Title: Source of Confidence

Focus: Because the Spirit has adopted us as God’s children and gives us ability to be godly, we can be confident of our eventual victory through our Lord who loves us relentlessly as can be seen in his faithful mercy.

Function: To inspire a positive, confident self image in the hearers which will enable them to serve God with joy in spite of all trouble and difficulty

Text: Romans 8:31-39

1.  Story of little Billy and what he want to be when he grew up
	a.  Discussing what to be when grow up with freinds
	b.  Most children wanted to be fireman, policeman etc.
	c.  Billy wanted to put head in lions mouth & be lion tamer
	d.  Other boys in disbelief, then he said, “Of course my mom will be there”
2.  Would you like to have confidence to face even the biggest lions?
3.  You can according to this morning’s passage
	a.  So far, have seen how Spirit give us new path, power, position
	      & perspective
	b.  Now Paul sums all these things up
4.  Proposition:  Our hope is guaranteed.  Why?  3 Characteristics of God

I.  God is Faithful (8:31-32)
	A.  What does “faithful” mean?
		1.  Synonymns: True, loyal, constant, straight, trustworthy, devoted
		2.  Antonymns:  Fickle, uncertain, unreliable, wavering, whimsical
	B.  God is faithful because He did not spare his own son
		1.  Reminded of (Gen 22:1-18) - God “tested”Abraham
			a.  Test of Abraham’s faithfulness & loyalty
			b.  Would Abraham give up what most precious to him?
			c.  Would Abraham give up his only son whom he loves?
		2.  YES!  What that say about Abraham?
			a.  Says he is loyal and faithful to God
			b.  It says he is “for God” all the way
		3.  Paul says God is “for us!”  How do we know he is for us???
			a.  God gave up HIS only son, whom he loves
			b.  God is faithful & loyal!!
		4.  Text says God will give us all things!!  Will not let you down!!
	C.  Hudson Taylor’s journal - “Our heavenly father is a very
	      experienced one.  He knows that his children wake up with a good
	      appetite every morning ... he sustained 3 million Israelites in the
	      wilderness for 40 years.  We do not expect he will send 3 million
	      missionaries to China, but if he did, he would have ample means to
	      sustain them all ...  Depend on it, God’s work done in God’s way will
	      never lack God’s supply.”
		1.  That faith is what sustained him as missionary in strange place
		2.  We can have the same type of faith Hudson Taylor did
	D.  Why?  God is faithful
		1.  He will give you all things
		2.  We know this because he gave up what he treasured most
		3.  Can there be any better guarantee for us?

II.  2nd Characteristic:  God is Merciful
	A.  Scary thing to think about meeting God face to face
		1.  We know that God is divine judge handing down sentences
		2.  But we know God does not condemn us
	B.  Paul asks 2 quesitons
		1.  (v.33) Who will bring a charge against God’s elect?
			a.  What happen when you commit crime & caught?
			b.  Pay penalty prescribed - May involve a judge
			c.  May also involve someone bringing charges
			d.  What if judge already decided to let you go with warning?
				- That is what text says
				- The judge has justified
				- Who will bring a charge?  NO ONE!
		2.  (v.34a) - Who is the one who condemns?
			a.  We given a picture of the judge in Revelation
				- Glorified Christ sword coming from mouth
				- Smites nations with sword of his mouth
				- Jn 12:48 - The words of Jesus will judge
			b.  Who has authority to condemn?  Jesus does!
	C.  A man was worried about his sin - Confessed it to the Lord
		1.  Felt a little better, but later on sinned again with same thing!
		2.  Prayed - “I’m so sorry Lord, I tried, but did it again.”
		3.  Voice from Heaven, “Did What?”
		4.  Illustrates beautiful prophecy (Jer 31:31ff)
	D.  Christ does not condemn Christians (v.34b)
		1.  The one with authority to condemn is instead interceding
		2.  So judge justifies, and condemner intercedes!
		3.  Who will bring charge?  Who will condemn?  No one!
		4.  There is no one else with right or authority to condemn!

III.  3rd Characteristic - God is loving (v.35-37)
	A.  Not just a warm fuzzy, but a devoted relentless love
	B.  Sometimes it is hard to see that God loves us
		1.  Lament Paul quotes illustrates this (Ps 44:22-26)
			a.  Psalmist lamenting all the trouble he is in?
			b.  Is saying - “God don’t you care?”
		2.  Psalmist questions answered in Romans 8
			a.  In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer
			b.  How we conquer - through him who LOVES us
		3.  So trouble is not an indication God not love you
			a.  It doesn’ say that God has abandoned you
			b.  In face, it means God loves you
			c.  God disciplines children who he loves - Heb 12
		4.  God’s love is infinite (Ps 103:10-14)
	C.  Song 45 in the hymnal - The Love of God
		1.  It goes beyond the highest star
			a.  Do you know where the highest star is?
			b.  Astronomers don’t know how big universe is
			c.  God’s love bigger than universe
		2.  Verse 3 - God’s love is immeasurable
	D.  How is God’s love immeasurable?
		1.  Would you die for close friend, good stranger, criminal?
		2.  Would you give your child for close friend, stranger criminal?
		3.  Rom 5- God demonstrated love for us - Son died for sinners!
		4.  We can’t even BEGIN to fathom that kind of love! 
			a.  That why Paul say - (v.38-39)
			b.  Nothing can separate us from love of God in Christ

1.  God is faithful, merciful and loving
	a.  Can face any lion that threatens us
	b.  This world full of lions & tigers and bears!
	c.  But nothing to fear!
	d.  I would rather trust God’s love rather than own righteousness & ability
2.  Do you have love of God in Christ?
	a.  You believe?  Willing to commit?  
	b.  Then have sins washed away!
3.  Maybe a lion has you paralyzed!
	a.  Remember that God is faithful - merciful - loving!
	b.  He loves you so much, gave up his son for you
	c.  His son gave Spirit, which renews to new power, position, perspective
4.  You are in pretty good shape for any challenge
	a.  Can move forward will all the strength of hope God gives!
	b.  What is your lion?  Money problems, health, family, job
	c.  We overwhelmingly conquer!
	d.  If Christian - Hold fast your hope and move forward!