Small Group Questions:  When Life Disappoints you (Luke 1:5-25)

Summary:  Even though it had been a long time since God had sent prophets to Israel, and since
hope of the blessing of children passed for Zechariah and Elizabeth, God had not forgotten. 
Neither has he forgotten us.  He is coming, therefore we need to be patient and prepared at all
times for his coming through transformational ministry which begins with self and reaches out to

Optional Ice Breaker Questions (choose one)
How did you typically react when you didn’t get what you asked for when a child?
What was the happiest unexpected gift you had ever gotten?
Have you ever gotten a gift that carried responsibility with it?  What was it?


1.  Why do you think God chose this particular time and place to give Zechariah the
announcement?  What does this tell you about God?

2.  Why do you suppose Zechariah had such trouble believing Gabriel?

3.  What is God communicating by making Zechariah mute?

4.  How do you think you would react if God communicates that something physically
impossible will happen in your life?

5.  Why was God’s purpose in raising up John the Baptist?  How was the vow John
was to be under fit in with this?

6.  Why do you suppose God sent a forerunner like John?  Why not simply send Jesus
and skip John altogether?


7.  Though you are no under any sort of “Nazarite” vow, in what ways or areas does
God call you to be distinct?

8.  Which area do you do well at?  Which area do you struggle with the most?

9.  How is your life at home to be distinct?  How does/will what you do at home affect
other parts of your life?

10.  How does your distinctness as a Christian affect your witness?

11.  In what ways can you be a “forerunner” to point the way to Christ?  What is your
biggest challenge in being a “forerunner?”

Prayer:  What can you pray about concerning your witness this week?