Sermon:  Living in the Shadows

Summary:  God's purpose and plans are often much larger and more glorious that we 
can even begin to imagine.  Although God doesn't always give specific details, God 
shows us enough to demonstrate that he is faithful.  Therefore, we ought to live 
in faith and expectant hope, which means aligning our lives according to God's 

Know:  We live in the shadows and can only see dimply what God has in store, yet 
we know he is faithful and will do beyond what we can ask or imagine

Feel:  Expectant of better things from God

Do:  Discuss the promises made to David and how the add to or build on the previous 
promises he has made to Abraham.  Identify what each of the parts of the promises 
in this chapter may foreshadow, and summarize the fulfillment(s) of this Davidic 
promise.  List ways we can be faithful to the promises of God by taking a personal 

Scripture Reading:  Eph 3:20-21

Text:  2 Samuel 7

1.  Do you know what vision is
	a.  Sometimes people have a vision for what can be
	b.  Vision is often just a shadow of what is to come, starts as an idea
	c.  It is exciting when that vision comes to fruition
	d.  Could be a building project, a personal goal, etc.
2.  David had a vision and desire
	a.  David had a fine house of Cedar
	b.  What about a house for the Lord?  It started as an idea, just a shadow
	c.  God said that his descendant would build his house, not David
3.  Text:  2 Sam 7
	a.  Background:  David has settled
		- Anointed king of Judah, then Israel 7 years later
		- Captured Jebus, and it became the city of David
		- Ark had come to the city as well, in a tent David pitched
		- Had built a palace, wanted to build a house for the Lord
	b.  God's response - What I have done for you
		- I took you from the pasture
		- I made you ruler over my people
`		- I have been with you wherever you have gone
		- I have cut off your enemies
		- ie:  I don't "need" anything from you, much less a house
	c.  God's further response - What I will do for you
		- Your house and your kingdom shall endure forever
		- There is much more that I will do for you
		- Furthermore, I will continue to do it after you are gone
	d.  This is a significant text
		- Unlike previous chapter, it is all dialogue
		- Builds on the previous promises of God
		- This is the beginning of the Messianic hope of Israel
4.  Messianic hope has several intertwined themes - Will focus on two
	a.  David
	b.  Mount Zion
	c.  These two become larger than life
		- David will become more than David
		- Mount Zion will become more than Mount Zion
		- These were just shadows of what was to come
	d.  These affect not only Israel, but us 3,000 years later

I.  The Shadow:  David, the Lord's anointed
	A.  What does it mean to call him anointed?
		1.  There's the oil ceremony, means he is honored, set apart
		2.  Hebrew word is "Mashiach," or "Messiah" in English
		3.  This means David is the Lord's anointed, chosen one to rule
	B.  David promises his anointed several things here
		1.  I will make you a great name
			a.  David becomes a household name among Hebrews
			b.  David becomes more, he becomes symbol of hopes
				- (Ezek 34:23) - God will set up David to shepherd
				- (Ezek 37:24) - David will be King
				- (Hos 3:5) - Will return to seek David their king
			c.  David dead a long time when these were written
			d.  David becomes larger than life, symbol of hope
		2.  I will appoint a place for my people
			a.  They will never be disturbed again
			b.  You will have rest from your enemies
			c.  This will be an era/reign of peace
		3.  I will raise up your descendant after you
			a.  I will be a father to him, he will be a son to me
				- When he does wrong, I will correct him, not reject 
				  him as I rejected Saul
				- My "hesed" will not depart from him
				- Hesed translated as, "lovingkindess, love, loyalty"
				- It means covenant loyalty
			b.  He will build a house for my name
				- God is going to have a house, but not built by David
				- God's house would be built by David's descendant 
				- Solomon builds God's house on Mt Zion
					-- What is Zion?
						= Temple Mount
						= Also refers to the whole city
					-- Hopes of Israel become tied to Zion
						= Ps 132:13 - Yahweh has chosen Zion; 
						   He has desired it for his habitation
						= Ps 14:7 - Oh that salvation of Israel 
						   would come out of Zion!
						= Ps 110:2 - Yahweh will stretch his 
						   strong scepter from Zion
					-- Zion is where the name of Yahweh dwells
					-- Lord rules, bless, protects, saves from there
			c.  I Will establish his Kingdom forever
				- God is establishing an everlasting dynasty
				- May not register to us what that means
				- Good king means era of stability, peace, prosperity
		4.  David went and sat before the Lord to contemplate all of this
			a.  David seemed to do this sort of thing a lot, it was good
			b.  David was humbly amazed and said, "who am I?"
			c.  But David got just a peek, it more than he could imagine
	C.  ILL:  Kind of like the Bible building at Harding
		1.  First, it was just an idea, someone's vision
		2.  Got to see it on paper - blue prints, artist's drawings
		3.  Not of that did justice to it when it was built
			a.  It was so much more than we had imagined!
			b.  The entry way was breathtaking to us
			c.  Flags, map of the world
			d.  It became a new "center" of campus
		4.  That is kind of how it was with this promise made to David
	D.  David got only a glimpse of the glory to come
		1.  David could see back to Abraham and what God did there
		2.  But David only got a glimpse of the future
			a.  It was like a blueprint, an artist's rendition
			b.  David was in awe at what God had showed him
		3.  All David could do was humbly thank and praise God
		4.  But all that David saw was only a shadow of what was to come

II.  The Substance:  Jesus, the Lord's anointed 
	A.  There have been many known as the Lord's anointed, but Jesus is the 
	    ultimate anointed of God
		1.  David was just a shadow of what was to come
		2.  Jesus is the substance of that shadow
	B.  Look at how Jesus is the substance of the Shadow
		1.  I will raise up your descendant after you
			a.  I will be a father to him, he will be a son to me
				- Jesus is the Son of God
				- But not like David or Solomon was a son
				- Jn 3:16 - Uses Greek word, "mono-genes"
					-- Older Bibles translated "only begotten"
					-- More closely it is "unique" Son
					-- Jesus is a Son like no other
					-- All other sons are adopted, not Jesus
			b.  He will build a house for my name
				- House of God is where he dwells, temple, sanctuary 
				- Mt 16:18 - Upon this rock I will build my church
					-- Interesting choice of words
					-- Didn't say temple, building, etc.
					-- Church literally means "assembly" - people
				- 1 Cor 3:16 - You (plural) are a temple of God
					-- The church (people) are a temple of God
					-- God lives in us
					-- God's sanctuary is mobile over the earth
				- Place where God's name dwells not in the 
				  tabernacle or temple in Jerusalem, but in us
					-- Glory of God now shines through us
					-- Much greater than a building in Jerusalem
			c.  I Will establish his Kingdom forever
				- Jn - Jesus is a King, THE King
					-- His Kingdom is greater than any other
					-- His reign not in military political power
					-- His reign is greater - in the hearts of men
						= It cannot be defeated
						= Gates of Hades will not prevail
				- His Kingdom will prevail over all others
					-- 1 Cor 15:25 - Reign until defeat all enemies
					-- 1 Cor 15:26 - Last enemy destroyed is death
					-- 1 Cor 15:24 - Will abolish all rule & authority 
 					   and hand Kingdom/Reign over to the Father
		2.  I will appoint a place for my people, rest from enemies
			a.  (Heb 11:8-10, 16) - Shows the nature of this "place"
				- More than Canaan, Jerusalem, Zion
				- This was just a shadow of what was to come
			b.  Not Canaan, Jerusalem, Zion
				- These were just a shadow of what was to come
				- It is much more than we can imagine
				- We are given a glimpse of what is to come
				- Final chapters of Revelation gives us a final picture 
				  of what happens to the Lord's people, the church
			c.  (Rev 21:1-3) - After Judgment of Chap 20, this scene...
				- New Heaven & Earth, & New Jerusalem
				- Rest of the chapter describes New Jerusalem
					-- Big, perfect dimensions, abundance
					-- Glory of God lights up the city
					-- (v.27) - Nothing unclean or evil will be there
			d.  (Rev 22:1-4) - Gives a picture of complete restoration
				- 22:1 - River of life from the throne
				- 22:2 - Tree of life, fruit always in season, healing
				- 22:3 - No longer any curse
				- 22:4 - They will see His face
	C.  I believe that this is still just a glimpse
		1.  Ever known anyone to have a "near death" experience?
			a.  People see all kinds of things, usually light
			b.  For some, it was terrifying
		2.  Someone Paul knew had a "death" experience
			a.  Doesn't appear to have been a near death experience
			b.  Many appeared to actually have died
			c.  Some people think Paul is talking about himself, but 
			     doesn't want people to know he is
		3.  1 Cor 13:1-5 - A man was caught up into the third Heaven
			a.  This is one way of talking about Heaven itself
			b.  He got to experience it, but not talk about it
		4.  This is why I think the pictures we have are just a glimpse 
			a.  Instead of Paul describing what he saw, we have the 
			     pictures of Revelation and other scriptures
			b.  Pictures we are given in scripture are shadow of the glory
			c.  It will be much greater than we could ever imagine
	D.  There is still more to come
		1.  Yes Jesus came the first time with glory
			a.  He is building his church, his kingdom
			b.  He reigns now in the hearts of men
			c.  But there is so much more coming
		2.  Jesus is coming back 
		3.  Rev 11:15 - The final trumpet will sound
			a.  All enemies, rule power and authority will be abolished
			b.  The kingdom of this world will become the kingdom of our 
			     Lord and of His Christ, and He will reign for ever and ever

Concl:  Lesson from all this?
1.  God is faithful
	a.  God never loses sight of his promises
	b.  God builds on them and does something greater than we can imagine
	c.  Hos 11:9 - God says, "I am God, and not a man"
	d.  We would have given up on us a long time ago, God doesn't
		-  In spite of all of our problems, God is doing good in us
		-  Through us, the church, God will redeem the world
		-  We are a testimony to God's faithfulness
		-  Have you been redeemed to our faithful God?  (inv)
2.  We are to be faithful
	a.  This was a lesson on eschatology - End times
		-  Eschatology starts in the Old Testament
		-  Starts in Genesis with Abraham
		-  Actually, starts in the Garden with promise made to Adam and 
		   Eve about her seed crushing serpent's head
	b.  More to come we can't even imagine
		- Means we are living in the shadows right now
		- Right now we see dimly, get just a glimpse
		- Time will come when we see face to face
		- In the meantime, we are to be faithful in the shadows
	c.  People often get hung up on all the details
		-  Want to get time tables, exact dates, events, etc.
		-  Passages on the latter days not designed for that
		-  Always an exhortation - Be faithful unto death
		-  That is the overall message of Revelation
	d.  What does it mean to be faithful?
		-  Be hopeful - Always have the end in mind
		-  We are moving toward a goal - To be with God in his eternal 
 		   Kingdom, serve him and love him now & then
		-  Everything in your life should support your hope
		-  If something does not, discard it (Heb 12:1-2)
			-- Lay aside every encumbrance
			-- Fix eyes on Jesus
			-- Run with endurance
			-- Run with hope - God has given you a glimpse of finish line
3.  God has so much more in store
	a.  Looking back, isn't it amazing what God has done?
	b.  Stay tuned, God is not through yet
	c.  We are still living in the shadows, there is much more to come...


Sermon:  Living in the Shadows

Summary:  God's purpose and plans are often much larger and more glorious that we can 
even begin to imagine.  Although God doesn't always give specific details, God shows us 
enough to demonstrate that he is faithful.  Therefore, we ought to live in faith and 
expectant hope, which means aligning our lives according to God's purposes.

-  What is the most impressive building/structure you have ever seen?

Explore:  2 Sam 7

1.  Why does David desire to build a house for God?  Was his desire a good desire or was he 

2.  How does David's plans compare to God's plans?

3.  Identify the specifics of God's promises to David and discuss how they are fulfilled:
	a.  in Solomon
	b.  in Christ
	c.  the future.  (Might any of these still have a future fulfillment?)

4.  In what way did the promises help to strengthen David?  Discuss how this illustrates hope.  


5.  Since God has given you a glimpse of what is still to come, how should it affect you?  
(See also Heb 12:1-2).

6.  What are some ways you can "lay aside every encumbrance" and "fix your eyes on Jesus" 
in your daily routine?

7.  What are your greatest challenges in doing this?  How can you overcome them?

Plan:  Do this personal inventory sometime this week...
8.  In living in hope (with the end in mind), do a personal inventory...
	a.  List all your activities, how do/should these fit into your Christian hope?
	b.  List all your possessions, how do/should these fit into your Christian hope?
	c.  List all your relationships, how do/should these fit into your Christian hope?
	d.  What is God calling you to do?

- Don't forget the empty chair
- Suggestion:  Plan on doing something fun in the near future and invite your friends