Title: The Big Therefore of God's Grace

Focus: After all that God does, he expects an appropriate reponse of worship from his people which involves both acts of worship and a life of devotion.

Function: To motivate the hearers to evaluate their habits and routines to see if they help or deter from being godly

Text: Rom 11:33 - 12:2

1.  We recently unpacked some older boxes - came across map
	a.  Marked where we have been in our moves
	b.  Spent some time to reminise
	c.  Sometimes it helps to remind self of where you have been
2.  Review - Letís look at where we have been
	a.  Jew and Gentile are sinners and under Godís wrath
	b.  Justification is through faith, and Abraham is example of this
	c.  Salvation from Godís wrath through the last Adam - Jesus
	d.  Salvation for power of sin through his death & our death
	e.  Law freed from captivity to sin, now we can serve God
	f.  We are being transformed into his image by the Spirit
	g.  Result - We more than conquerors
3.  1st Application - To the Jews
	a.  God is faithful and has not disgarded them
	b.  Rejection of Christ part of Godís plan, and for their own good
	c.  God transformed the definition of the people of God - In Christ
	d.  Invitation to be the people of God still extends to the Jews
	e.  Ultimate purpose - Mercy (10:32)
4.  Focus now switch from what God does to what we are to do. 
    That is the "therefore"
	a.  How do you respond to God in all that he does?
	b.  Look at how we to respond - - -

I.  Bring God an offering
	A.  Sometimes we use word ďsacrificeĒ but word is usually offering
		1.  Sacrifice has different connotation than offering
			a.  Think of giving something up  when rather not do it
			b.  Think of it hurting when sacrifice, you miss it
		2.  But that not how it was at Sinai
			a.  Freewill offering for the Tabernacle
			b.  This the one time Israel shines in the wilderness
			c.  The gave too much, and did it cheerfully
	B.  Purpose of an offering?
		1.  One is to thank and honor God
			a.  Offering not limited to animals
			b.  First fruits, grains, bread, etc.
			c.  Expresses joyful thanks to God
		2.  2 Cor 9:7 - God Loves a Cheerful Giver!  Why?
			a.  Acknowledges everything comes from God
			b.  This is worship
		3.  Worship is how Paul responds to God (11:33-36)
			a.  We honor God in our praise
			b.  Heb 13 - Offer up a sacrifice of praise
			c.  But it goes BEYOND that
		4.  (12:1) - We to offer selves up as living sacrifice
			a.  This is our reasonable/logical service of worship
			b.  So worship not limited to what do in auditorium
			c.  When offer life, that is worship
	C.  ILL:  Many Christians literally sacrifices lives for Christ
		1.  Acts 7 - Stephen
		2.  Polycarp, elder of Smyrna, because he a Christian
		3.  William Tyndale, for printing Bibles in English
		4.  Great sacrifice and challenge to your faith
	D.  Our challenge is no less a challenges
		1.  Our challenge maybe even greater in a different way
		2.  One thing to offer up life literally
		3.  Another thing to be a living sacrifice - on altar daily
		4.  Tempting to climb off the altar
	E.  ILL:  Story of man who wanted to bring offering to God
		1.  What can I give?  My car, house, investments, business, 
		2.  God said no - It is all mine already
		3.  Then I have nothing left to give.  All I have is just me
		4.  God said - That is what I want
			a.  Acts 17:25 - Not not need things
			b.  God wants us as a living sacrifice
			c.  That is our offering to him

II.  Bring God an offering that is holy (12:1)
	A.  God always instructs we give up what is holy, special
		1.  God not pleased when give blemished offering and keep
		      unblemished offering for self
		2.  If going to honor him - We give him the best and the holy
	B.  How are we as living sacrifices to offer ourselves as holy? (12:2a)
		1.  To not be conformed to this world
			a.  JB Phillips - Do not let world press you into its mold
			b.  Like it or not - You are moldable
			c.  Question is not - Will I be molded?
			d.  Question is - Who or what will mold me ... 
		2.  Be transformed
			a.  Greek - Metamorpho (Metamorphisis)
			b.  I thought of cartoon - Transformers.
			c.  May make you think of butterfly from cocoon
			d.  This really not the kind of change this talking about
		3.  Change comes by ďrenewing your mindĒ
			a.  We change what is on the inside
			b.  Change comes from the inside out
			c.  We take every thought captive for Christ 2 Cor 10:5
		4.  This means we keep unspotted by the world Jas 1:27
			a.  Canít offer up blemished sacrifice
			b.  Canít offer up a blemished living sacrifice either
			c.  Need to take every thought captive, offer unblemished
	C.  If not, and we just put on Sunday best 1 - 3 times weekly
		1.  Jesus has a word for that - Whitewashed tombs Mt 23:27
		2.  Jesus didnít come to spruce up a grave yard
		3.  Jesus came that we might have live, and abudantly
		4.  That means living for God, that is life
	D.  Offering a holy sacrifice means cleasing of the inside
		1.  Mt 23:26 - Jesus said clean inside of cup, and outside will be 
		     clean as well
		2.  That is the metamorphsis that Pauls speaks of
		3.  And it is not a part-time activity

III.  A living sacrifice by nature is daily and perpetual (v.2b)
	A.  Not a one time act, but a daily renewal
		1.  Some things in life you lose if not renewed
			- Insurance, lease, commitments
		2.  Renewing the mind has to be a daily renewal
			- Take up cross daily and follow me Lk 9:23
		3.  If not, will forget how to discern the will of God
		4.  Canít be a living sacrifice without daily renewal
	B.  Lets look at how to renew mind regularly
		1.  Communion every Sunday; Mid week Bible Study
		2.  Life Groups on Sunday evenings - Apply, Accountable, Share
		3.  Prayer, fasting.    Regular reading & study
		4.  Meditation & Reflection - Evalutate self
			a.  Hobbies, sports, entertainment
			b.  Music, T.V., clothes, friends,
			c.  How does it mold you?
	C.  We do a debreifing as a family
		1.  Hi - Lo for the day
		2.  Talk about the day & challenges
		3.  Pray in evening and in morning.  Helps
	E.  These sorts of things can help you to renew mind daily
		- If have life group this evening, could share other ways

1.  Have you made the initial renewal?  Baptized - new creature
2.  If already done that, do you still need renewal?
	a.  Lax on commitment?
	b.  What areas do you need to renew commitment?
		- Pray? Wife walk in on you while you praying or singing?
		- Attendance - Where will you be tonight?  Wednesday?  Why?
		- Actively try to share Gospel?  Why?
		- Activities, hobbies - Do they help renew or renig
		- Freinds
3.  If need to renewal, come forward.