Sermon Title:  The Temple of God

Summary:  As a temple of God, we are to to reflect the glory of God

Function:  To motivate the hearers to be more evangelistic

1.  Two dishes - Dog dish and a china dish - If fed you with this, what you think?  Why not use this?
	a.  Both dishes, for a specific purpose
	b.  One for honorable use, one for common use
2.  Image of Jesus as temple this morning
3.  He wants us to be a temple as well
	a.  What makes a temple a temple?
	b.  Holy place, contains the holy
4.  Look at passages that describe our role as a holy place

I.  (1 Cor 3:9-17)
	A.  We are God’s building
	B.  What is required for a good building?
		1.  Good foundation  Is that all?
			ILL:  Houses not bolted to foundation
			- Not stand up to weather
		2.  Be careful how you build
			a.  Poor material
			b.  Good material
		3. The “day” will show what building made of
			a.  Big bad wolf, huff and puff
			b.  If built good, will stand
		4.  What is he talking about?
			a.  Not “false teaching”
			b.  One not build good suffer loss but not lost
			c.  Something else
	C.  ILL:  A popular preacher, built a large church
		1.  Speaking engagements, books, t.v.
		2.  Then the scandal, affair, ran off with another woman
		3.  Attendance plummeted, many left the faith
		4.  The “day” came, big bad wolf nearly destroyed house
	D.  Context:  Not build faith on a person
		1.  They will let you down
		2.  Exhortation - Don’t draw attention to self
		3.  Christ and him crucified
		4.  Draw attention to the contents, not the container

II.  (1 Cor 6:19-20 ; 2 Tim 2:20-26)
	A.  God turned you from dog dish to fine china
		1.  You no longer serve anyone but God
		2.  YOu belong to him
	B.  What does that mean?
		1.  Holy conduct
		2.  Flee from Youthful desires
			a.  Don’t look at dirty pictures
			b.  Desire to be popular, to be “in”
			c.  Listening to trashy music
				- ILL:  A person singing horrible lyrics
				- Didn’t even realize
				- It does affect you
		3.  Pursue righteousness
			a.  Pursue, run after, think about
		4.  Job 31:1 - Job a man of integrity
			a.  Covenant with eyes - Not gaze at what can’t have
			b.  Gazing is the first step
	C.  ILL:  Boy named David - Invited to be with cool gang on weekend
		1.  Cruise main street.  Went to freinds house
		2.  Party there, lots of beer and other cool teens
		3.  Police showed up with bus, kids ran into corn field
		4.  David was a Christian
			a.  Friend at school talked about being a Christian
			b.  Freind heard he busted, not interested any more
			c.  SHould have “fled”
	D.  As a temple, important for people to see God
		1.  Will see it if holy
		2.  Flee from youthful desires, pursue righteousness

III.  (1 Pet 2:4-10)
	A.  You are a holy priesthood (O.T. - Nation of Preists)
		1.  Priests function?
		2.  Mediate presence of God
	B.  More to priests that being able to worship God
		1.  v.9 - That you may proclaim his excellencies
		2.  That is a call to sharing your faith
		3.  Get real nervous and scared about this?  
		4.  No secret, you just do it.
	C.  ILL:  Trish, an airhead
		1.  Wanted to share Christ, but how to start.
		2.  Invited Tammy to a youth function.
			a.  Had a tract in her Bible
			b. Waiting for the exact right moment to whip it out
			c.  Decided to start with a question
		3.  How you like it?  fine, except for Jesus part
			a.  Now will be harder, Jesus part in her Bible
			b.  Why not like Jesus part?
			c.  He could never love me?  Shared story of life
		4.  Trish shared story of her life, prayed, Tammy baptized
	D.  No secret you just do it

1.  Jesus sent Spirit to sanctify us, set us apart as his temple
2.  What do people see when they look at you?