Small Group Notes:  Virtuous Love

Summary:  We need to support our faith with agape love, because without love
our faith is nothing.  Love transforms our speech from a noisy gong to beautiful
music, transforms our knowledge from puffing up to building up, and transforms
our giving from self-centerdness to other centeredness.  In short, love makes us

Open (choose one)
- What was your favorite love song growing up?
- Who in your life has stuck you as being very loving?
- What is the most corny description or definition of love you have ever heard?


1.  (1 Cor 13:1-8a) What would ministering to someone else be like if there were
no love?  What effect would the lack of love have on others?  On yourself?

2.  Discuss each of the characteristics of love as Paul describes them in this
chapter.  How does this compare to the way(s) our culture defines love?

3.  (2 Pet 1:5-10) This passage says we need to add to or “support” our faith
“love,” among other things.  How does love “support” our faith?  How does it
render us useful and fruitful?  How does it keep us from stumbling?


4.  Out of the characteristics of love, which two to you struggle with the most?  In
what way?

5.  What would it take for you to develop the ability to love others in a greater
way by overcoming these struggles?

6.  What are some concrete ways you yourself can show the love of God to each
other?  Your family?  Your family and freinds?

7.  What are some possible ways that you as a group can demonstrate the love
of God?

8.  What are some goals you can begin to think about and set as a group?


(1 Cor 13:8 - first phrase) Use this scripture scripture to guide you in your prayer
time this evening