Small Group Questions:  The Eyes of Your Heart

Summary:  God wants us to have discernment concerning our place in his overall, cosmic plan, and 
not get bogged down with peripheral things.  This discernment begins with knowing the hope of our
 calling, the riches of our inheritance, and the greatness of his power in us.  Only with this
 understanding can we as a church be the fullness of Christ in the world.


-  What is the most seemingly purposeless thing you have had to do in school, at home, or on the job?

Explore: (Eph 1:15-23)

1.  What seems to be the central concerns for Paul's prayer in this passage? 

2.  If a church demonstrated faith and love (like Paul commends the Ephesians for), why would it be
 important to also pray for the other things that Paul does here?


3.  Which of the things Paul prays for could you use the most right now?  In what way?

4.  What role does hope play in the your life right now?  How does it affect your view of life, 
goals and actions?

5.  What in your life distracts you from God and his purposes for you?  What are some ways you 
could have the "eyes of your heart" enlightened?

6.  In what way could this lesson help you effectively carrying out God's purposes?

7.  How could you adapt this prayer for yourself?  For this group?  For the church?  Based on 
this lesson, list some specific things you will be praying for this week.

Prayer (John 18:36a)