Sermon Title:  Red Alert

Sermon Idea:  We must be ready for the Lord at all times
Question:  How?
Key Word:  Types

1.  University class with 100 students during final
	a.  Professor announced time up
		- One student kept working and ignored
		- After a long time, student came to had in paper
	b.  You get an ďFĒ you ignored me
		- Student said - Do you know who I am?
		- No, said the professor
	c.  Good, and the student put his test in middle of stack of tests
	d.  Guy obviously not ready to pass test
2.  Theme of sermon tonight - Readiness
	a.  Readiness in Exodus
		- Ready for deliverance
		- Passover with loins girded, sandals, staff, eat in haste
		- MRE - Unleavened dough on back
		- Be ready at a moments notice
	b.  Isa 40:3-5 - Clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness
		- What this talking about?
		- Will be another Exodus from Babylon
		- Will meet the Lord once again
	c.  Jn 1:23 - But there is more
		- John said he was the voice crying in the wilderness
		- Make straight the way of the Lord in the wilderness
		- He is coming ---- GET READY!
3.  1 Thess 5:6 - Paul says we need to be ready
	a.  He came, and will come again
	b.  Donít know when he will come
	c.  Be ready at all times
4.  How are we to be ready?

I.  (Tit 3:1) Be ready for every good deed
	A.  Need to always be ready to do all good things
	B.  What does it mean to be ready?
		1.  Mental readiness
			a.  Donít try to find excuse to get out of it
			b.  Donít be like Pharisees with ďcorbanĒ
		2.  Physical readiness
			a.  eg - 2 Cor 9:2 - Achaia prepared for offering for a year
			b.  Wasnít spur of moment
			c.  We should plan and prepare good work
		3.  Spiritual readiness (2 Tim 2:20-21)
			a.  Cleanse self to be useful and ready
				- Donít clean at last minute
				- Everyone cleans dishes and puts away
				- Ready at moments notice
			b.  If not clean wonít be able to serve
			c.  If life cluttered with stuff, not have time
			d.  If too comfortable with stuff, not put self out to serve
	C.  ILL:  Been reading in Christian Christian Chronicle
		1.  IN the past, been slow to respond to open doors
			- Slow to ge to Russia
		2.  Thatís changing
			a.  Already poised for missionary, relief & educational work
			     in middle east
			b.  Also have Churches of Christ disaster relief
			c.  Eastern European Mission - Bibles for Russia
	D.  What about us in Leavenworth?
		1.  What can we do to be ready for every good deed?
			- Think on that question
			- I think we have been ready
			- Can we do better?
		2.  What mental physical, spiritual prep?

II.  Be ready to give an account of faith (1 Pet 3:14-15)
	A.  Sometimes it will be under duress, other times will not
	B.  Not always a pleasant experience
		1.  2 Tim 4:2 - Preach word in season and out
			- Whether popular or unpopular
		2.  Rom 1:16 - Iím not ashamed of Gospel
			- If people not believe, it still true
		3.  But it not my gift or talent
			a.  Does not say to convince, or convert them
			b.  In list of spiritual gifts, evangelism not one of them
				- All expected to do it
			c.  Key is not ability - God not choose you because of ability
				- If so, wouldnít have chosen Israel
				- Jesus would have went to influential & powerful
				- Power of God displayed in weakness
		4.  Key:  Sanctify Christ as Lord
			a.  Authenticity, not ability
			b.  Peopleís response not our job, God gives increase
			c.  Our job is obedience
	C.  ILL:  Ever lose a child before?  At store or other place?
		1.  Jeremy always getting lost
		2.  Graduation day at Harding - He dissappeared
			a.  Didnít say - Search & rescue not my gift
			b.  Didnít wait for professionals & do nothing
		3.  We got out and found him ourselves
		4.  Found him wandering around the Bible building
	D.  So relieved when we found him
		1.  Angels in Heaven rejoice when the lost are found
		2.  May be unpleasant to seek and save lost
		3.  But rewards outweigh the unpleasantness
			- Not even worthy to compare the two

III.  Be ready to die (Lk 12:35-40)
	A.  People not like to talk about dying
		1.  Not talking about it not make it go away
		2.  Need to talk about it to be prepared
	B.  Need to live every day as if it our last (Lk 12:41-48)
		1.  Donít mistreat other slaves
		2.  Donít each and get  drunk
			a.  Donít be self centered
			b.  Donít blow of doing Godís work
		3.  Treat other ďslavesĒ with dignity and kindness
		4.  We have been given much
			a.  Jesus Christ and him crucified
				- Demonstrated righteousness, truth, love, grace
				- Demonstrated how to love, live graciously,,,,
			b.  Died and rose
			c.  Tremendous gift for us and a tremendous responsiblity
			d.  God will call us to account for what he gave
	C.  Speaking of giving an account
		1.  Students do this when they take finals
		2.  Worse thing:  Cram for finals
			a.  Tired, cranky, bleary eyed
			b.  Not really learning
		3.  May be able to pass test, but not learning
	D.  Need to always be ready

1.  When test time comes, will not be able to put paper in middle of stack
	a.  When time is up, that is it
	b.  Are you ready for the final test
2.  ILL:  A man in Plattsmouth - Put off being converted, finally decided to do it
	a.  Wanted to wait a week for wife to get back
	b.  Three days before wife returned, he died of heart attack
	c.  Donít know what tommorrow holds
3.  Are you dressed in readiness - For him to return, to give account, good deeds
4.  If so, you in good shape