Small Group Questions:  God's Definition

Summary:  God identifies and defines us according to his everlasting purpose
and his will, which is to purchase and adopt us as his children who will love and
serve him.  That should be the identifying mark that guides and defines every
aspect of our life.

-  What is one of your biggest plans at this time in your life?
-  When have you ever been mislabeled?

Explore (Eph 1:1-14):

1.  What are the Spiritual blessings that Christians have "in Christ" according to
this passage?

2.  One of the apparent purposes for the letter to the Ephesians was to promote
harmony and growth in the church (Eph 4).  In what ways would Paul's unusual,
lengthy thanksgiving (1:3-14) contribute toward that goal?

3.  The "will, purpose, or plan of God" appears repeatedly throughout the first
fourteen verses.  Why would this be an important theme in Paul's life?  How is it
an important theme in the church?


4.  Describe some things you value in your life right now.  Friends?  Style?  Job? 
Image?  Family?  Future plans?  Hobby or other interest?  Other?

5.  What role does God's purposes play in these things and how?  In what way
can you make God's purposes more intentional in these things?

6.  Paul spends time rehearsing what God has done for him and for the
Ephesians.  Share with the group how God has affected your life. 

7.  What is God calling you to do now?

- Spend time in prayer and Bible reading, reflecting on God's purposes for you,
and how he has guided you toward his purposes.  Take some time to share your
story and insights with someone else.

Use Phil. 1:21 as a guide to your prayer