore lowering the cost of living is a mistake.  Why?  Reasons

I.  True life is already free
	A.  Why pay for something that is free
	B.  Passages that say life is free
		1.  Rom 3:23 - Justified as a gift by his grace
		2.  (Rom 4:1-5) - Not something you work to earn
		3.  Rom 6:23 - Wages of sin is death, Free gift is eternal life
		4.  (Eph 2:4-10) - He made us “alive” as a gift
	C.  Maybe that is part of the problem sometimes
		1.  Parents want children to “earn” things so they appreciate it
		2.  Makes me want to have people “earn” salvation
		3.  But it is clearly a gift
			a.  Jesus went and earned it, and brought it home as gift
			b.  And we fail to “maintain” it, to change oil, tune up, etc.
			c.  Do dangerous stunts with it, nearly having disasters
		4.  Seems doomed to be that way since it a gift
	D.  Real problem is when we don’t understand what life is

II.  Life is free, but is not an inanimate object
	A.  When think of “life” as relationship rather than object, view changes
	B.  But is “life” about a relationship?
		1.  ILL:  Visited children and orphanage Had food and cothing
		2.  But they didn’t really have “life.”  No parents or family
		3.  We had family that cared for us
	C.  Scriptures that explain what true life is
		1.  (Dt 30:19-20) - Choose life...by loving, obeying and holding fast to God
		2.  Mt 6:25 - Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?
		3.  (Jn 17:1-3) - What is eternal life?  To know God and his Son
	D.  Seeing it as relationship clears up some of the confusion
		1.  We didn’t “earn” the relationship
		2.  We didn’t even initiate the relationship
		3.  Keeping a relationship going takes a big investment

III.  As a relationship, true life is costly
	A.  Not talking about the cost Jesus paid, though it is costly in that way
	B.  Talking about the our “cost” - But I thought eternal life was “free”
		1.  Remember, it is relationship - We are bride of Christ Eph 5:21ff
		2.  I didn’t “earn my wife’s love, she gave it
		3.  She loves me even when I don’t deserve it
		4.  Value & cherish, because invested myself in our relationship
			- Invested time, money, dreams, goals, etc.
	C.  Scriptures that tell about the costliness of relationship
		1.  Prv 10:17 - He is on  path of life who heeds instruction, But he who ignores reproof goes astray
		2.  Way of life was the way of Torah (instruction; law) Dt 30:15
		3.  (Mt 7:13) - Talking about a way of life, Sermon on the Mount
		4.  (Mt 16:24-26) - Save life, lose it, who lose life my sake, save
	D.  When truly know someone, it change you
		1.  If have relationship with God, will live godly
		2.  (Jer 22:15-16) - Knowing God means living “Godly” (like him)
		3.  (1 Jn 3:14-24) - Know we have life when live Godly

1.  I have come that they might have life, and have it more abudantly
	a.  Not talking about material things
	b.  Not just talking about going to Heaven one day, but it part of package
2.  It is a Lord/servant; husband/wife; father/son; relationship
3.  Relationship entails living according to what pleases God, our Father
4.  Do you have life?