Title: Hanging Heavy Weights on Thin Wires
Purpose: To motivate the hearers to trust in Jesus

Intro:	We have a tendency to hang very weights on very thin wires

1.  Heavy weight of happiness on the thin wire of health
	a.  All of us enjoy good health.  Take it for granted when you are young
	b.  Wire of health is very thin:
		- Anyone with a missing limb or a huge surgical scar on their chest can attest to this
		- Paul could attest to this with his thorn in the flesh (2 Cor 12:7ff)
	c.  ILL:  Jim who lived down the street.  Fire maimed and blinded him.  SNAP - Wire broke
	d.  Maybe there is another wire.

2.  Heavy weight of peace on the thin wire of finances and wealth
	a.  That was me - Primerican Financial Services (Living the Dream)
	b.  Eccl 5:10; 6:9 - Why?  ---- Prov 23:4-5
	c.  Harold learned this the hard way.  Wanted to be successful, sacrificed wife and family.
		- Then company sold out, he lost his job.  Committed suicide.  SNAP!
	d.  Maybe there is another wire

3.  Heavy weight of love on the not so thin wire of human relationships
	a.  This is better than wire of health or wealth - Even when they fail, still have each other!
	b.  ILL:  Jeff & Diane - Diane tried save marriage, Jeff in love w/secretary.  Bitter divorce 
	c.  Even relationships will fail  
	d.  Well known example:
		-  HOsea 1:2
		-  HOsea 2:1-5 - Israel failed God.  Pain of adultery
		-  HOsea 2:6-13 - God punishes
		-  Hosea 2:14-20 - God will restore - 
		-  Prophesies like this culminated in the cross

4.  Really there is only one wire that will never break - Jesus
	a.  Phil 3:8-14 - Forward attitude.  Press on to the prize that is not on this earth
	b.  Phil 4:12-13 - Can get through anything through Christ!!!
	b.  Only Jesus has the unbreakable line
		- Can hang heavy weight of happiness on him even when health fails
		- Can hang heavy weight of peace even when lose everything
		- Can hang heavy weight of love even when loved on cheats and leaves you
	c.  Cast every care on him