Title: You can be a Fish
Purpose: To motivate Christians to be joyful by placing their life with God
Text: Phil 4:4-9

	1.  Everything went wrong trying to get here
	2.  I fretting and stressing, then remember the Moses Sole
	3.  This fish is calm, collected, and not worried
	4.  Mk 1:15, 17; 8:31; 9:31; 10:32; 14:50 - 
		These disciples need some Moses sole disposition
		Things not always work out the way you plan
		What can you do?
	5.  Text:  Phil 4:4-9 - How to have peace

I.  Rejoice (4)
	A.  Continuous
	B.  What if - Lost job/ car wreck/ broke nose/ house burn/ hair
		1.  Could Paul understand?  (1:13ff - in prison)
		2.  How he able to do this?
			a.  Basis of joy - in the Lord
			b.  His ajenda matched Godís agenda
			c.  Joy not based on
	C.  How do you rejoice in the Lord?
		1.  Starts with relationship  (Isaiah 62:1-5)
		2.  Godís relationship to his people like betrothal
		3.  ILL:  When dating, she happy, I happy
	D.  His desires need to be your desires

II.  Have a Forebearing Spirit
	A.  Some translations - Patience
	B.  How let this be known (v.6)
		1.  Be anxious for nothing
			a.  Difference between worry and anxiety?
			b.  Normal forethough v.s. useless 		
			      preocupation about what you canít control
			c.  Problem with anxiety?  Lack of Faith Mt 6:25
				- ILL:  birds- why humans scurry about?
		2.  Pray with thanksgiving
			a.  In EVERYTHING by prayer & supplication
			b.  God cares and knows
	C.  ILL:  Preacher from Iowa (shark chewed him up)
		1.  Besides worrying does no good at all
		2.  ILL:  Woman who worried of dying from cancer
			- Died at 82 years old of pneumonia
	D.  So how do we let out forebearing spirit be known
		1.  Prayer of serenity:  God grant me the serenity to 
		     accept the things I cannot change, the courage to 
		     change the things I can, and the wisdom to know 
		     the difference.
		2.  Donít be bashful about prayerful dependence
III.  Think of Excellence
	A.  List of things to let mind dwell on
		- Some dwell on the opposites of these
	B.  ILL:  Complainers that left the church
	C.  Why a problem with rejoicing, forbearance, excellence?
		1.  Reaction to once saved always saved-barely saved
		2.  I ďthinkĒ Iím saved
			a.  Jas 1 - ďhe man who doubts is like the surf of the sea, 
				      driven and tossed by the wind...being a double 
				       minded man, unstable in all his waysĒ
			b. Neh 8:10 - Joy of the  Lord is your strength
				Donít dwell on the past
		3.  Joy comes from confidence
			a.  I John 1:8 - We have sins
			b.  I John 1-9-2:1 - Confess & have advocate
			c.  I John 5:13 - Know that we have eternal life
		4.  Revelation 12:9-11 - Accuser has been cast down

1.  Why did Paul say to have joy, forebearing spirit and think of
2.  Verse 9, or verse 7 - Peace of God  (like the Moses Sole)
	a.  Gaurd our hearts - Emotional well being
	b.  Minds - Intellectual Doubt