Title: The Forgotten Gift
Purpose: To motivate Chrisitians to put to death the Deeds of the Flesh

Intro:	1.  Granny forgets gifts in her Avon room
	2.  We have gift that is often fogotten.  Rom 6:23
	3.  Forgotten gift of Holy Spirit  
		-Baptsim Emphasis (Mk 16:15 -life & death statement)
		-Rom 8:9 Not have spirit of Christ, not belong to him (another life & death statement)
	4.  What Holy Spirit does:
		-2 Thess 2:13 - Sanctification / Tit 3:5 - Renewal

I.  Renewal to a New Person
	A.  We are no longer who we were before conversion
	B.  Also referred to as:
		1.  Col 3:8-9 - Putting off old and putting on new
		2.  Rom 6:4, 16 - Walk in newness, switch masters
		3.  Rom 12:2 - Not conformed, but transformed
		4.  John 3 - Being born again, (of water and spirit)
	C.  College Roomate.  
		1.  I was a slob.  He was a neat freak
		2.  Sort of a struggle until we came to agreement
		3.  The way it is, new nature moves in, old nature out
	D.  As a new person, we have gotten rid of the old nature

II.  Renewal to a New Power
	A.  Big deal.  Yes it is!  Rom. 7:14-24 - Hopeless & weak
	B.  Notice what happens when in Christ
		1.  Rom 8:1 - No  condemnation,  but donít stop there
		2.  Rom 8:2-13 - WHY there is no condemnation
		3.  Rom 8:26 - Helps our weakness
		4.  We are given POWER to put to death deeds of the flesh
	C.  Dog fell in pit, owner not think worth to save the dog or the pit
		1.  Began to fill in pit & bury Dog alive!
		2.  Dog shook off the dirt and stepped up
		3.  Stepped out of pit victoriously (Rm 8:35-39)
	D.  Which scenario is yours?  Chapter 7 or 8?
		1.  Do not let your mind dwell on flesh but spirit
		2.  If you let it sit there, it will bury you alive

III.  Renewal to a new Perspective
	A.  Talking specifically the new perspective on sin
	B.  Problem is that many Christians are still in chapter 7
		1.  The minute you become Christian, Satan will throw dirt
		2.  2 Pet 2:20 - Worse than before if you go back
		3.  Why do Christians not make it to chapter 8?
			a.  2 Pet 1:9 - Forgotten purification
			b.  Titus 2:11 ff - Forgotten grace
			c.  Canít understand grace without Righteousness & Justice
		4.  Rom 3:22-26 - Grace and Righteousness
	C.  Tommy learned about grace and righteousness
		1.  Principle said he had problem because no grace in his life
		2.  He took spanks for Tommy,
		3.  Smack, smack, smack!    Tommy in tears
		4.  Tommy experienced grace, and had no desire to be bad again.
	D.  Jesus did the same
		1.  Only it was clang, clang, clang
		2.  2 Cor 5:21 - He made him who knew no sin to BE sin 
		3.  Suffered as embezzler, theif, liar, cheat, adulterer, 
		      fornicator, wife beater, drunkard, child molestor
		4.  Suffered for what you did.  Why would you go 
	E.  Our perspective on life:  Phil. 3:7-14
		- For me to live is Christ, to die is gain

1.  If you have a problem with renewal
	a.  Renewal to a new Person
	b.  Renewal to a new Power
	c.  REnewal to a new perspective on sin and this life
2.  Then you are being led by the flesh and not be the Spirit

3.  There is good news  I John 1:7 - 2:1

4.  If you start wandering away from the light, it is time to come back

5.  Donít let yourself get buried, some have a lot to shake off today.