Sermon:  Be Ready

1.  Sure is good to see that we enjoy fellowship
2.  It is so god that when our spouse is ready to go, we are not, when we are they aren’t
3.  When we get ready to go someplace, I like for my kids to be ready when we are
4.  We always want others to be ready when we are
5.  God inisists that we are ready.	(When    Times)

I.  (Acts 21:7-14) In the face of danger
	A.  When dangerous, unpopular to be like Christ, be ready to follow
	B.  (Acts 21:7-14) - Paul was ready to be bound and die for Jesus
		1.  Paul had the whole time to think about it on trip to Jerusalem
		2.  Never wavered, not try to get out of it
		3.  What an example
	C.  ILL:  Rachel's Tears
		1.  Columbine Martyr
		2.  Was like Christ at all times though
			a.  She was friend to outcasts, servant heart, sweet
			b.  Talked about Jesus
			c.  Sometimes got ridicule, but didn't stop her
		3.  When her hour came, she confessed Christ in danger
		4.  Aftermath - Rachel's Challenge - Confession affected many people
	D.  What would you do in the face of danger?
		1.  Whether it danger, or embarrassment?  
		2.  Do you apologize, do you hold back, hide, etc?
		3   Or do you like Paul continue on knowing the challenge ahead
	E.  Are you Ready?

II.  In the face of questions (I Peter 3:15)
	A.  When questioned, should always be ready to give an account of hope
	B.  Never turn down an opportunity to give an account of your faith
		1.  Always be “Ready”
			a.  Definition:  1) Prepared for use or action 2) Prepared in mind; 
			     willing  3) Likely or liable...
			b.  Usually think it means have all the answers, to debate, etc.
			c.  Jobs friends ready to defend God, but didn’t speak right of Him.
			d.  Ready means to be mentally prepared and to be willing 
				- He didn’t say study to know all the answers
				-”Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts”
		2.  Often we are not as “willing” as we should be
			a.  How much you really believe your friend is lost & needs Christ
			b.  (Rom 1:16; I Cor 9:16) Paul was always ready preach Gospel
		3.  Someone once said never turn down an opportunity to preach
		4.  Paul eager to speak even to hostile audiences about Christ
	C.  ILL:  You may be able to shoot the eyes out of the opponents arguments.  But 
	     when the smoke clears, what matters is not the number of bodies laying in the 
   	     streets, but the number of knees kneeling at the Cross.
		1.  It should be done in gentleness and reverence (.v15b)
		2.  Want to win people to Christ, not prove an argument
	D.  How ready and willing are you to tell your story
		1.  Tell how you were saved, tell your story
		2.  Don't need to be a scholar to do it
		3.  We Care Bibles help, carry one with you at all times.
	E.  Are You Ready?

III.  In the face of blessings (I Tim 6:17-19)
	A.  You should be ready to share all of your material things
	B.  This was a characteristic of early Christians
		1.  The Jerusalem church shared (Acts 2:45)
		2.  the Macedonian church gave out of their poverty (2 Cor 8-9)
		3.  Early church reputation - "See how they love each other"
		4.  Titus 3:1 - “Be ready for every good deed”
			a.  Notice didn’t say “if their is money in the church treasury”
			b.  Didn’t say “if no one else will do it”
			c.  Didn’t say “if you have the time”
	C.  I know a person who does this
		1.  When runs into a person in need, helps "in the name of Christ"
		2.  Doesn't close his heart, or see if money in treasury
		3.  His reasoning?  -- God has blessed me, and wants me to share it
	D.  Think about the implications if turn a brother away
		1.  Jesus said - I hungry, you not feed me
		2.  Talking about the least of these brothers of mine
	E.  Are You Ready?

IV.  In the face of judgement (Matt 24:42)
	A.  We don’t know when Jesus will come, so we need to always be ready
	B.  1 Thess 5:6 - Be alert, and sober  
		1.  Realize he can come at any time
		2.  What do you want him to find you doing when he comes? 
	C.  What if Jesus were to come right now?
		1.  Would he come and take you home?
		2.  Do you have any doubt in your mind?
	D.  Are you Ready?

1.  Don’t be like Agrippa (Acts 26:28)  - “Almost Persuaded”  -- Song, Almost....but lost
2.  Get ready today, be ready today