Group Discussion:  Luke 1:1-4

Summary:  We should take the time to learn about and understand our heritage so that we will
have a solid foundation for integrating our faith our lives and to share it with others.

Optional Ice Breaker Questions:  Choose one
- How much do you know about your family history?
- If you could go back in time, when and where would you go and why?

1.  Why does Luke go to all the trouble to write yet another Gospel?
  • The more Gospels there are, the better
  • Previous versions were inaccurate
  • Some events and teachings were not mentioned in previous accounts
  • There needed to be an orderly account
  • It was important for believers to know their history
  • Knowing the past helps to know what to do now
  • So Theophilus could be certain of the truth of the Gospel
  • Other: ________________
2. Other than inspiration, what made Luke a better witness than people today are?
  • He carefully investigated the facts
  • He didnít get caught up in empty emotionalism
  • He was objective
  • He interviewed eyewitnesses
  • He read trusted and proven sources
  • He comminicated in a logical manner
  • He was interested in the truth, not his agenda
  • Other: _________________
3. On what evidence would you rely to be certain of the things you were taught?
  • I really havenít done a lot of research
  • I would read the Bible
  • I would use study aids, such as Bible dictionaries
  • I would ask the advice of a wise person I trust
  • I would pray
  • I would ask myself hard questions
  • Other: __________________
4. If you had received a letter that was addressed to you that began like Luke, how would you treat the letter?
  • I would read it with great interest
  • I would share it with others
  • I would be skeptical
  • I would be honored to know I am part of a rich heritage
  • I would not really be interested
  • Other: ________________
5. Why do you suppose Luke didnít stop writing until Acts 28?
  • Because no one had written on the early church
  • To show the mission of Jesus continues with us today
  • To give examples of how we can fit into Godís plan
  • Story is more powerful than epistle
  • To us give a picture of what the kingdom is to be about
  • Other: _________________
6. How would knowing your history help with sharing your faith?
  • I would have more confidence
  • I canít share what I am not sure of
  • I wouldnít be afraid some someone asking me a question
  • I would be able to tell the ďstoryĒ of Jesus
  • Knowing I am part of Godís story and history helps
  • Other: _________________
7. Where are you in your walk with God right now?
  • I havenít started yet
  • I want to serve God, but I donít know where I fit yet
  • I know where I can fit in, but havenít done it yet
  • I have am serving God by _______________
  • I have turned away and need to return
  • Other: ____________________
8. What do you need most in your walk with God now?
  • Focus
  • Courage
  • Motivation
  • Joy
  • Direction
  • Energy
  • Rejuvination
  • Other: ________________
How can this group pray for and support you?