Small Group Notes:  Discipleship

Summary:  One of the most common words for Christians in the New Testament is
“disciple,” which means follower.  If we are followers of Christ, we will manifest the it
through abiding in the word, bearing fruit, and love.

- Which part of a tree describes you the best and why?  Roots, Trunk, Leaves, Branch,
Bark, Apple, other?
- Who would you like to be like?

Explore:  Read John 8:31; John 15:5-9; John 13:34

1.  What do you understand a disciple to be?

2.  What does abiding in the word mean?  What does bearing fruit mean?  What does
loving as he loved us mean?

3.  What is important in order for a disciple to grow and how?

4.  Why do you suppose most believers refer to themselves as Christian and not
“disciple?”  Would the word “disciple” communicate who we are any better or worse?

5.  Of these three discipleship traits, which do you see as being the most radical?  Why?


6.  Which one of these traits challenge you the most?  In what way?

7.  What are some ways you as a group could help each other grow in discipleship?

8.  What is God communicating to you right now?

Use the following passage to guide you prayer
Luke 9:23-24