Title: The Good Muslim
Purpose: To motivate Christians to serve those in need regardless of their background
Text: Luke 10:25ff

1.  Luke 10:25ff - The Good Samaritan
2.  If Jesus were to tell the story today, it might be "The Good Muslim"
3.  What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself

I.  It means to think of another’s welfare before your own
	A.  The road to Jericho was a dangerous road
		1.  Steep with caves (2000 ft drop in 12 miles)
		2.  It was said even in the 1940’s
			a.  Only a fool would travel it alone
			b.  Only a fool would travel it at night
	B.  Yet this Samaritan stopped to help putting himself at risk
		1.  No one blame him if passed by
		2.  Maybe guy not really hurt
	C.  Are you willing to love your neighbor as yourself?

II.  It means doing more than the minimum requirement
	A.  The Samaritan went way out of his way to be of help
		1.  He stopped and put the guy on his own animal
		2.  He postponed his trip
		3.  He took care of the bill and any future expenses
	B.  What he did not do:  Pass it off onto someone else
		1.  Ever handle benevolence personally?
		2.  Does Bible say to see if there is money in the 
		      benelovent fund?
	C.  Mt 5:41 - “Whoever shall force you to go one mile, go with him two.”
		In Brattleboro, travelers came Wed. night, people dug
		in pockets
	D.  Are you willing to love your neighbor as yourself?

III.  It means doing as much if not more than those outside the faith
	A.  Implication from the way Jesus told the story
	B.  Main character - Samaritan (offensive - Samaritan put them to shame)
		1.  Modern day equivalent -- a Muslim
		2.  Ethnic animosity - Intermarried --- “unclean”
		3.  Religious animosity - Modified Bible
		4.  “To dine with one is dining with a pig”
		5.  Danger Red light district)
	C.  Mt 5:43-44 - Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you
	D.  Are you willing to love your neighbor as yourself?

IV.  It means loving anyone whom you can serve
	A.  Priest and the Levite passed by on the other side.  Why?
	B.  Jews typically limited the command to love to fellow Jews
	C.  Do we limit the command to love our neighbor to only our 
	D.  ILL:  Ladies in the Trash
	E.  Are you willing to love your neighbor as yourself?

Concl:  What does it mean to love neighbor?  (Review)
	1.  Have you had any Raymonds in your life lately?
		a.  At the grocery store line; 
		b.  person broke down on side of road;  	  
	     	c.  person that just moved in across the street
	3.  Which are you like in the story?
		a.  The preacher, elder, or the Muslim?