Title: The baptism of Christ

Focus: To be baptized with the baptism of Jesus means a complete reversal of worldly ambitions in your life to where you become the lowest servant of all and to give yourself up for others

Function: To motivate the hearers to ministry and service to others

Text: Mk 10:32-52

1.  Have you been baptized into Christ?  What do you think of with “baptism”
2.  Jesus speaks of the necessity to be baptized in order to enter his kingdom,
but this baptism has nothing to do with water (and he speaks of a cup)
3.  Text:  Mk 10:32-52
4.  In order to be in the kingdom we must drink his cup and be baptized with his
baptism.  How?

I.  By accepting the way of suffering (v. 32-34)
	A.  This third time, Jesus announced how he was to die
		1.  Each time he gave more detail
		2.  This time, he even mentions the mocking and humiliation
		3.  He also mentions the gentiles
	B.  The disciples were not okay with this
		1.  Each time Jesus told them, they either ignored or rebuked him
			a.  (8:33) - The first time, Peter rebuked Jesus
			b.  (9:32) - The second time, they not understand and afraid
		2.  (10:32) - Now they are “fearful” and following “behind” him
			a.  Jesus had turned everything they understood on its head
			b.  They were not to rise to glory, but descend to nothing
				- 9:29 - They not pray, they not focused on God
				- 9:34 - They discussing which was the greatest
				- 9:35; 10:15 - Must be as a child (no status)
				- 10:25 - Hard for rich to enter kingdom!
			c.  To top it all off, Jesus headed for inglorious death!
		3.  In order to avoid the same fate, Peter will deny him (14:71)
		4.  (1 Pet 3:15)  What a change from that night in the courtyard!
			a.  Peter is not talking about merely knowing how to argue
				- He didn’t say, “Study so you can make a defense”
				- He said to “sanctify him as Lord”
			b.  Jesus warns they would suffer persecution in 13:9
			c.  Suffering not a “strange” thing (1 Pet 4:12-13)
			d.  He encourages us to “arm” ourselves (1 Pet 4:1)
	C.  When arm yourself, you are fighting a battle
		1.  Suffering was not in Peter’s plan, so he denied Christ
		2.  Once he embraced that purpose, he never denied Christ again
	D.  (1 Pet 4:19) - Jesus entrusted himself to faithful God, so did Peter
		1.  God did NOT forsake Jesus
			a.  Acts 2:31 God had not “abandoned” Jesus to Hades
			b.  Mk 8:31 - Son of man “must” suffer
		2.  What happens when you in the courtyard and get singled out?
			a.  When accused of being fanatic
			b.  Dr. Chin - "Religion should not consume your life" - WRONG!
		3.  It consumed the life of Jesus, how about you?

II.  By accepting the way of servanthood (v.35-45)
	A.  Cup and baptism brings to mind communion and baptism
		1.  Both are expressions of faith in Christ
		2.  One is an initiation, the other an expression of fellowship
	B.  What does in mean to be in “fellowship” with Christ?
		1.  James and John thought it would bring power and glory
			a.  They wanted to participate in the kingdom of God
			b.  They wanted to be the kings right and left hand man
		2.  Could they drink his cup or accept his immersion?
			a.  What is the “cup?”
				- Psalm 23 - My cup overflows 
				- Psalm 75:8 - In the Lords hand is a cup
				- Isa 51:17- Cup of his wrath
				- Refers to experience of life that God allots to men
			b.  What is his “immersion?”
				- Submerged in what he is submerged in
				- Submerged himself by pouring himself out
		3.  (Phil 2:3-11)
			a.  Jesus’ greatness was not just handed to him
			b.  It came after he “poured himself out”
			c.  In Mark, he speaks of it as submerging himself
		4.  Drinking and immersing are in the present tense
			a.  Jesus was “currently” pouring himself out
			b.  Talking about a life of suffering and servanthood
	C.  Air Force, used to say it backwards.  Instead of officers sending 
	      enlisted to the front, we send the officers in the planes to the front
		1.  Jesus didn’t command others to war while he stayed behind
		2.  He became a foot-soldier and led the way
		3.  He paid the ultimate price, gave his life a ransom
		4.  He requires we follow the same example
	D.  Jesus exalted AFTER pouring himself out (immersion in servanthood)
		1.  Participation in God’s kingdom/rule only come through this
		2.  Rev 22:5 - We shall “reign” for ever and ever
		3.  Comes only after communion with Jesus
		4.  That means following his footsteps, pouring ourselves out

III.  By accepting opening of your sight (v.46-52)
	A.  This last healing miracle in Mark and ends this section
	B.  Why this story included here?
		1.  .  v.36 & v.51 - Question is the same in both cases
			a.  What do you want me to do for you?
			b.  This contrasts child-like Bartimus with the disciples
		2.  Bartimus left behind all he had (his cloak)
			a.  But if that all you have, isn’t it easy?
			b.  Of course, that’s why it hard for rich to enter kingdom
			c.  Bartimus could see clearly in more ways that one
		3.  It takes casting away everything worldly to see clearly
			a.  Then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain
			b.  For the rich man, it was his wealth
			c.  For the disciples, it was ambition
	C.  Story of a person with ability to grant wishes
		1.  Met two people, one with ambition, and the other with greed
		2.  Granted them both a wish - Whoever made wish first, would 
		      have his wish and the other would get a double portion of it
		3.  Neither would make wish, until one finally choked other and 
		      threatened him to make a wish
		4.  Man wished to be blind in one eye
		5.  Worldly ambition and greed blinded them
	D.  (Heb 12:1-2) Bartimus laid aside all & fixed eyes on Jesus, saw clearly
	E.  Where are your eyes fixed?
		1.  If have ambition and wealth, it could cloud your vision
		2.  This not a gathering of the socially acceptable and respectable
		3.  This a gathering of dirty, wounded sinners whom Jesus served
		4.  Are we going to serve, or am I too good for that?

1.  His immersion, his cup, more than what we do here in worship
2.  Talking about daily life of servanthood, even if it means discomfort
3.  Jesus didn’t hesitate to serve in something as menial as washing feet
4.  What menial service can I provide?  Do I do it, or wait for another?
	a.  Somebody sick?  Needs work at their home?
	b.  Somebody in finanicial trouble this month?
	c.  Somebody needs a ride?
5.  Opportunities to serve abound

6.  If you need someone to serve you, make it know (Don’t be like Peter who
refused to let Jesus wash his feet, he had to swallow his pride to and BE served)

7.  Invitation:  Have you poured yourself out / Been immersed in his immersion?
	- Question for both those who have been immersed in water, and those
who have not