Sermon:  I Am Somebody 

Summary:  God is a God who calls ordinary people, in spite of their limitations, 
inabilities, and weaknesses, to do his will.  Since it is God who stands behind 
his people when he calls him, there can be no excuses to carry out his desires.

Text:  Exodus 3-4
1.  In chapter three of Exodus, we shift gears drastically
	a.  That last words from the previous chapter - 
		- God heard the groaning of his people
		- God remembered his covenant
	b.  Something in Heaven is stirring, and everything is about to change
	c.  We wonder how.  
		- Moses is no longer young.  80 years old
		- Moses has settled in Midian, been there 40 years
	d.  Maybe God will find someone else?
2.  (Ex 3:1-2) - God gets Moses attention - a burning bush not burning up
3.  (v.3-9) - Moses gets really close to look at it
	a.  God says Moses!  Moses!
	b.  God did not forget Israel
	c.  God does not forget his promises
	d.  So GOd says he is coming down to do something abou it
4.  Then God says, I am sending you  (v.10)
	a.  You Are God's Answer
	b.  God often works through his people
	c.  You are God's chosen instrument - And there are no excuses
	d.  How does Moses respond?  Like many of us might...

I.  Excuse #1 - Who am I? 
	A.  This is a legitimate question
		1.  Not legitimate when used as an excuse
		2.  Basically, it is saying, "I'm nobody"
		3.  Have you ever used that excuse?
			a.  I don't have the talent, the looks, the know how
			b.  I'm just an ordinary guy, less than ordinary
	B.  What is God's response?
		1.  Let's take a look  (v.11-12)?
			a.  Not - I will give you good looks, charisma, ability, etc.
			b.  He simply says - I will go with you
			c.  You are going to be the guy with God, that's all you need
		2.  God does not call for extraordinary people
			a.  The typical "Bible guy" was not extraordinary
			b.  Calls ordinary people to believe in an extraordinary God
		3.  (1 Cor 1:26-30) - It has always been "By his doing"
			a.  Doesn't matter if you are nobody
			b.  He not asking you to do it alone
	C.  ILL:  What if on your way home, parking lot, lunch box burst into flames
		1.  Notice it is not burning up
		2.  What if your backpack spoke to you 
		3.  If God said go do something, you would be gone to do it right?
	D.  Surely Moses jumps right to it, he is a Bible hero? 
		1.  Wrong!
		2.  Moses continues to make excuses to God...

II.  Excuse #2 - What shall I say to them
	A.  (3:13) - Moses does not know what to say, or how to say it
		1.  Once again, this is a legitimate concern
		2.  But not when it is used as an excuse
		3.  Have you ever used that one before?
			a. I just don't know what to say
			b. I don't have the knowledge, the words
			c. What if I say the wrong thing?
	B.  ILL:
		1.  President of a successful auto company said...
			a. "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly the first time."
			b.  Don't wait till it's perfect to do it, or you will never do it
		2.  Do you know who the best evangelists are?  Teens!
			a.  Always bringing their friends 
			b.  I remember this when I was a teen, many came to Christ
		3.  Our teens went on We Care Campaign to Bellevue
			a.  It was a great encouragement to Cadre and church
			b.  Had retired folks and teens working together
			c.  They are not experts
			d.  They are ordinary teens who believe in an extraordinary God
	C.  God's Answer - I'll tell you what to say (3:15)
		1.  Why do you think God has given us his word?
		2.  But I don't know where to start!  What if I mess it up?
	D.  (1 Cor 2:1-4) - Paul did not minister out of his great abilities
		1.  It was through weakness, fear and trembling
		2.  Paul is not your typical Bible guy either (2 Cor 10:10)
			a.  He was unimpressive in appearance
			b.  His speech was contemptible
			c.  How do you think Paul looked and sounded?
		3.  What this means is we do not need slick answers or methods
			a.  Don't need latest marketing technique
			b.  Don't need to do demographic studies
			c.  Listen to what God is telling you
		4.  Okay, now Moses is ready to go right?...

III.  Excuse# 3 - What if they don't believe me?
	A.  Moses is beginning to look totally incompetent
	B.  God's Answer - It's not your job
		1.  That takes the pressure off
		2.  Not our job to persuade, twist arm, manipulate
		3.  Our job is to be obedient, The rest is up to God
	C.  Notice what God says...(4:1ff)
		1.  What's that in your hand?
			a.  A staff...throw it down - Became a snake!
			b.  Moses ran from it like any of us would
			c.  Then God says - Come back here and pick it up
		2.  (v.5) - This is so they may believe 
			a.  It's not your job to MAKE them believe
			b.  It's God's job
			c.  We plant and water, God cause the growth
		3.  (v.6) - Put your hand in your coat
			a.  After the snake incident, what Moses thinking?
			b.  His hand became leprous 
			c.  Then put it back again, and it was normal again
		4.  (v.9) - If not believe, take water from the Nile
			a.  Pour it out
			d.  It will become blood
	D.  It's not your job to make them believe - Now Moses is ready right?

IV.  Excuse#4 - I don't have the talent (4:10)
	A.  Have you ever used that excuse before
		1.  Oh, I see the opportunity, but it's not by gift
		2.  Too introverted, young, old, fat, skinny, uneducated, etc.
	B.  (4:11) God's Answer - "Who Made You?" 
		1.  Rhetorical question - God made you!
			a.  Does God make junk?
			b.  Since God made you, you are more than adequate
		2.  God saw you before you were born
			a.  He made you exactly the way he wants you
			b.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made
			c.  You are God's masterpiece 
		3.  When he has job for you, your ability not matter
	C.  ILL:
		1.  Language of the text suggests Moses had speech impediment
			a.  Imagine not Charlton Heston commanding voice
			b.  Imagine Moses with stuttering problem
			c.  Imagine him with hair lip
			d.  Doesn't matter, God will work through him
				- Even provide Aaron to interpret
		2.  Keith -- Okie - Stayed at brother, cow at window
			a.  Belarus - He only one with two interpreters 
			b.  Not educated, some teachers not think he belonged
			c.  He dropped out of school - To go to Grodno
				- A church in Indiana had interviewed him
				- He became missionary to Grodno
	D.  When God calls you, he will use you just as you are

1.  So Now Moses is ready to go right?  Wrong  
	a.  (4:13-14) - God got angry
	b.  Why did God get angry?
2.  There are not excuses
	a.  I am nobody - God says I'll go with you
	b.  Don't know what to say - God says - I'll tell you
	c.  What if they don't believe me - Not your job
	d.  I have no ability, just look at me - I know I made you
	e.  Send someone else
3.  If God wanted to send someone else, he would have.  He wants you
	a.  Say, "I am somebody"  
	b.  That's right, you are God's somebody, you are the guy with God
4.  Song:  God will make a way
5.  What is God calling you to do?  - Not merely to sit in a pew
	a.  Will be sharing some things God placed on my heart
	b.  If you need to respond to Gospel or repent, God is calling
	c.  There are no excuses