Title: Grow Up!
Purpose: To Motivate the Christians to Study the Bible daily and expect more than mediocre infantile faith!

  1. It's funny how we look back on things in our life and we seem so young and immature
  2. Sometimes we feel like telling people to "grow up!"
  3. We laugh at immaturity many times, but in Hebrews, it is no laughing matter
  4. Drifting Away, Doubting, and now Dullness - So what if we don't grow much as a Christian?
    1. After all, I'm saved, isn't that what matters?
    2. I am convinced that neither death, nor life, (Rom 8:38)
  5. But, this is a rebuke in Hebrews for being immature (in 5:11-14) - Followed by a warning (Heb 6:1-8)
  6. We are to become mature in Christ
    1. This word for maturity was used in 2:10 for Christ being made perfect
    2. Christ was made perfect, complete to become a faithful and merciful high pr.
    3. We need to become perfect, or complete or adequate

I. By pressing on (v.1-3)

  1. This admonition gives the idea of movement (not sluggishness)
  2. Gives several instructions about becoming mature:
    1. Leave behind the elementary teachings
      1. Not laying again the foundation
      2. But wait, didn't they need to learn ABC's over again? (5:12)
      3. You don't keep nursing a baby after they have grown teeth
      4. Solution is not more baby food, but to start learning to chew
    2. Press on to maturity
      1. This shows that growth will be a struggle
      2. There are 2 kinds of struggle
        • External struggle - Doing God's will in all of life
        • Internal struggle - Of the mind, wrestling with understanding God's profound truths.
      3. The internal affects the external, and sometimes vice-versa (Job)
    3. Problem with the Hebrews is they stopped struggling, they weren't chewing
  3. When I was training for Air Force
    1. Pushed myself in running and working out (mile in 10.5 minutes)
    2. Became lean mean fighting machine
    3. I didn't keep pressing on, and look at me now. (where is that guy I married?)
  4. Not pressing on can have disasterous results
    1. Lot's wife, in midst of flight to salvation looked back (probably unconsciously)
    2. Luk 9:62 - "No one after putting his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for
    3. When you look back, you veer of course --
      1. Would be easier to stay home than get out and go to church
      2. More relaxing to watch favorite t.v. show then read Bible reading
      3. I'm going to__________ instead of do Sunday School homework
      4. I'm going straight to bed, too tired to pray
    4. May be veering off course and not even realize it
    5. Press On and don't look back

II. By staying focused (v.4-6)

  1. I used to not look where I was going. I had so many knots, my head was like a bumble ball
  2. You as Christians know where they are going.
    1. You have been elightened
    2. "Tasted" the Heavenly gift
      1. Nowdays, think of "little" bit, a "sample"
      2. In ancient times, this meant to "experience" something
      3. Christ "tasted" death for us, it doesn't mean he "barely" died does it?
      4. We have "experienced" salvation (Eph 1:1-14; brought together in Xst)
    3. Partakers of the Holy Spirit (Eph 1:13)
    4. Tasted the good word of God - Experienced its power in our lives
  3. Then comes the warning
    1. After all this, if you fall away, it is impossible to renew you to repentance (2 Pet 2:20ff - Worse off)
    2. Not talking about falling (I Jn 1:7-2:1)
    3. Not talking about willful rejection --- (WHAT?)
      1. No Christian intends to reject Christ, it happens gradually
      2. It is a result of not pressing on, of sluggishness
    4. This is talking about falling AWAY - it doesn't happen over night
  4. This is troubling - Does it mean that no one can ever be restored after falling away? What about those that apparently have?
    1. The one lost sheep who strayed away, and is brought back (Mt 18)
    2. The prodigal son, he came back and was welcome
    3. This text may be engaging in hyperbole
      1. Do NOT take it any less seriously because of this
      2. This causes our attention to perk up, and it should
      3. I inow of many who have fallen away, and it looks imposssible
  5. Do you intend on falling away?
    1. Of course not
    2. However, it is a clear and present danger if you are not actively pressing on

III. By bearing vegetables (v.7-8)

  1. Same thing as talking about bearing "fruit"
  2. The image portrayed:
    1. Ground that drinks rain often - Taking nourishment
    2. Vegetation useful to those for whose sake it was tilled
      1. We are to be useful to the Master
      2. We will receive a blessing from God
    3. Thorns and Thistles, it is worthless
      1. In this case it is useless to the master
      2. It is "close" to being cursed - As long as it is called "today" it is not to late
  3. Soil to grow good things has to be prepared and tended to, it has to be "tilled"
  4. If you will tend the soil of you heart, it will be useful to the master


  1. So, we need to mature as Christians, or die
    1. By pressing on
    2. By staying focused
    3. By bearing vegatables
  2. Notice how all these things tie in together
  3. If you haven't been growing, it's not to late, it's time to weed and tend the soil
  4. Suggestions:
    1. Do your Bible readings and pray about them
    2. Read good Christian books that challenge you
    3. Assess each day at the end of the day as to your growth