Small Group Notes:  Escaping from the Cave  1 Sam 24:1-22
   (Adapted from Serendipity Bible, Zondervan, Grand Rapids MI: 1998)
Summary:  You can try to run from conflict, but in some cases you cannot avoid it.  God gives
sound, practical principles in dealing with conflict.  We should not lose focus on God’s will and
be willing to forgive and make amends even when we are not in the wrong.

Optional Ice Breaker Questions
- When you were growing up, where was the hideout in your neighborhood?
- Generally speaking, what is your attitude toward authority figures?  Your parents?  Your
boss?  Your president?

1.  If David had kept a journal, what might he have written about this day?
 “Thank you God, for giving me self control”
 “I’m getting tired, When do I get to be king?”
 “God I know your way is best.”
 Other: _________________

2.  Why didn’t David take Saul’s life when he had the chance?
 He was afraid
 He felt sorry for Saul
 He respected Saul
 He respected God
 Other: _________________

3.  From what you know about Saul, what do you make of his exchange with David?
 It was insincere
 He was speaking the truth
 His remorse was real
 His words may have been sincere, but shallow
 Other: __________________

4.  How can you relate to this story?
 A teacher or bully at school has been out to get me
 A boss or supervisor has been out to get me
 I need to see those in authority as part of God’s plan
 I have struggled to forgive those who have hurt me
 I am trying to let the Lord “avenge wrongs done to me”
 I’ve confined myself to protective “caves” for a long time
 I am starting to realize that God has delivered me from
 Other: ___________________

5.  What is your biggest struggle in dealing with conflict?
 Not avoiding it, or causing it
 Keeping my cool
 Controlling my mouth
 Listening to the other person
 Saying what really needs to be said
 Admitting when I’m wrong
 Other: ____________________

6.  Think of the person you have the hardest time getting along with.  What would happen if you
treated this “Saul” the way David did?
 “Saul” would faint in wonder
 “Saul” would cry
 It would totally transform the relationship
 I would change more than “Saul”
 Other: _________________

7.  What can you do to follow David’s example of returning good for evil to the “Saul” in your

8.  How can this group pray for you?