Small Group Discussion:  God Chooses Champions (1 Sam 16:1-13)

(Adapted from the Serendipity Bible, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1998.)

Summary: God is not concerned with things such as appearance, power, or ability.  Rather, he is
concerned with loyalty and character.  Therefore, we should strive first and formost to grow in
godly character.  That is what makes a champion in Godís eyes.

Optional Ice Breaker Questions:  (choose one)
- When the kids picked teams on the playground, how long did it usually take for you to get
chosen?  Why?
- What have you purchased based on first impressions, only to find out later that the product
was not as advertised?

1.  What was God communicating by passing over all of Jesseís sons before picking David?
  • Shepherds make the best kings
  • Those who seem best may not be Godís choice
  • Godís way of looking at people is different than ours
  • Age doesnít matter to God
  • The most important things are invisible, such as character and integrity
2. Why do you suppose Samuel anointed David in the presence of his brothers?
  • To affirm David
  • To make Godís choice clear
  • To provide witnesses for future verification
  • Other: _________________
3. If you had been one of Davidís brothers, how would you have felt watching your youngest brother get chosen?
  • Proud
  • Jealous
  • Hurt
  • Shocked
  • Angry
  • Other: _________________
4. How can you relate to this story?
  • Iíve felt punished for my sins - like Saul (v.1)
  • Iíve felt passed over by God - like Davidís brothers (v.10)
  • Iíve felt left out by other people - like David (v.11)
  • Iíve felt chosen by God - like David (v.12)
  • Iíve felt the power of God - like David (v.13)
5. On what basis do you tend to judge other people? Yourself?
  • Talents
  • Lifestyle
  • Appearance
  • Education
  • Character
  • Faith
  • Intelligence
  • Potential
  • Possessions
  • Accomplishments
  • Other: ___________________
6. Knowing ďthe Lord looks at the heartĒ (v.7) verses outward appearances, what can you do to make your heart more attractive to God? 7. In your relationship with God, have you felt more passed over or specially chosen lately? Why? 8. How can this group pray for you now and in the coming week?