Title: Meaning of the Transfiguration

Focus: Even though following Christ means glory and honor, for now on this earth it means suffering, humiliation, spiritual discipline, and ministering to those who are hurting.

Function: To motivate the hearers to active ministry to those who are hurting

Text: Mark 9:1 - 29

1.  Mountain Top experiences  (Camp ; Camping in the Mountains )
2.  We had to come home
3.  Peter, James, John and Jesus had a mountain top experience (9:2-8)
	a.  This incident similar to Exodus 24 & 34
		(1)  Moses and 3 others went up to mountain to meet God
		(2)  God spoke from a cloud
		(3)  Moses’ face shone, Jesus clothes became white
		(4)  This is what many people call typology
			(a)  Prior events prefigure later events or things
			(b)  Temple; First Born; sacrifice, etc. all are like this
	b.  What is significant about this mountain top experience?
		(1)  God gives Torah in a significantly different way
			(a)  In O.T. - He gave his word on stone
			(b)  Now, he gives his word in the flesh
			(c)  This is my beloved son in whom....listen to him
		(2)  They get a glimpse of glory
			(a)  Jesus is “transfigured” (metamorphasis)
			(b)  Mark doesn’t go into detail beyond the clothes
			(c)  Saw Jesus in his glory (white = glory, purity, resurrection)
		(3)  Disciples reaction:
			(a)   Build tabernacles
			(b)  Puts Jesus on par with Moses and Elijah
			(c)  Still not understand - He son of God, not just prophet
			(d)  They didn’t know what else to say - Afraid
	c.  It was clearly a mountain top experience - Not a common thing
		(1)  Went to Retreat at Ganderbrook - Mountain Top
		(2)  That was spiritual high point for many in New England
	d.  We all need mountain top experiences periodically
		(1)  Even Jesus went to Mountain to Pray in Mk 6:46
		(2)  Take time to slow down, reconnect with God
		(3)  Sometimes need to reconnect with wife and kids
4.  What is the purpose of the mountain top experience?

I.  To give them a glimpse of the true meaning of glory and greatness (8:9-13)
	A.  Let’s discuss Elijah and Moses
		1.  (Mal. 4:4-6) - Elijah to play key role at the consumation
		2.  Jesus said he already did
		3.  Other significance of Moses and Elijah
			a.  Both witnessed God on mountains
			b.  Both were faithful in hostile territory
			c.  Both rejected by God’s own people
		4.  Both CAME DOWN from the mountain and among the people!
	B.  Peter and disciples wanted all the glory of the kingdom
		1.  But they wanted it on their own terms
		2.  Glory only comes after humility and hardship
	C.  ILL:  Superbowl
		1.  Lineman recover fumble
		2.  Couple yards before goal, starts victory dance
		3.  Sacked before touchdown
		4.  Can’t get the glory prematurely
	D.  This trip up the mountain is only a glimpse of glory
		1.  Can't get full glory prematurely - most go back down to the valley
		2.  Real life is lived in the valley
		3.  Greatness and glory is through servanthood and ministry
		4.  Whoever wishes to become great must become a servant of all - THAT is glory
	E.  But what happens when they come down?
		1.  (8:14) - Disciples and scribes arguing!  What a homecoming!
		2.  They still have a lot to learn, and so do we
		3.  (8:15-29) - From this story will look at what the valley is

II.  The prepare them for Spiritual Discipline in the valley
	A.  It is easy to be spiritual on the mountain
	B.  There is so much in the valley that can take you away from God
		1.  Their question - “Why could "WE" not drive it out?”
			a.  Its not about technique
			b.  Only comes out by “prayer” - Didn’t they pray?
			c.  They still have a lot to learn, and so do we
		2.  Prayer is the one spiritual discipline overlooked
			a.  (Mk 6:46) - After feeding 5,000 - Mountain to pray
			b.  (Lk 6:12) - Whole night in prayer to God.
			c.  (Lk 11:1) - Lord, teach us to pray
			d.  (Acts 6:4) - Leaders, Prayer and Ministry of the Word
		3.  Instructions for us:
			a.  (Col 4:2) - Devote yourselves to prayer
			b.  (1 Thess 5:17) - Pray without ceasing
	C.  ILL:  Stacey’s Teacher at Harding
		1.  Talking to self across campus?  No she praying always
		2.  Nehemiah like that, one liners throughout Nehemiah
		3.  It is a reflection about what kind of relationship you have with God
			a.  What kind of relationship with wife if never talked?
			b.  Expect it to be any better with the Lord?
		4.  Can tell when you pray - stumble, don’t know what to say
			a.  When don’t know what to say, what is the problem?
			b.  It normal when first time date - stare at each other in silence
			c.  First time date with God should have been long time ago
	D.  We need to spend more time praying
		1.  We had prayer meeting one night devoted to just prayer
		2.  Need to have more of those
		3.  Not always just ask God for things (try pray without asking)

II.  To prepare them to minister in the valley
	A.  The Valley is full of hurting people to minister to
		1.  God is on the mountain, most of the people are in the valley
		2.  Everyone seemed to lose sight of that
		3.  They have a lot to learn, and so do we
	B.  Sad scene
		1.  Disciples and Scribes arguing
		2.  Man standing by with son, agonizing over it
		3.  Notice, the man brought possessed man TO JESUS
			a.  Not to the disciples, who busy arguing
			b.  Hurting people not care about hair splitting arguments
	C.  ILL:  People not care how much you know, until know how much care
		1.  That is why so many congregation involved heavily in ministry 
		      seem to be vibrant, healthy, growing
		2.  Not a gimmick, it is what Jesus modeled for us
	D.  Instead of arguing “we are right” ought to say “Jesus is right”
		1.  Not presenting ourselves, we presenting Jesus
		2.  Not trying to win people to us, but to Christ
		3.  Standard is not an imperfect church, but a perfect Lord & savior

1.  So our valley is a spiritually disciplined life along with ministry
2.  Song:  Mountain Top - Love to live on a mountain top and be fellowshipping
with the Lord, love to live on a mountain top, cause I love to feel my spirit, soar,
but I must come down from that mountain top, to the people in the valley below,
or they’ll never know, that they can go to the mountain of the Lord.
3.  We are on a mountain top this morning - But we need to minister to others
4.  What can you do?
	a.  For those who are hurting, sick, depressed, broke, hungry?
	b.  Do you want to serve?
5.  Spirit given to strenghten, change and “ACTIVATE” you to ministry
	a.  1 Cor 12; especially Rom 12:6-13 - Much you can do in this list
6.  Invitation