Sermon Title:  Sin and Reconciliation

Focus:  God created us to be in fellowship with him, but sin, which is rooted in
selfishness, came between us and God.  The only way to be reconciled to God
is through the blood of Jesus which washes away our sins.  The way to receive
that washing is through belief, repentance and baptism.

Function:  To teach the children about seriousness of sin and necessity of Jesus
blood to be reconciled.

Intro:  Adaptation of Prodigal Son, Lk 15:11ff
1.  Prodigal Son - Jack and Jerry sons of Jimmy
	a.  Ranching Busines, father was loaded
	b.  Someday boys, this will all be yours
	c.  Jack wanted his share right away, drove off in his Ferrari
	d.  Became a playboy, got involved in gambling, lost it all
2.  Lived in red-light district, job with Sanitation Dept.
	a.  Hardly enough to eat
	b.  One night, going through dumpster behind Pizza Palace, found half 
	c.  Came to his senses, the ranch hands have it better than me.
	d.  Decided to go back home to get job as a ranch hand.
3.  Dad saw him from a distance
	a.  He began to run, bow legged and all
	b.  They whole way he dancing and jumping around
	c.  People though something wrong with him
4.  He was so happy to have his Jack back home
	- Angels in Heaven rejoice

Sermon Plan
1.  This is a story of God’s love and reconciliation
2.  Tonight will be looking at what caused the need for reconciliation
3.  Will be talking about sin
4.  Several Points:

I.  God wants us to be in fellowship with him
	A.  In the garden, Man was in fellowship with God
	B.  But God doesn’t “need” us
		1.  Some think God need us, or will be lonely
		2.  Acts 17:25 - Not served by human hands as though he needed 
		3.  Doctrine of the Godhead help us to understand
			a.  John 1:1-3, 14 - Jesus is God
			b.  Col 1:13-17 - By Jesus world was created
			c.  (John 17:24-26) - Jesus and God love each other
		4.  God was not lonely, he didn’t “need” anything
	C.  ILL:  Do Parents “need” children?
		1.  No, if they do “need” them, lead to co-dependence, unhealhty
		2.  Love each other, want to share that love in a family
		3.  That is how it is with God
		4.  God desires fellowship with us, but doesn’t need it
	D.  God is passionate about his relationship with us

II.  Problem:  Sin
	A.  Illustration:  Need 3 Volunteers - God, us, sin (paper and marker)
		1.  God in fellowship with us (look happy)
		2.  Sin came between us
		3.  What is Sin?
			a.  Answers from audience
			b.  1 John 3:4 - Sin is lawlessness
				- Not going by the rules
				- Why wouldn’t you go by rules?  Selfishness
		4.  Name some sins - I’ll write them on this paper
			a.  How many of you have sinned?
			b.  (Rom 3:23) - All have sinned
	B.  (Isa 59:2) - Your sins have separated you from your God, and hidden 
	      his face from you so he will not hear
		1.  This is what happened to the Prodigal Son
		2.  Who caused this separation?  The Son or God?
	C.  Sin Ruins our relationship with God
		1.  Just like it ruined the relationship of Son with his Father
		2.  All started with him being selfish
	D.  God takes sin seriously
		1.  Can we do anything about this sin?
			a.  What if I stop doing a sin - I wont cheat no more
			b.  What if I decide to do extra good?
			c.  What if I get mad about it?
			d.  What if I blame someone else?
		2.  Nothing we can do will take it away

III.  God has a solution for sin
	A.  He forgives us - Did the Father forgive the son when he came back?
	B.  How does God forgive us?
		1.  (Eph 1:3-14) - It is In Him
			a.  v.7 - We have forgiveness through his blood
			b.  v.11 - We have an inheritence
		2.  It is through his blood
		3.  I have a bad of blood here
			a.  How many have ever donated blood?
			b.  Could Jesus have given blood and that save us?
		4.  Him giving his blood means he gave it all, he died for us
	C.  ILL:  A person asked Jesus, how much do you love me?
		1.  Jesus stretched out his hands, and said “this much”
		2.  Song:  Jesus Loves Me, not just a child’s song
	D.  It’s because of his love he came to die for us

1.  If you have sinned, you are separated from God
2.  He is waiting for you to return
	a.  Only one way to return
	b.  (John 14:6) I am way, truth, life, no one through father exc. through me
3.  If you are young, talk to your parents about this
4.  If you are older, and you believe, why not come now?