Sermon:  Out of the Kettle

Summary:  Jesus went back to the Father after his resurrection, but leaves us here to fulfill his 
purposes.  He promised to send the Spirit, whom he called the "helper" or "advocate" to enable 
us to carry on his mission.  Among other things, the Spirit works in us to convict the world, 
guide us in our ministry, and glorify Christ in us.  These things reveal that the nature of our 
ministry is both "prophetic" and evangelistic.  

Know:  God desires us and empowers us through the Spirit to be his mouthpiece to reveal Christ, 
whether it is in an evangelistic or prophetic mode, whether it is well received or rejected in 

Feel:  Courage to blatantly reveal Christ in us

Do:  Name what the Spirit desires to do in your life according to this passage.  Reflect on the 
nature of your faith in daily life and how it fulfills or falls short of the Spirit's purpose for us.  List 
ways to allow the Spirit to fulfill his role in you. 

Text:  Jn 16:5-15

Scripture Reading:  1 Pet 3:14-16

1.  Defense
2.  Background on the Spirit in John (lot about the Spirit in John) 
	a.  3:3,5 - Born of Water and Spirit, 6:63 - Spirit gives life
	b.  3:34 - Gives Spirit without measure; 7:38 - "Rivers" of living water; 
	     10:10- Came to give "abundant" life
	c.  14:16 - He is called "another helper/advocate"
		- He will be with you forever
		- Acts 2:39 - Promise is for you, children, those who are far off
3.  Jesus gives the Spirit, and the Spirit has a specific ministry
4.  Jesus talks about part of his ministry in this passage:

I.  Convicts the World (16:5-11)
	A.  Some believe this means the Spirit "convinces" people to repent
		1.  Greek world "elencho"  elegcw
			a.  Used 17 times in New Testament
			b.  Most of the time, used to describe exposing sin, not 
			      convincing someone
			c.  Fits well with the legal motif in John
		2.  Has been legal motif in John
			a.  Jn 5 - Jesus defends himself (lots of legal terminology)
			b.  Jn 7 - Jesus still on "trial"  
				- v.24 - They "judging" him unrighteously 
			c.  Jn 8 - Still a trial motif 
				- v.46 - They trying to "convict" him
			d.  Jn 12:31-32 - Tables reversed - judgment is on the world
				- v.48 - They will be judged by words of Jesus
		3.  14:16 - World CANNOT receive the Spirit
			a.  Why?  Does not know God, doesn't accept Jesus
			b.  9:39-41 - For "willful" blindness, there is judgment, not 
			     more "convincing"
		4.  Therefore, this is the Spirit "convicting" not "convincing" 
	B.  The Spirit acts as a prosecutor and judge
		1.  Spirit Convicts the world concerning sin
			a.  World's sin?  Does not accept Christ
			b.  America used to be called the melting pot
				- Everyone comes, and melts into it
				- Become assimilated into American culture
			c.  Same is true concerning religion
				- Jesus is okay, put him alongside Buddah
				- Only thing "wrong" is to be exclusive, narrow minded
			d.  But Jesus said, "I am the way, truth, life"
				- No one goes to the Father except through Me
				- He is THE way, not A way.
				- Is that Narrow minded?  YES.      Is it wrong?  NO
				- Mt 7-Way of life narrow, way of destruction is wide
				  (today's language:  Way of life is narrow, backwards, 
				   archaic, way of destruction is "inclusive, accepting, 
		2.  Spirit Convicts the world Concerning Righteousness
			a.  Jesus rose and went back to God
			b.  They "convicted" Jesus of a crime
				-  Pass selves off as "righteous" Jesus as 
				- Jesus was a "criminal" in world's eyes
				- So, they executed him as a criminal
			c.  But, God raised him from the dead, and took him home!
				- Who does this reveal was the wrong one???
			d.  Their version of righteousness was twisted, wrong!
				- Jesus was innocent, and righteous
				- They were guilty, and unrighteous 
		3.  Spirit Convicts the world Concerning Judgment
			a.  Ruler of this world has been judged
			b.  Oh, how the tables have turned!
			c.  Ruler of this word condemned Christ, but really it is the 
			     other way around!
		4.  Therefore, the Spirit performs a "prophetic" function
			- Names the sin, spells out the consequence, convicts
	C.  How and when does the Spirit do this??
		1.  Question:  Who is the Spirit given to?  US!
			-  Spirit works through us to perform his ministry
		2.  ILL:  Frog in Kettle:  Most detrimental thing to this is living in the 
		     proverbial kettle
			a.  What happens when slowly turn up the temperature?
			b.  Frog cannot sense the "gradual" change
			c.  It will eventually be cooked
		3.  This can happen to Christians 
			a.  Become comfortable in our surroundings
			b.  We become "cooked" along with the rest of culture
			c.  Instead of convicting the world, we become part of it
			d.  But this is not the Spirit's intent…
		4.  1:33 - Jesus "baptizes" or "immerses" in the Spirit 
			a.  This metaphor shows that we no longer in the kettle
			b.  Jesus took us out of the kettle and puts us in the Spirit
			c.  The Spirit is our "environment" NOT the kettle
			d.  Through the Apostles, and then through us, he performs 
			     a specific function
	D.  We are no longer of the world - We have a "prophetic" role
		1.  What does this mean?
			a.  Prophet is not merely a foreteller
			b.  Look at how prophets function - Warned people
			c.  Foretelling was usually - Because of your sins, this is 
			     what will happen to you
		2.  God's prophetic voices in the past have never been popular
			a.  They come across as unpatriotic
				- Loyalty is to Christ above all
			b.  Not afraid to acknowledge systems that are corrupt
				- Whether political, social, or economic 
				- People prosper because God allows
			c.  They made up their mind to be God's man, not a man of 
			     the year
		3.  We also have a prophetic function
			a.  When we live righteously and attribute it to our Lord
				- Our presence itself "convicts" the world
			b.  When we unapologetically teach not just about salvation, 
			     but about sin, death, and the final judgment
				- Gospel itself is convicting 
			c.  Not wishy-washy about sin, righteousness, holiness, etc.
		4.  ILL:  Imagine prophetic voice of early Christians, martyrs 
			a.  Stephen, Apostles, Perpetua, Polycarp, etc. etc. etc.
			b.  Persecuted, burned, thrown to lions in the Arena
			c.  Called before officials and governers
				- Stood resolutely and courageously in their faith
				- Supposedly "convicted" by the rulers of this world
				- Died brutally at the hands of these judges and rulers
				- But, they were not "convicted,"  the world was 
			d.  Many who witnessed this realized they were "convicted" 
				- When saw their faith and heard their testimony 
				- Many became believers
				- Some react like Centurion at the cross - Surely this 
				   man was the son of God!
				- **This "conviction" also serves an evangelistic 

II.  Glorifies Christ (16:12-15)
	A.  Spirit's purpose does not stop at conviction
		1.  Ultimately his purpose is to glorify Christ
		2.  If God's purpose were only to convict, we'd be in a world of hurt
			a.  We are all convicted in one way or another…
			b.  Questions:
				- Have you ever lusted?  It is adultery. Mt 5:28
				- Ever lied, cheated, stolen, abusive speech, etc.?
				- Ever failed to love your enemy & pray for?  Mt 5:44 
			c.  Questions of social justice (God is passionate about this) 
				- Every profited off the poor and helpless?
				- Where do many discount products come from?
				- We have participated in an oppressive system
				- Have you at least mourned about it?  Prayed?  Or 
				  just happily reap the "benefits"
			d.  Greatest command - Love God with all heart…
				- Have you every failed at this?
		3.  Point:  We are convicted on so many levels
			- Like Daniel said, "You have been weighed on the scales 
			  and found deficient"  Dan 5:27
		4.  But there is the good news in all of this…
	B.  Look at what happened
		1.  1:32 - Spirit descended on Jesus, empowered him for mission
			- Raised him from the dead, Rom 8:11
		2.  Jesus gives Holy Spirit to his disciples
			a.  Acts of Apostles should be called Acts of the Spirit
			b.  Like Jesus, disciples went about in power of the Spirit
			c.  Result - Spoke word of God BOLDLY, Acts 4:31
				- Spirit "helped" them
		3.  Through power of Spirit, they preached the "Good News"
			a.  What is the Good News?
			b.  Though we are convicted, Jesus paid our fine
	C.  ILL:  Ever had to pay a fine or penalty before?
		1.  I got a speeding ticket once
			a.  Basically caught, went and pled no contest
			b.  Was convicted, had to go an pay the penalty
		2.  When you sin - there is "no contest"
			a.  Can't contest it, you are guilty, that is that
			b.  There is a penalty to pay - your very self, your life
			c.  But God did not want that for you
		3.  Therefore, Jesus came and paid the penalty for everyone
			a.  Died for our sins, buried, resurrected - 1 Cofr 15:1-4
			b.  This is the Gospel by which we are saved - Rom 1:16
		4.  He wants everyone to accept his offer of forgiveness
	D.  Jesus entrust this ministry to us - Spirit empowers us for mission

1.  Word try to make it "illegal"
	a.  Many today first question is "is it legal?"  or "illegal?"
	b.  Many determine right or wrong simply on this
	c.  God is the one who determines right or wrong
		- Whether it is paying poverty wages overseas
		- Whether is it gay marriage (oxymoron), abortion
		- Whether it is adultery, fornication etc.
2.  World wants to make it illegal 
	a.  For you to call sin what it is -- SIN
	b.  For you to be able to share the true Gospel
	c.  For you to be able to practice your faith in public
		- Keep your beliefs in privacy of your home
		- Your public life has NOTHING to do with your religion
3.  World will try and convict you
	a.  Will say you are "out of the mainstream" you are "intolerant, stupid…"
	b.  You are not convicted, the world is
	c.  Like early Christians, courageously practice, explain, & share your faith
	d.  Scripture Reading:  Sanctify Christ (not the constitution) as Lord…
4.  It is a hard road, Jesus said it would be in 15:18f
	a.  Answer is not to get in the kettle, you'll be cooked without realizing it
	b.  Answer is to Glorify Christ in all of your life
	c.  Christ took you out of the kettle and put you in him (15:19), you are set 
5.  Where are you living?  In Christ or in the Kettle?

Small Group Questions:  Out of the Kettle

Summary:  Jesus went back to the Father after his resurrection, but leaves us here to fulfill 
his purposes.  He promised to send the Spirit, whom he called the "helper" or "advocate" to 
enable us to carry on his mission.  Among other things, the Spirit works in us to convict the 
world, guide us in our ministry, and glorify Christ in us.  These things reveal that the nature of 
our ministry is both "prophetic" and evangelistic.  

- How good are you at saying "goodbye?"
- When you are left in charge of something, what do you typically feel like?  (Porky pig, 
Superman, Oscar the Grouch, Scooby Doo, Tele Tubbies, Other"__________)

Explore:  (Jn 16:5-15)

1.  According to this passage, what role(s) does the Spirit (helper/advocate/counselor) play?

2.  Discuss the difference between being convicted by the world (either legally or "socially") and 
being convicted by the Spirit.  How do each of these happen?

3.  How would knowing that the Spirit convicts the world be any comfort or encouragement to 
the disciples in their life, and in their mission?

4.  How does 1 Pet 3:15 fit into the thought of this passage?    

5.  How does "convicting" fit in "glorifying Christ? (v.14)"  


6.  According to what you have learned, what does the Spirit desire to do through you in your life?  
Is this what you typically do?

7.  What are some difficulties or challenges in carrying out the Spirit's desire in you?  What are 
some ways to overcome these challenges?

8.  When you are "called on the carpet" or "singled" out because of your faith in some negative 
(or even positive) way, what should be your attitude toward it?  How should/will you handle it?

(Read 1 Pet 3:14-16 before saying your prayer)