Small Group Notes:  Brotherly Love - Philadelphia

Summary:  We need to support our faith with brotherly love, which describes a
deep love that expresses itself in the warmth of friendship based on family ties in
the family of God

- Who was the best friend you ever had?
- Who was the worst friend you ever had?


1.  What is the significance of “brotherly” love as opposed to just “love?”  How
are these the same or different from each other?

2.  Some translations say to “support” your faith with these characteristics in 2
Pet 1:5-7.  How does brotherly love “support” faith?

3.  What are some reasons we should have “brotherly” love for each other and
not just “love?”

4.  Read Eccl 4:9-12.  List some characteristics of friendship according to this
verse (you should be able to find at least four).  Discuss what each of these
characteristics would look like in real life


5.  What new thing have you learned about the Biblical instructions for us to love
each other?  

6.  Out of the characteristics of brotherly love you have discussed above, which
do you find strongest in you?  Which are the challenge area(s)?

7.  What can you do to be a freind to others in this group?


Read 1 Pet 1:22 and let it serve as a meditation and guide to your prayer