Sermon Title:  Pipsqueak Power

Summary:  As young David demonstrates in his conflict with Goliath, it doesn’t
matter how young, small, or inexperienced you are.  What matters is that you
place your honor and faith in the God who has overcome the world

Function:  To inspire confidence and courage in the hearers to face their
challenges so that they can overcome them and encourage others

Text:  1 Sam 17

Scripture Reading:  1 Cor 1:26-27

1.  Hunters, big bear, one run up tree, one in cave.  Bear sat between two
	a.  Man in cave ran out, back in, 3 times
	b.  Man in tree said stay in cave until bear leaves
	c.  Can’t, there’s another bear in there
2.  Do you every feel overwhelemed?
3.  This text deals with what to do when overwhelemed -  1 Sam 17)

I.  Our Perspective on the challenge - To see it as God see it
	A.  Sometimes it is really difficult to gain the right perspective
	B.  Israel had lost their perspective in this battle
		1.  They saw Goliath, and that was all (17:4-7)
			a.  v.4 - He was an “ish ha-benayim” - man of the betweens
				- He fought in the middle of the battle lines
				- He was the “champion”
			b.  He was 9 1/2 feet tall!
			c.  Covered with armor plus a sheild bearer
		2.  They saw and heard his confidence (17:8-11)
		3.  Where was Saul?
			a.  He barely even mentioned here
			b.  Why didn’t Saul face him?
				- He was head and shoulders taller than anyone
				- He already proven himself in battle
				- 13:19-22 - He one of few with armor, sword, etc.
			c.  Saul was a failure as a king
				- 40 Days Goliath taunted
				- All Saul did was put up a reward
				- Every day, Israel more demoralized
		4.  They lost their perspective
	C.  ILL: Head of General Motors - When needed problem solved
		1.  Placed sign outside of meeting room door
		2.  “Leave slide rules here”
			a.  If not, they take slide rules out
			b.  They would say, “it can’t be done boss”
		3.  Israel was using a slide rule on Goliath
			a.  He is too big, we can never defeat him
			b.  Did they forget?  
				- What about Egypt, Jericho, Gideon, 
				- What about previous victories of Saul?
			c.  But David said, “he is so big, I can’t miss him!”
	D.  We need to see our problems as God does
		1.  He has a history of overcoming the impossible
		2.  With man, this is impossible, all possible with God
		3.  Keep perspective on our Giant problem

II.  Our Passion in the problem:  God’s Honor
	A.  David’s number one concern - God’s honor
		1.  Not self centered
		2.  Continue with story ...
	B.  Jesse becomes concerned, sends David to find out
		1.  (v.20-23) Face off as before
			a.  (v.24-25) - Goliath “coming up” getting bold
		2.  (v.26-27) David questions the soldiers
			a.  All soldiers mention was reward
			b.  David only one concerned about God’s honor?
		3.  No indication that Saul concerned with God’s honor
			a.  “Show me the man you honor and I will know what kind of 
			      man you are.”
			b.  Who did Saul honor?  Himself!  
	C.  ILL:  Eddie and Amy with kids at baseball game
		1.  Person with foul, Amy turned and told them to stop
		2.  Eddie’s pulse rate shot up.  Why?
			a.  If that guy was going to insult his wife
			b.  He was prepared to have to defend his wife’s honor
			c.  Several guys sitting around them all joined in on telling 
			     that guy to cool it, so that was the end of it
		3.  One thing when you insulted, another when it wife or kids
		4.  God has honored us, we didn’t deserve it
			1.  We should honor God, and he does deserve it
			2.  We speak of “glorifying God”
	D.  What making this our passion does
		1.  Takes the focus off of ourselves
			a.  Focus shouldn’t be there anyway
			b.  Like David, our focus should be on God
		2.  As long as focus is on us, we will be stuck
			a.  Because Saul’s focus on self all he saw was a Giant
			b.  All David saw was God being insulted
		3.  Not about us, but God’s glory
		4.  Ask - How can God be glorified in this challenge?

III.  Our plan for the problem:  Use God’s Equipment
	A.  Saul was one of the few who had “equipment”
		1.  He had sword, spear, sheild, armor, etc.
			- I don’t want to downplay this
		2.  But he missing the most important thing - Faith and honor
		3.  So David steps up with the most important thing
			a.  Didn’t even use Saul’s armor
			b.  Used what was tested and tried
		4.  What was tested and tried?
			a.  Not sling and a stone
			b.  (17:37) Was God
	B.  ILL:  Imagine the scene!
		1.  9 1/2 foot veteran warrior, fully armed
		2.  Small shepherd boy with nothing more than a sling
		3.  2 Volunteers, one real big, and a teen
			a.  Imagine the man in an army tank, night vision gear, etc.
			b.  Imagine the boy on a scooter with a daisy air rifle
		4.  Get out your slide rules, who do you think will win?
	C.  (17:48-50) - David prevailed with NO sword!
		1.  Why?  (17:42-47)
		2.  What is David armed with?
			a.  Not sling and a stone
			b.  Armed with the name of Yahweh!
	D.  The name of the Lord!
		1.  Prov 18:10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The 
		      righteous runs into it and is safe.
		2.  God’s equipment is faith in his name
		3.  God’s equipment is to honor his name

Concl:  What is your Giant?
1.  Maybe it is simply becoming a Christian - Don’t know if you can do it?
	a.  God wants you as you are
	b.  He knows you will stumble, that’s whay the cross
	c.  Come today
2.  Maybe the Giant is something else
	a.  Afraid to “stand out” on moral issues
		- Moral issues : homo-phobic, backwards, Bible-thumper
		- Afraid to share Gospel, pass up opportunities
		- Maybe just afraid to invite someone to church or Life Group
	b.  Maybe it is a ministry opportunity
		- Some going to Ukraine next summer
		- Maybe giant is a Bible class, LTC
	c.  Maybe it is a difficult relationship, health, bills, job
3.  What can I do about it?
	a.  See it with God’s perspective
		- The Giant is not your problem, it is God
		- He has overcome the world
	b.  Stand on God’s honor
		- Ask - How can God be honored and glorified in this
		- Be honorable, God’ centered
	c.  Rely on God’s equipment, not yours
		- May be tempted to use your own armor for it
			- A little lie to get out of it, avoidance, pass it on to another
		- Face it with all the strength God gives you
4.  Feel like a Bear in tree and one in the cave?  Respond today

Questions for Small Group Discussion