Title: Who is to Blame
Purpose: To motivate the hearers to trust God not blame God in their temptations

Intro:	1.  Text this morning has something to say about our trials (James 1:12-18)
	2.  Facing trials needs a correct perspective on God AND our Trials
	3.  This perspective involves knowing three things:

I.  God does not tempt you (13)
	A.  God has no contact with evil, so he will not tempt you.
	B.  After reading this passage in Greek, ran into problems
		1.  v.2, 3,12 “trial,” “testing” is same as v.13 “tempted” (peirazo, peirasmos)
			a.  This is word used to translate Hebrew “nasah” and “massah”
			b.  Ex 17:7 - Rephidim called “Massah” because they tested God
		2.  Gen 22:1 (Heb 11:17) - God tested “nasah” Abraham
		3.  Exod 16:4 - Tested Israel about the passover
		4.  What do we make of this?  Does God test/tempt, or does he not?
			a.  Exod 20:20 - Purpose of testing - So you will not sin
			b.  Dt 8:2-10 - Purpose - 
				-  Humble, prove loyalty, rely on God, discipline
				-  As a result, God will reward us
	C.  Had a teacher who was hard on us at Harding.  Difficult tests
		1.  He did not give hard tests because he enjoyed inflicting pain
		2.  He sometimes made you take a test over again to “Master the Material”
		3.  2 Pet 2:9 - Lord knows how to rescue the godly from temptation
	D.  Don’t blame God when you fail
		1.  God is not out to get you
		2.  Rom 8:18-28 - No matter how bad it gets....IT WILL PASS
		3. God does not tempt you     So where does temptation come from?

II.  (v.14-15)  Temptation and failure comes from our own desire
	A.  Does not place the blame on God or even on Satan
	B.  2 Images for temptation to failure
		1.  Fishing - “Enticed” and “carried away” (these are fishing words)
			a.  Enticed = Bait (Fishing lure looks like the real thing)
			b.  Carried away - lit:  to drag out/away
			c.  Desire (not “lust” which limits the meaning of this word)
				- For popularity, wealth, status, to be cool
				- For peace, love
				- Any desire can bait and drag your away if fullfil in wrong place
		2.  A sensuous woman - Child birth analogy
			a.  Prov 5:1-8 - Keep your way/path far from her
			b.  Stay way, it starts with desire - conceives, gives birth to sin and death
			c.  What is sin?  (ILL:  Target analogy)
		3.  It is when the sin is full grown, that it brings forth death
			a.  Eternal Life in terms of length, IT IS NOT JUST LENGTH
			b.  Eternal damnation, so is that also eternal life?  NO!
			c.  Eternal Life is not just living forever (Depth or Quality)
			d.  Life is a relationship with God, Death is separation from God
			e.  Separation comes when sin is full grown
	C.  Desire in itself is not wrong - But it can lead to other things
		1.  I’ll go down that street and just look.  No harm in that (trap is baited)
		      I’ll hang around and talk, no harm in that...I’ll go inside....One kiss...and so on
		2.  Desire is not what brings death, it is when you let it conceive --give birth to sin
			Desire is the Mother of Sin
		3.  ILL:  Can’t stop a bird from landing on your head, but you can stop it from 
		     building a nest there
	D.  Do not flirt with temptation
		1.  Some this morning are involved in sin, STOP NOW before it grows up
			a.  Once it is full grown, it will separate you from God
			b.  Hebrews 6:4-6 - Meaning is disputed, I don’t know, I I don’t want to.
			c.  SHould be sober warning for those here this morning involved in sin
		2.  Do not blame anyone else (Adam and Eve tried this),
		3.  Take responsibility and GET RID OF THAT NEST!

III.  What God gives is good
	A.  Do not be deceived -- about the source of temptations
		1.  Job 1:16 - Classic example of deception - “Fire of God came from heaven”
		2.  Satan does all he can to get you to just doubt God a little
	B.  Everything God gives is good.  Why?
		1.  God is dependable (He does not shift)
			a.  God is there through trials and temptations
			b.  I Cor. 10:13 - “No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is 
			       faithful,  who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will 
			       provide the way of escape also, that you may be able to endure it.
			c.  ILL:  God provides Chicken Exits (like at World’s of Fun)
			d.  So not only is temptation NOT FROM GOD, He HELPS US when we are
		2.  Desire gives birth to sin ... But God gives birth to us
			a.  In the excercise of his will, he “brought us forth” (new birth)
			b.  His will is not to see us lost
			c.  His desire is for us to be the “first fruits”  - (these are holy to God)
	C.  I have many Song books
		1.  One is very special, signed by freinds when I became Christian
		2.  I keep that one in a special place, make sure when we move it is okay
		3.  That is what it means to be “holy” or “set apart” to God
		4.  We are the first fruits among his creatures
	D.  You are special to God, so he gives you what is good.

1.  Paul said that “I will not be mastered by anything” (I Cor. 6:12)
	-Why?  To avoid conception, WHICH THEN GROWS IN THE WOMB
	-Kingdom of heaven is like LEAVEN, hidden in dough
	-If you hide it, it will grow, and soon it will become obvious  --- GET RID OF IT
2.  Don’t blame God, ask God for help
3.  Remember that God is not trying to trip you up but build you up
4.  With this perspective, it makes it easier to “count it all joy”