Sermon:  No packing for Heaven

Summary:  Packing for Heaven means unpacking, downsizing in order to focus 
our lives on God's mission and desire which is for us to live with him in eternity 
and to bring others along with us.

Know:  This world is temporary and Jesus is preparing a new home with the Lord 
for us that is beyond this world

Feel:  The desire to go and be with the Lord

Do:  Reflect on your attitude toward daily life and compare it toward your attitude 
and anticipation of life with God not only here but in eternity.  Identify ways your 
life is and should be shaped by this anticipation.

Text:  Lk 18:18-23; Jn 14:1-3

Scripture Reading:  2 Pet 3:11-13

1.  Moved yet again
	a.  I remember moving to college, all stuff fit in car, same in Air Force
	b.  Married, move in a 10 foot van
	c.  Accumulate so much "stuff" - Got rid of a lot of stuff, simplify
2.  Imagine moving to Heaven.  How much "stuff" will you take with you?
	a.  Stacey - Thank God not have to pack and move to Heaven
	b.  Travel light, but have untold treasure in Heaven
	c.  Not be in need of anything there
3.  Wouldn't you like to know what Bible say about moving to Heaven?

I.  Downsizing
	A.  Not about accumulation, but about decumulation
	B.  Scriptures:
		1.  Mt 6:19-20 - Not store treasures in Heaven, but on earth
		2.  Mt 13:44 - Kingdom on Heaven like treasure in field, man sell all 
		     he has to buy the treasure
			a.  Kingdom was first and foremost
			b.  Give up all for the Kingdom
		3.  (Lk 18:18-23) - A Rich Ruler
			a.  Kept all things from youth, felt pretty good
			b.  Insinuate he not have treasure in Heaven
			c.  Man was not "packed" for Heaven
			d.  To get packed, he needed to unpack
		4.  Why he not jump at Jesus' offer?
			a.  Riches were sign of respect, accomplishment, blessing
			b.  People likely looked up to this man
			c.  Now you wan me to give all that up?
			d.  I have worked all my life for this, not going to give it up.
	C.  ILL:  When you go to get moving truck, or hire movers, what you do?
		1.  Make sure plenty of boxes, packing material, etc.
		2.  Make sure truck, crates, etc. are all big enough
		3.  BUT - Truck to pack for Heaven is opposite:
			a.  Not see if big enough, but if small enough
			b.  Truck is tiny
			c.  What goes in it?  Nothing…but your heart, if it is cross 
			d.  Only cross-shaped hearts fit into Heaven's trucks
	D.  Packing for Heaven means downsizing
		1.  Some never want to downsize, always bigger, better, newer
		2.  Downsizing is really about faith, and doing what God wants
			a.  Serving God, serving others, not serving ego
			b.  Feeding the hungry, showing that "WE CARE"
				- Feed the body so can feed the soul
				- Show the source of life, which is in the Gospel
		3.  Can't do if goal is to accumulate, need to downsize
		4.  But not just downsizing….

II.  Moving
	A.  Moving is about going from one place to another
		1.  There is a goal, a destination
		2.  We travel light, remembering that we "own" nothing here
	B.  (Jn 14:1-3)
		1.  Many dwelling places
			a.  Old Bibles say, "Many Mansions"
			b.  Communicates that this a grand place
			c.  Treasure in Heaven is there ahead of us
		2.  Jesus has gone on ahead to prepare the place
			a.  Not have to pack
			b.  Not have to unpack
			c.  Ready to move in
		3.  (Heb 8:11-10, 14) - Abraham an example of one moving
			a.  Was sort of a Nomad
			b.  Looking for a home built by God
			c.  Once in Heaven, never have to move again
			d.  So, he left Ur, and went out where God said to go
	C.  ILL:  During past long distance moves
		1.  Kept a map in the visor, road was mapped and highlighted
		2.  Marked down where we stop, and constantly monitor the trip
		3.  Had the destination marked, that is where we headed
	D.  We have a map to guide us in our move
		1.  Has a packing list and unpacking list
		2.  Shows us how to finish the journey
		3.  Really only two roads - Mt 7:13-14
			a.  Broad way
				- Popular, where everyone else is going
				- In many cases, this is the "respectable" way
				- Human nature tends to trust the crowd
				- ILL:  Candid Camera - Elevator
					-- Everyone face the side
					-- Many who stepped in did the same
			b.  Narrow way
				- Unpopular, no one is doing this
				- Those who downsize, blatantly share faith, turn 
				   other cheek, read Bible and talk about, not retaliate 
				   but loves, not toot own horn, humble, etc.
				- It is the way of life
		4.  We need to study and know the map, follow where it leads

1.  Are you unpacked for Heaven?
2.  First thing to unpack is yourself!   Happens when repent and are baptized (inv)
3.  If already  done that, remember you have downsized
	a.  Gave it all up to God, you are now stewards of his
	b.  When God needs it, you say, "He is what is yours"
		- When it is time to serve
		- When it is feet to go to one in need
		- When it is a mouth to share the Gospel
4.  Remember that you are moving, you have a map
	a.  Study what it means to walk in the narrow way
	b.  Make sure you stay on the narrow way.
	c.  Scripture Reading was 2 Pet 3:11-13 - We are looking for new home