Small Group Questions:  Pipsqueak Power (1 Sam 17:12-50)

  (Adapted from the Serendipity Bible, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1998.)

As young David demonstrates in his conflict with Goliath, it doesnít matter how young, small, or
inexperienced you are.  What matters is that you place your honor and faith in the God who has
overcome the world

Optional Ice Breaker Questions:
- How would you feel playing football alone against the New York Giants?  Which direction
would you run?
- Growing up, whose hand me downs did you wear?

1.  Why were the Israelites helpless against Goliath?
-They were afraid
-They didnít have a plan
-They allowed themselves to be intimidated
-They had forgotten God was on their side

2.  What do you think was behind Eliabís anger at David?
-David just bugged him
-He was jealous of David
-He didnít think David belonged there
-Davidís presence embarrased him
-Davidís enthusiasm made him look bad
-Other: ___________________

3.  What made David think he could fight and beat Goliath?
-He didnít know any better
-Youthful exuberance
-Confidence in himself
-His shepherding experience
-His faith in God
-His righteous zeal
-Other: ___________________

4.  Of the following things David had going for him, what could you use right now?
-A fighting spirit
-Faith in Godís deliverance
-Youthful exuberance
-Righteous indignation
-Other: ___________________

5.  How do you react when your abilities are questioned?
-Slink away
-Get angry
-Lose confidence
-Point out another persons lack of abilities
-Other: ___________________

6.  What ďGiantĒ are you facing in your life right now?
-Problems at school
-Job demands
-Financial struggles
-Health/ Fitness
-Bad habit