Sermon:  Storming the Gates

Summary:  Satan can only do what God, and often ourselves allow him to do.
  Jesus reminds us that we are an army built on a solid rock that can storm 
the gates of Hades, and Hades will lose.  

Text:  Mt 16:13-18

Scripture Reading:  Mt 28:18-20

1.  What is the opposite of Satan?  Not God, but Michael
2.  We sometimes give Satan more power than he has
3.  Passage:  Matt 16:13-18
4.  Spend a few moments reflecting on this passage:
	a.  A "church" passage
	b.  What is church?  -- People, specifically the people of God
	c.  Means -- "Assembly" in secular and religious used
	d.  Assembled for what?????
		- Reflect on this passage….

I.  Upon this rock I will build my church
	A.  What does the image of "rock" suggest"
	B.  What specifically is the rock?
		1.  Context - The confession of Jesus as the Christ the Son of God
		2.  Our lives our built on that rock
		3.  This is stability, strength
	C.  This confession is our foundation, what ties us together
		1. We are "built" on that confession
		2.  Jesus is using a building metaphor
			a.  Have to have good foundation
			b.  Begins with faith, repentance, confession
	D.  Assembled for what????
		1.  To live out our confession
		2.  To be built on that confession
		3.  Jesus is talking about "building" about "growing

II.  And the gates of Hades will not prevail against it
	A.  What are gates? 
		1.  Put there for defense
		2.  Shut the gates to keep out the enemy
		3.  Q:  Is this the gates of the church?   No!
			a.  Church is the army against the gates
			b.  Church is on the offensive
			c.  Church is not in a bunker
	B.  What is Hades?
		1.  Death of the worst kind
			a.  Death the comes from alienation from God
			b.  Sin is what alienates from God
		2.  Saw evidence of this death in the campaign
		3.  Jesus defeated death and came to give life
	C.  This is a Military Image
		1.  Yes, Jesus is mixing metaphors
			a.  Building his church on the rock
			b.  The church then becomes an Army
		2.  Church is storming the gates of Hades
			a.  Church starts a revolution
			b.  Not a revolution of swords and spears, but of the heart
		3.  When knock on the door, church is storming the gates of Hades
			a.  Rescue many people from darkness, death,
			b.  Jesus brings life,
				- Forgiveness, a new start
				- Gain Father who loves, Jesus who forgives, Spirit who 
				  empowers, and family who supports
	D.  Assembled for what????  War!
		1.  He builds the church as an army
		2.  On the offensive against the gates of Hades
			a.  Life comes from the Gospel
			b.  We are storming the gates every time we…
				- Help with food, clothing, prayers, etc.
				- Share the Gospel

III.  Examples
	A.  Have seen many examples
		1.  In Waterbury, in Rolla, Columbus, and Springtown
		2.  And now have seen examples in Bellevue, NE
	B.  Will share some slides…
	C.  Stories from the others that went, or what is has meant to them
	D.  Why do we participate in God's mission?
		1.  Is it because it energizes?
		2.  Is it because of the growth, become bigger?
		3.   -- It is what God wants
		4.  God sent Jesus to give us the Gospel that saves

1.  Shared this for 2 reasons:
	a.  As a reminder to the power of God, who God works through
	b.  As a reminder of what our primary mission is:
2.  Remember what our primary mission is:
	a.  Everything else filled a support role  
		- In Air Force, lots of things on base
		- Finance office, BX, Airplane hangars, motor pool, etc.
		- These all fill a support role
	b.  We were reminded of what is primary last week
		- Not the building, not grounds, not seminars, programs etc.
		- These fill support role for primary mission
		- Primary mission - Making Disciples of all the nations
3.  Invitation:  Are you a disciple?